China's HTC Triumph (aka Titan) gets video hands on

China is set to finally launch Windows Phone in the coming weeks and while Nokia will be doing that at the end of March, HTC has beat them to the punch with the HTC Triumph.

New HTC phone you say? Not really. The Triumph is just the TITAN with a rebranding and Windows Phone Tango thrown on board (officially launching on the 21st). Still, with it's 4.7" screen, 8MP rear and 1.3MP front cameras and 1.5GHz CPU, China is kicking it off big with this device. The Triumph went on sale yesterday, hence the above unboxing video.

No word on official carrier support though, meaning folks in China may have to pay out of pocket for the full-experience of Windows Phone. Still, it's nice to see the device with localized-Chinese features on board.

via: Unwired View

Daniel Rubino

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  • This is great! May be they should rope in Jeremy Lin to promote windows phone in China!! :-)
  • Yeah! And Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Yao Ming, Lucy Liu, Chow Yun Fat,and any other Asian that is known in the western world! -_-
  • Chow Yun Phat & Jackie Chan in a marshal arts commercial of so sort with a low end Lumia vs a high end; showing that either one will work for users
  • Lol great idea
  • or Jeremey Lin keeping tabs on Linsanity using the People HUB
  • Crazy idea!! May be they should include KungFu Panda too ;-) That should target the "little ones" to the WP ecosystem....
  • Yeah people are dense, Binson. I don't think anyone else picked up on your sarcasm. Perhaps a Chinese ad firm would be best.
  • Lol. Thank you! Hahaha.
  • HTC will not spend that money on advertising windowsphones, nokia will though