Chrome to WP7 - Review

Dave Amenta has brought the popular Google Chrome to Phone Android application to Windows Phone 7.

Chrome to WP7 (now called Send to WP7) allows you to push a web address to your Windows Phone from your desktop browser. The URL will appear in the Chrome to WP7 app where you can either email the link or launch the URL via your mobile browser.  To see how well the Chrome app transitioned to Windows Phone 7, hit the break.

Update: As of Dec 10th, the app is now called Send to WP7

The first production run of Chrome to WP7 worked exclusively with Google's Chrome browser. However, it is now compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari browsers.  The Windows Phone 7 app hasn't changed but rather ways to get the other browsers compatible were discovered.

Setup is simple. Download the Chrome to WP7 app to your Windows Phone. Once installed, launch the app and swipe over to settings. You'll see a pairing code and the option to allow push notifications.  Once you have the pairing code, go to and enter the pairing code.  Once you do that, desktop installation instructions will appear for the individual browsers.

For Google Chrome you have a little Windows icon/button that appears in the upper right corner of the screen. When you need to send the URL to your Windows Phone, click on the Windows Logo (you may have to re-enter your pairing code one more time) and you'll see a status message appear.

For Firefox, Safari and Opera a bookmark is created to send links with. For Internet Explorer (v8 or 9) a button is added to your accelerator to send the links with.

To email a link from your Windows Phone, simply press/hold on the link and a drop down menu will appear.  "Show All" will send you to another screen that details the link and a "email" button at the bottom.  Tap the button and the link is transposed to an email message.  The only feature I could find missing was a means to purge the listing of URL's on your Windows Phone.

The application itself ran smoothly on my Samsung Focus and notifications arrived with no delay.  Chrome to WP7 is a great way to send links to your phone in a quick, efficient manner.  You don't have to cut/paste the URL to an email message to send yourself or scribble it down on a scrap piece of paper that often gets lost.

Chrome to WP7 is a free application and can be found here (launches your Zune Desktop) or with Microsoft's Tag Reader from your Windows Phone.

George Ponder

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