Citrix Receiver desktop app hits the Windows Store with Microsoft's Desktop Bridge

Citrix Receiver leverages Microsoft's Desktop Bridge for feature-rich update

The Citrix Receiver (opens in new tab) app has been available in the Microsoft Store for some time, with its last major update bringing support the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) earlier in 2017. Today, Citrix has rolled out another big update to the app, this time bringing the full feature set of the desktop version of the app to bear.

In this update, Citrix explains it used Microsoft's Desktop Bridge to bring the full, feature-rich version of Citrix Receiver to the Windows Store. While that ensures all Windows 10 devices will have access to the full desktop feature set via the Store version of Citrix Receiver, Citrix says its main goal was making sure Windows 10 S users, who are restricted to Store apps, can get the full experience.

Here's a full look at what's new in this release:

  • This release provides a feature-rich Citrix Receiver package available in the Microsoft Store targeted for Windows 10 S, PC, x86 tablet and IoT Enterprise devices.
  • This release addresses a number of internal and customer reported issues. For more information on fixed issues, see Fixed issues.
  • App enumeration performance improvements
  • Handling Multistore errors
  • Handling the black screen issue on the landing page of any session

While Citrix Receiver isn't intended for the general consumer crowd, this update is likely to come as good news for business users who need access to virtual desktop and enterprise apps on the go with a wide range of machines. If you're a Citrix Receiver user, you can grab the latest update to the app from the Microsoft Store now.

Thanks, Kevin, for the tip!

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  • At least one major program (Citrix and Xenapp are big in Enterprise) that's now in the Store thanks to Windows 10 S. My sense is that Windows 10 S is not being widely adopted, even among its target audiences, but this is a step in the right direction.
  • I would say that its more like its starting to get strong adoption. This is just Microsoft extending to Businesses, a place where there is significant benefits.  It's hard to deny that there are benefits for Windows 10 S.   
  • Agreed, this is a step in the right direction but we need to see alot more weight and resources thrown at UWP by Microsoft.  
  • It wasn't widely used because it was painfully slow to use, will try the new version but an old laptop with chromium on worked a lot faster than the old app
  • I hope citrix has found a way to make the desktop bridge app snappy and normal in use out of the box. The Spotify app with project  centennial is an awful end user experience, because all UI controls are slow. For me the number one annoyance is a slow VM or UI. Hardly usable in real world and business use, where time management is of the essence.
  • My company has a weird deployment of Citrix Receiver, wherein Internet Explorer is required to navigate to our in-house apps, even though everything is still powered by Receiver. The result is that we can't use Receiver for Android, iOS, etc. -- only devices with IE. This is literally the only thing that would keep me from using a Windows 10 S device.
  • I hope we see more of these and alot more UWP apps from Microsoft as that is the only thing that will spur more developers to consider UWP.
  • Can't find it, is it US only or something? I can only find the "old new" UWP app that is painfully slow, and hopeless if you want to use two apps, not to mention two displays.