Chime in: Is your Xbox One X making strange noises?

The Xbox One X is a six teraflop (TF) monster capable of 4K output for gaming, priced at $499. It's also an incredibly dense system, weighing significantly more than the Xbox One S, even though it's slightly smaller. Part of this is due to the cooling techniques Microsoft employed to keep the device cool under load.

I've been using the Xbox One X for over a week and have found it to be quieter even my external USB HDD. Most people are experiencing the same quietness, but I've received a couple of inqueries from people who are hearing a strange noise emanating from their new consoles. We'd like to hear from you, are you having any issues?

My Project Scorpio Edition is noticeably louder than my original Xbox One (not S). I’ve found a video on YouTube that comes pretty close to how my fan sounds: Is this normal? Not sure if I can live with that noise. It’s not about the “swooshing” sound of air, but that underlying buzzing noise is far from optimal.


Most new hardware has a small percentage that suffers from faults, and it certainly doesn't seem like this fan sound issue is widespread, otherwise we'd be hearing more about it. Nonetheless, my Xbox One X has been quiet as a kitten.

But if you've been having trouble, jump in the forums and let us know. Perhaps we can dig a little deeper and get a response from Microsoft.

From the forums: Xbox One X Fan Noise

Jez Corden
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