Chime in: Which company is Microsoft's biggest rival?

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Microsoft has been around for decades and has built a portfolio of products and services. Along the way, the company has also taken third parties head-on, including Apple, Google, and Sony. In 2018, Microsoft still has a number of rivals that threaten its existence. Apple and Google have wiped out Windows 10 Mobile, Sony is struggling on to defeat Xbox, and Linux distributions and other alternatives continue to rally in anti-Windows camps.

Which is the biggest and most important rival to Microsoft?

Community member Raghunath Waltz asked this very question on the forum. The first response is Apple, which is understandable given the history of both companies over the years.

Hi guys! It is not a new thing but an obvious one to be asked about Microsoft's competitive space. Be it Windows phone, Xbox, Laptop, Desktop, Softwares and many other things of Windows platform, Microsoft has always had a tough fight to register in the consumer space (or precisely "Enterprise space"). While sometimes it had an edge over its competitors, many times it had to go through...

Raghunath Waltz

I, too, would say either Google or Apple. The strange, but wonderful part of technological advancement means we could see an entirely new product category later this year and a rival that really challenges Microsoft. Or we could see more of the same. Either way, Microsoft is going to be around for many years to come, taking on competitors as the beast crawls along the floor.

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