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Chime in: Will Microsoft ever release a true rival to Apple iMessage?

Microsoft has invested time and money in its apps and services for iOS and Android, particularly the latter which allows for enhanced customization and system access. What Microsoft seems to be lacking to some is a cross-platform messenger app that's actually decent — looking at you, Skype. While everyone has their favorite platform of choice when it comes to messenger apps (be it WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Telegram, etc.), it seems strange that Microsoft hasn't pushed into this market.

Since the company is doing so well on Android and other platforms, I want to hear what you think:

According to the vocal community, Microsoft needs to do a number of things, but one item on its to-do list could be a cross-platform messenger app. Do you see the company ever pushing forward with such an app to take on Apple, as well as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.?

Rich Edmonds

An issue Microsoft has is Skype, its communications service. The company continues to work hard on improving the user experience and recently redesigned the app on Android and iOS. Feedback from the community wasn't great but at least progress is being made. Could Skype be pushed to become Microsoft's competitor to already established messenger apps or do you feel it's a little too bloated?

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