Circle Stopwatch for Windows Phone is simple, fast, and free

If you need a stopwatch app for Windows Phone, you should check out Circle Stopwatch. It's fast, minimalistic, and easy to use. It can also run in the background, so you don't have to worry about losing track of time if you quickly need to check email or Twitter in the middle of the activity. We really like the way it looks too. Check out our hands-on video to see it in action.

When you open Circle Stopwatch, you notice that the app picks up your phone's theme color. It looks like a built-in app for Windows 10. Inside the big circle is the timer. Tap the circle to start the stopwatch. Tap again to stop it. Hold down to reset.

Circle Stopwatch can also record lap times. There are three ways to record them. You can tap the plus icon at the bottom or press the camera button while the timer is running. Swipe to the right to see lap times. You can also tap the add button to add more lap times.

Circle Stopwatch also runs in the background. We've tried opening other apps, but the timer continued running when we returned.

This is a really simple app, so there are not a lot of things in the settings page. You can enable or disable the vibration after a clock reset. You can also enable or disable the buttons on the laps page. The other options include border thickness and enabling hashtags for sharing times.

Overall, we like the simplicity and look of Circle Stopwatch. It is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. It also does not have any ads. Have you been looking for a stopwatch app on Windows Phone? Go install Circle Stopwatch and let us know what you think in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Material design...
  • You do realize the material UI is a cheap rip-off of metro/modern, right?
  • No.
  • Stop using smartphones already.
  • I would agree with Wam1q... As the owner of a Windows Phone and several Android devices, Material is much more of a three dimensional design with the 'layers' with shadow. It is also much more based around icons and coordinating color instead of a flat look and boldly contrasting color and a design that is much more based around text for functions where icons are used on IOS and Android. TLDR; no, WP8 and Android 5 look nothing alike, and are based upon completely different design principles.
  • Sometimes I wish for a moment that I understood all these design things, because they sound like they might be interesting, but the next moment I discover that another app can integrate my beautiful magenta accent color, and I'm perfectly content.
  • Chad I think you are agreeing with the wrong person. Wam1q is the one saying it looks like Material Design. I was going to counter with the point you made but you started by saying you agree with him. Anyways, it isn't conforming to Material Design at all for the reasons that chadthebuilder states. It's very "Windows 10 Modern" or whatever they are calling it. Wam1q doesn't seem to understand Material if he/she thinks it would ever look like this.
  • I'm sorry, I was using the WP mobile app and there is no comment tree for replies, so I can get messed up sometimes on who is talking about what and replying to who.
  • No problemo. Was just clarifying cause you had great points.
  • The fact that Material UI allows most of the apps to change themes is suggestive enough of a rip-off. The floating buttons such as +, edit text and refresh are taken right from WP navbar. Material UI is like a highly tweaked version of modern.
  • Windows phone's most features are rip off from android and iOS... Some one will then counter me saying they are rip off from windows mobile. Bottom line who cares as long as we get awesome platforms like Android and iOS.
  • Android is not awesome.
  • Agree 100% ....Android is differently not awesome
  • You are joking right? Can you please cite Material Design documentation that implicates your ill informed conclusions? Thx
  • Are we really arguing aesthetics? Subjective at best. Functionality people.
  • It's amazing how people love to argue over nonsense.
  • Did you make the fucking app anybody can design there apps on the platforms any way they like get over it
  • Whoa, Mary had a bad day it seems. Hehe.
  • Hahaha! Finally... Someone states fact. Thank you!
  • Hi guys. You can try ourt stopwatch/timer app: Beautiful Timer 
  • Nice UI
  • It is a nice, parsimonious UI, but the Live Tile logo needs to be changed to resemble a stopwatch. Right now it looks like Cortana, and if you pin it to the Start Screen there is nothing there indicating it's a stopwatch, which isn't very useful.
  • I used StopWatch by Talha Navqi... Beautiful but not all free... I bought the modern theme... Works great...
  • I am a SUPERTIMER type of guy... Not free, but it didn't break the bank either.
  • Yeah, I really like the Modern theme in StopWatch.
  • Avirall?
  • Well #1Toolkit is perfect for these kind of small functioning apps. I wouldn't need any separate apps.
  • I use #1Toolkit as well. +730 for you :)
  • R u also facing the following bugs with #1 Toolkit: Please chaeck.
  • The headers above look absolutely ugly. I hope this is not the actual UI of WM10.
  • This is an app.
  • My goodness! Are people just waiting around here to take cheap shots at W10's design? Even though the OP is very wrong in this case, it feels like many people are here just to do that.
  • Shut up, dork. WM10's design language IS cheap. WM10 in fact has one of the ugliest UI I've ever seen. There are tiny icons and texts all over the damn place (and you can't change it's size in ease of access). You haven't tried out the TP yet, you don't know shit.
  • Wow.How old are you? That isn't a very nice way to talk to people. And you've come to conclusions about icon sizes and texts in an os from an unfinished preview version that hasn't even been polished yet.
  • You're beneath my contempt. I'm just gonna pass on this one.
  • Yep , good idea....... Just pass on by
  • Thank you.You grew up.Just pass on.
  • You do realize that the PC builds were the same awhile ago and now, they look MUCH more polished. And if you were paying attention, the current PC builds, apart from adding new features, are bigger updates on the design front. Same IS going to happen with phone but right now, the phone build is at a very basic level and still has tons (maybe a bit less) of features to add, after which the polish begins.
    You don't color a painting until you complete drawing it, do you?
  • And another reason why I wish I could rename apps or links. I don't need a stopwatch often, so it isn't on start, and if I do need one in that time, why would I remember to look under "C" for one?
  • How about #1Toolkit? Its always at the top of ur list.
  • Nice app. Anyone knows a good timer app, that i cant Pin presets on Start Screen to just tap e start counting down?
  • Windows 10 native timer app
  • Nice, i didn't know that it do that.Too bad i didn't try the Preview yet, i think i'll be waiting for the official release, and that would be a loong a wait. Thx
  • #1Toolkit has pinnable timers. Good looking ones too. Win 10 also has native timers.
  • #1Toolkit let you pin The Timer, but not presets like "45min" to just tap em go. Or I'm yet to discover how to.
  • I'm not gonna lie, it's probably pretty difficult as a writer to be like "hmmmm, I need to write an article about a stopwatch app but still make it interesting." Kudos, 10/10. Would read again. Downloading the app now.
  • W10 native stopwatch wins
  • It baffles me that we still don't have a stock stopwatch/countdown app. It's little things like this that still makes me think of WP as incomplete, still in some kind of really late beta but with some essential things still missing.
  • Windows 10 preview for phones has a native universal clock app (has Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, Alarms and World clock built-in.
  • Took them long enough....
  • LOL
    "beta" late than never right?
  • Ha! Didn't see that one coming^^ But seriously, even my old Nokia 3310 had a stopwatch and a timer. I don't know who came up with the idea to not include them in WP 8 and 8.1^^
  • My Nokia 3310 had alarm working even when it was turned off. I am wondering if they ever going to implement this in WP
  • They still wouldn't have it if Apple hadn't built it into their quick launcher on iPhone. All the same stuff too it seems, World Clock, Alarms, Stopwatch, Timer. 
  • What's the possible level of innovation in a clock app? Those things are what clocks are supposed to do. -_- o_O.
  • I know, right? So what's WP 8.1's malfunction that it has to be supplied 3rd party?
  • That I don't know. But, we will not have to worry about that anymore (soon)
  • New W10 Alarm app comes with stop watch as well for casual use. Those who own it, MS Band has one too.
  • Nice app
  • On a totally different note I guess Microsoft isn't releasing a Windows 10 for phones build today:(.
  • Nice but SACHIN VIG has a better one that has more features and themes free. And Talia Navqi is nice too
  • Is Sachin Vig free with no ads?  This one is.
  • All this apps with no phones in the horizon, I have 2 months left in my installment plan, and I just found out msft D/C the Lumia 1520, if they don't release any upgrade from 1520 I'm jumping to iPhone bandwagon!!!
  • Windows 10 comes to 1520. Or Insiders already have it...
  • Challenge yourself for having patience until the end of the year. ;)
  • If you are using windows 10 technical preview then go to "Alarms and clock" then stopwatch
  • Cute.  Thanks Mark.
  • That UI is androidish. Revamp it then we will use it.
  • I disagree, it feels more WP than most apps lately. It is actually using the carousel.
  • Don't use it.
  • Nice!
  • Looks like Blue Skies...
  • Circulo clock
  • I wish I had a timer app that could save recordings to OneDrive.
  • What happens when this app is running in the background and you want to click a photograph using the hardware button?
  • Wow, this is the one app you wouldn't want to be faster.
  • Meh
  • Looks beautiful
  • Try out also our StopWatch app for Windows Phone: StopWatch Garvis (