Clippy makes a cameo as part of Halo Infinite's Season 2 battle pass📎

Halo Clipp
Halo Clipp (Image credit: Windows Central)

Update: As of May 10, 2022, Clippy has appeared in the Halo Infinite store for 300 credits (a minimum credit purchase costs about $4.)

Halo Infinite is trucking along, grabbing an all-new battle pass and content in the form of Lone Wolves, its season 2 update. Lone Wolves brings dozens of new battle pass levels to grind and unlock, alongside dozens of items, a couple of new maps, and new game modes. Unexpectedly, Lone Wolves also features the appearance of an old friend.

The new Halo Infinite battle pass contains various emblems, armor mods, and cosmetic bonuses. One type of item is a weapon charm, which gives you a 3D keychain attachment for your weapons. Xbox hardware project manager James Shields spotted this cheeky cameo on Halo Infinite's weapon customization bench screen, featuring none other than Clippy of Microsoft Office fame.

For those who are too young to remember, Clippy was a quirky built-in assistant in older versions of Microsoft Office. It became notorious for appearing at inopportune moments to offer oft-unwanted help, sparking one of the earliest internet memes.

Microsoft has been embracing its history a bit across its socials as of late, with Clippy itself becoming the official paperclip emoji for Windows 11. Getting Clippy cameos on Windows is one thing, but to see Clippy appear in Halo Infinite comes as a bit of a surprise. Unfortunately, Clippy probably won't be able to help you get a positive KDR, however.

It's unknown exactly when the Clippy content will be released to Halo Infinite, with both the weapon charm and emblem reading as "Coming in Season 2," albeit as of yet unavailable. Perhaps we can pester Microsoft for a Windows Phone weapon charm too ... maybe?

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