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CNET throws the Lumia 1020 under the bus in latest Always-On segment, gets facts wrong too

When it comes to reviews or opinion pieces, especially for gadgets, there’s some "science" involved but a lot of it comes down to the critic's biases. The notion that a journalist is impartial is derisory, though many still feign the notion that it exists. Just like how history can’t be objective since what the historian deems important (and not important) drives the narrative, the same applies to tech articles explaining devices and giving opinions.

At Windows Phone Central, we write from the perspective of people who are already on board with the Microsoft’s mobile OS—it’s more about the hardware and how it compares to other Windows Phones. That’s our audience. Are we biased? Of course, but at least you know where we’re coming from—we’re not pretending otherwise.  

That’s what makes CNET’s latest video so frustrating. We don’t have a problem with people finding faults with the Lumia 1020, or even not preferring it. This is the predisposition thing rearing its head and if you like Android or iOS more than Windows Phone, then it will drive your opinion. But distorting facts or just getting things plain wrong is inexcusable.

CNET TV posted a video yesterday where they take the Lumia 1020 on a “road test” to see how it performs. The video is hosted by Molly Wood, who has used Windows Phone in the past though she has never been a fan of it.

Her complaints about the Lumia 1020’s and its camera?

  • The 41 MP sensor is “…almost a novelty…and it’s just a stunt to get people’s attention” even though the photos are admittedly “pretty amazing”
  • Uploading photos is “problematic” as it “doesn’t integrate…with Facebook”
  • “The most crushing part? You’re taking beautiful snapshots and you cannot Instagram them.”
  • Point and shoot social sharing: you are “super crippled”
  • She confuses shutter speed with the Pro Cam start-time with photo processing; it’s just all the same to her
  • Calls the Lumia 1020 camera performance “shameful”
  • She’d rather “…have a phone with a great camera that can do everything like the iPhone” instead of a phone “with a really great camera that can’t do much else”

Nokia Lumia 1020

Let’s look at few things that are just flat out wrong with her assessment.

  • 41 MP is not a novelty. She doesn’t even mention the oversampling technology resulting in high quality 5 MP photos for sharing, or the ability to “crop to zoom” that other cameras fail miserably at, including the iPhone 5. You would figure the lossless zoom ability of the Lumia 1020 would be a huge bonus when at a concert.
  • Windows Phone of course integrates with Facebook—simply login or download the official app; this is basic stuff
  • Windows Phone can upload to Oggl, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Imgur, EyeEm, PhotoSynth, SmugMug, Email, SMS and more. Super crippled?

Instagram Store Search

Can't upload to Instagram?

Regarding Instagram, while it is true that there is no official app and pointing that out can be viewed as a valid criticism, it’s factually wrong to claim that you can’t upload to Instagram on Windows Phone or the Lumia 1020. When heading to the Windows Phone Store and simply typing ‘Instagram’, these are the top four results:

  1. 6tag
  2. Instance (pay)
  3. Hipstamatic Oggl
  4. Instance (free)

Just below that is InPic, #2InstaWithMassiveLove and Instagraph.

That’s seven apps that can upload to Instagram with Oggl even being official. Not only can Windows Phone users upload to Instagram with ease, we have more options than any other platform in the world. We have more UI designs for personal preference, video upload support, Live Tiles, notifications, Lens support and more.

This isn’t rocket science, folks. Even on the iPhone you have to go to their Store to download the Instagram app—why the selective bias against Windows Phone? It’s fair to mention that there is no official app, but it’s just wrong to lament that you cannot upload to Instagram—of course you can. Anyone who spends more than five minutes with the device could figure this out.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Pro Cam: Slow and powerful. But shameful?

As far as the slow performance of Pro Cam—fair enough. It’s true that when snapping an unprecedented, high resolution 38 MP photo and a 5 MP over-sampled one (at the same time) with full manual camera controls, the device is not as fast as an iPhone with its measly 8 megapixels. Cutting edge technology is full of tradeoffs like that.

But on the Lumia 1020, you could also set the default camera app to Nokia’s faster Smart Cam, which allows rapid fire shots (in addition to all sorts of other goodies) or the Windows Phone default camera, which is superfast. It’s right there in the camera settings. You lose the 38 MP photos but you still get to use that fantastic sensor for outstanding over-sampled 5 MP photos that will still compete with the iPhone any day.

Look, we don’t want to be that site that goes after everyone who doesn’t like Windows Phone. That’s not who we are and we certainly respect the fact that people have preferences. There are valid criticisms against Microsoft, the OS and even the Lumia 1020 and raising those is certainly acceptable.

But CNET and Molly Wood’s 'Always On' segment is just shameful and amateur. They could and should do better (separately, you can read CNET's full review of the Lumia 1020 here).

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Source: CNET Always On, YouTube; via Windows Phone Central Forums

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Derisory..
  • Word of the day
  • I'm still working on "deleterious".
  • I'm still working at the deli.
  • Rishicash,
    I think you may win the internet today!
  • Thanks. The usual sandwich today Frank?
  • iCnet to the rescue. They praise Apple like its the revolution.
  • You need to cut iCNET some slack. It's difficult to communicate anything coherent when you've got your mouth wrapped around Apple's junk 24/7.
  • HA..
    Winner and still champion for Comment of the Day.
  • +1020
  • HA HA HA!!!!!!
  • Well, iCNET was born during the heydays of Windows 95. They wouldn't be here if it weren't for Microsoft. But just like a prostitute, they don't care about what kind of car you drive or the mansion you live in. All they want is the money, now! :)
  • I totally needed this. +1
  • Hear, hear! You, sir, are a legend.
  • This qualifies as "on topic and respectful" around here?
  • Truth always trumps them. :)
  • +1 *snicker*
  • +1
  • According to CNET, Apple has invented something called the fingerprint scanner.  It will revolutionize everything!  And it is not considered a novelty.
  • Motorola did It, at about 2 yrs ago...:)
  • Already been done on windiws2000
  • I vaguely remember that I saw someone doing the same thing on a Compaq Pocket PC running Windows Mobile many years ago and he was using the touchscreen to scan his finger print.
  • Yep, and I still own one.  Also, the Compaq iPAq had an accessory port like the iPhone although few 3rd parties took advantage of it.
  • and the finger print scanner was on HP hand helds (PDA's) before Apple was even in the smartphone biz......
  • It just doesn't stop...
  • They are calling it MicroNokia and they are just laughing at Nokia with it's low market share. Little bastards :)
  • TCL LE40FHDE3000 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black) By:
  • Its good that she did this review.. coz ppl know she is wrong and are commenting abt it... so her credibility is going down... no1 will beleive her when she talks crap next time...
    Also ppl are writing about most of the features what WP can ppl who didnt kno abt all the features are getting educated... i guess this video is Blessing in disguise
  • +820 great outlook on the matter
  • And for this very reason I hope the video stays there and doesn't get pulled down. Just pour on your dislikes and comments... It's already 1:6.5 ratio and counting. Non-techies should get to see what they are following blindly.
  • to tell the truth, its because
  • You mean Windows phone fans are commenting and calling her out. No one else is. No one else is buying this phone. 
    Source: facts
  • This is what happens when someone come out of thier iPhonearena.. 
  • Her email address is Let's all tell her how we really feel about her "review".
  • I did that hours ago. I told her to stick to reviewing iPhone, since it never seems to change and this way she won't have to learn about new technologies for her articles. She can literally copy/paste her last year's iPhone review and use it again this year.
  • Hahaha
  • Even copy/paste needs some "skills".
  • I sent her my opinion after calming myself. "Your review about the Nokia Lumia 1020 has to be the worst I have ever seen. As a journalist you have broken every rule. You failed to deliver the truth. I own a Lumia 1020 and everything you claim I can't do is false. I can upload to Facebook faster than any phone can. I can also upload to instagram via instance. The 41 mp camera is revolutionary and people like you make me sick. You sound like a stupid blonde rather than a journalist. Bubbles and iPhone?? How about Lumia 1020 and best quality for both images and video possible on a smartphone. You could have used one of the lenses built in like blink to capture instant pics of those stupid bubbles, but that would be against the fact that your too stupid to try and learn how to use the device before reviewing it. I will never trust cnet for anything ever again due to your terrible review."
    Most biased site ever. I'm surprised CNET still exists after posting stupid attacks like this..
    I want someone to create a real road trip review with the Lumia 1020
  • Oh wow, I'm quite mad at her for that, but seriously, what you sent would make me feel terrible if I was Molly. Just please be a little nice.
  • I may have been kind of harsh.. But she had it coming that review was terrible she knew nothing about the device and she posted this on a site that many people read. She is wasting the millions of dollars Nokia and Microsoft are spending on advertizing this great device. I believe she knew what she was doing and was paid to be so biased.. isheep
  • No, no...iCattle: They line up at the Apple troughs and slop down whatever is fed to them.
  • I agree, to that. What she is saying is just nonsense.
  • That is NOT harsh at all. That is perfect!
  • Words hurt buddy... Yeah, she is very wrong, but I'm just saying to not be so harsh...
  • I thought it was a little tame actually. She should feel bad for anyone that looked to a device online and had to endure that factless dribble. ^^
  • can anyone please mail her this? its my article
  • i suppose that be ???
  • Thank You. Learned a new one. 
  • "Look, we don’t want to be that site that goes after everyone who doesn’t like Windows Phone." I'm curious... Give me a hint.
    yes, google+ and curse her!
  • CNET only give praise to Apple and Android. I believe they hate Microsoft!
  • I believe that too, Microsoft OS is the best.
  • Well the peasants always hate the king :P
  • Lol, +920 :D
  • Honestly, CNET as a whole isn't that bad. I frequent them because they do more than just phones and tablets, but they're VERY heavily anti-windows, not anti-Microsoft. They have hardly anything bad to say about the Xbox, but they just have negative things to say about Windows. They have a blogger call Chris Mastzerk? who just bashes Microsoft everytime they make an iPad vs windows commercial. They even had an article called (I kid you not) "Dear Google, make Chrome OS so good that I can leave windows... Forever"
  • Dude I know! I can't stand that guy bashing every commercial. I wish I could get a job dissecting apple commercials!
  • They cannot review DSLRs to save their life either and they are biased about products they want to support. In the DSLR space, its Nikon or nothing. While the Olympus OM-D E-M5 was getting "Camera of the Year" awards from various notable DSLR blogs, forums and magazines and a notable Nikon Blogger announced he had purchased one for his professional use, CNET called it a "sophisticated point-and-shoot" -- hardly! At one time, CNET had real techno-geeks and credibility who just presented the facts and could be trusted as a good source. Now, the people who write for CNET are biased and clueless and seem to just want to push some agenda. I do not and have not read the CNET pages in years and only end up there due to some reference like this post. They in IMHO, are no longer a valid source and I choose to look at other opinions.
  • He bashes the commercials because he can't stand that Microsoft marketing bested Apple at there own game. Like smokers who get an attitude because they can't smoke freely in alot of places anymore, but ignoring the fact 2nd hand smoke is harmful and unwelcome; yet look at you with disdain for not taking it or moving away.
  • I respect that everyone has a preference for which device they want to use, but when you're representing a site like cnet (which is trusted by regular non tech oriented people) at least try to make your reviews objective. At the very least, the editors at cnet should've turned this review down for not being factually accurate.
  • She is actually an executive editor.
  • That's even more embarrassing for CNET.
  • +920. LOL
  • I agree that the editorial staff should have returned the review for a factual overhaul. The main problem is that I'm willing to bet large sums of money that no one on the editorial staff has used WP enough to know that the review was not factually accurate. 
  • I saw this video yesterday and wanted to slap molly
  • I had to go watch her say this:  "…almost a novelty…and it’s just a stunt to get people’s attention” even though the photos are admittedly “pretty amazing”
    Really contradicts herself in the same sentence.   Just not much credibility after that statement.
  • Agreed. It's a lot like saying the device's main advertising point is meant ot be a gimmic. But, oh hey, the gimmick works as advertised. Ergo, and advertised feature works as advertised.... 
  • I've been a loyal CNET subscriber for ages with subscriptions to AlwaysOn, CNet ON Cars & CNet Top 5 with Donald Bell via TiVo. So I was shocked when Molly Wood said, there is NO way to upload photos to instagram via the Lumia 1020, or that the phone is awful at taking snap shots.
    Now I know why I'm watching less of her show because its become all about drop test and gimmicks she should have given the phone to Eric Franklin or Lin La since she's no expert on everything. Hope she apologizes to her viewers and Windows Community for this terrible misrepresentation.
  • I'm sure her comments section is being flooded with angry Nokia 1020 users.
  • Not quite:
  • +1520
  • iCNET
  • They are probably loving the crap 5S. Only thing cool about it is the fingerprint sensor. That's it.
  • Cause there's nothing quite like having the NSA scan your fingerprint and store it... you know... for future reference.
  • Well they are already taking regular snap shots of your face and recordings of your voice - not to mention excerpts of all text based data. Its all in the interest of your safety though :). The joys of iPhones.
  • Hahahahaha, awesome comment +920
  • Well,if you graduated high school in the U.S. (selective service) or have a passport, the government already has your fingerprints.
  • well there is a bit more to the 5s to be fair, like 64bit processing and a dedicated motion chip. I'm still a Wp8 guy but its nice to see apple pushing what a smartphone can be/do. Hopefully this will inspire the windows phone team to reach above and beyond what apple presented today.
  • Then you can forget about that until Steve Ballmer leaves the Windows Phone Team alone and leaves Microsoft.
  • Problem is - more people will go to cnet and beleive what she says than check out the facts.
  • Absolutely. 
  • Make sure you pass the link on to Nokia so they can release a challenge video like they did with Samsung. MS & Nokia really need to do things in the main media to curb this type of negative coverage
  • Great idea!
  • +1020
    Uploading photos is “problematic” as it “doesn’t integrate…with Facebook” LMAO..... joke of the day... :D
  • well.. laughin about a comment on how bad the facebook integration is .. i dont know.. did you ever receive a picture or send a picture in a facebook message? if you got the message at all it doesnt work. also it is not all good around the integratino
  • Actuallly with official facebook beta app... now we can send pics in facebook messages too...!!!
  • can you see them as well? i for some reason cant see that stuff
  • yes we can. Try Facebook Beta app. its just awesome.
  • And we were the first smartphones users (or android was) to get I integrated Facebook. NoDo in 2011. Now she still claims we don't have integrated Facebook? She knows you have to set it up first?
  • I think... she just dont want to do,,,or she is so ignorant or too dumb. :P
  • Lets all bombard her email by sending this article's link !! I will.....
  • Good idea to send it to her!
  • Agreed.
  • It's fair to say this review is quite damaging due to the exposure it'll get.
  • God I agree. I haven't gone to cnet for anything in years. For some reason, their site is always buggy, reviews are highly biased with no disclaimers, and downloading software -- ha! You mostly get bloatware at best or Trojans at worst. How many times does a person have to decline a buggy toolbar or chrome just to get a crappy trial? I don't really blame CBS, I never saw the site as independent. I always prefer toms hardware or aand for hardware reviews even though comments are usually filled with blind hate and lies. Particularly on any article about W8. But like I said, the articles themselves are usually fair.
  • Never, ever again will I download software from CNET. Crapware central. They lost their independence when CBS purchased them in 2008.
  • what I believe to be worse is that somebody from Cnet does not actually know about all the great wp8 Instagram apps that are available now! I mean the Instapics, Instance and 6Tags. Shame on you CNET! If I were Nokia/Microsoft I would not be a happy bunny after I saw this review...
  • The developer of this application is refusing to make one for WP8, reasons best known to themselves (maybe paid for this) but i wonder why Miscrosoft is being blamed for this, instead of blasting the developer, people point their arrows to the victim, I wonder!!!
  • The developer of this application is refusing to make one for WP8, reasons best known to themselves (maybe paid for this) but i wonder why Miscrosoft is being blamed for this, instead of blasting the developer, people point their arrows to the victim, I wonder!!! 
    Anyway this instagram is not popular in my country
  • Is Cnet actually popular? I stopped going there years ago as I just don't trust their reviews and find many of their opinions incredibly ignorant.
  • I don't visit the site either anymore after the parent company banned a review of the Hopper (either direct tv or dish) it was a Cnet Award winner and they censored the writers. I don't care for the hopper but they lost their credibility with me.
  • I suppose, Cnet will usually be near the top when searching for a topic like this.
  • Dunno. It's popular enough that google still put them in the first page of tech review search. But yeah. I even never go to CNet for review. I'd rather go to ars. They are prefer iPhones, but still keep their review on track.
  • That's because people are simple minded. Tech has helped make us this way but it's sad that she is unable to do her job by testing the product. Am I a WP fan boy. Yes but I have respect for iOS and Android.
  • And by that you mean that a tiny fraction of a percentage vesus an even tinier fraction of a percentage. If you go to your in-laws family reunion and ask how many even know what cnet is, I'd be shocked if more than one person know...unless your in-laws are all computer nerds and the exception to demographics.
  • Unfortunately it's true, but those people who don't fact check are the ones that will never be interested in another mobile device. I'm loving the fact that the youtube video is getting so many negative comments from people cause her facts are just plain false. Unfortunately it's going the way of "F- you c-", but still...
  • Maybe not, she already has more than 80% dislikes on her video.
  • Just checked the vid on youtube. Poor girl is heavily bashed in the comments for this review...LOL.
    i couldn't find a any positive comment on her review.
  • Shamefully
  • What is her twitter handle ???
    So I can point her to your article?
  • @mollywood
  • Let her hear about it on Twitter.  I did.  Tweet and retweet comments that you like, but no name calling.  Just tell her that her review reveals a huge lack of knowlege about WP and the 1020.
  • Agreed.
  • Done :)
  • Shouldn't you instagram a picture to her? :)
  • I already did... :)
  • me,too, well on twitter.  in fact, this was the impetus to actually get me to sign on to instagram for the first time, just to show that
  • Isn't CNET that virus website?
  • +1
  • Exactly what I said!
  • I can't believe that Facebook sharing comment. It's ok that she doesn't like the phone, but the facts should be correct. I wonder if there's any kind of rechecking done at CNET.
  • I guess someone offered her a free Nexus or iPhone to play around since she never got a chance to get a 1020 for her own.
  • clearly not. WP is soo intergrated into facebook, it's not even a joke!
  • I don't even use a Facebook app because the integration is so good. Much easier to do everything within People. 
  • As i said... its joke of the day... ;)
  • Wasn't this the subject of one of the original windows phone 7 commercials? So ignorant!
  • me,too, well on twitter.  in fact, this was the impetus to actually get me to sign on to instagram for the first time, just to show that
  • What's even more surprising and baffling is the fact that not too long ago, she "tried out" Windows Phone 7 Mango and claimed that she enjoyed the "tight integration it provided with social sites like Facebook but found the lack of apps too much of a deal killer" - next year, she turns around and can't find the exact same feature in the exact same spot?
    Cnet has been writing outrageous cell phone reviews for ages now. They write off any device running Windows Phone 8 completely - they said the Lumia 920 was too big, bulky (giving the Note II full marks for having the exact feature set), the 928 was too "squarish and bulky", Ativ S didn't look as good as an S4 and now this. Honestly, these reviews aren't even reviews - they are essentially rehashed statements from the past claiming the lack of "app support", "ecosystem" and "lack of features" without ever specifying what apps, features and ecosystem integrations are missing. The claim ends up sounding like "good phone but not the same as an iPhone so not as good".
    The problem is the staff running the place is so pretentious that they refuse to believe they are in the wrong despite hundreds of comments flooding the "reviews" calling out the obvious oversights. This is the biggest reason why the site has lost out to sites like Gizmodo, TheVerge and Engadget. Apart from a couple of decent sections and reviews (TVs, consoles and home electronics), they have started to sound like a bandwagon of imbeciles crying for attention. For me, their only saving grace is the car tech section with Cooley and Sharon Vaknin/Bridget Carey (both pretty attractive).
  • I hate the its stupid review without actually going into depth of why something is stupid. Just like not having a valid argument and just calling the other person dumb
  • That's what you get when you have people testing gadgets they have no clue about. Also her voice is annoying.
  • Since the infamous Molly Wood bashing Windows Phone review, I have stopped going to CNET. They are bunch of non- techy running tech site. Seriously ameturish. Do not go the review site and help increase traffic. I think it just a ploy to get few seconds of fame and increase traffic.
  • *like*
    Good way of putting it, non-techy run tech site.
  • Hard to take such Big media serious when posting such statements....
  • They should talk about how google and other developers doesn't support Windows Phone, why so mad?, afraid of Microsoft OS? They should be, let our OS grow.
  • You just hit the nail on the head I pretty much assume that they are being paid not to develop for WP cause for big name developers not making us apps smells a bit funky and the media should hold them accountable
  • Right on time for new iPhone release......fock Cnet
  • I can't believe it, every single word she says is nonsense, shame on you CNET.
  • Really good video!!! Good camera phone, but you can't do much things with it!!! And that's because of windows phone!
  • slap yourself we have a lot of stupid restrictions and is not Microsoft fault
  • Ha! Slap yourself! It doesn't matter if it is because of Microsoft or not, that's just true!
  • Please tell me what I supposedly can't do with it.
  • Orientation lock
    Can you be informed before getting involved?
  • Is that currently a feature? 
  • Yes
  • Fixed gdr3
  • Seriously people... You don't know what trolling is? (fyi JavierEscalonJr, orientation lock is coming in the next OS update. It's not even a needed feature. Just there for a little added convenience, and to give people one less thing to complain about. A lot of the OS itself is always orientation locked, and apps can include it individually if they think it's necessary)
  • This comment is DOA
  • Well I have had my 928 now since it was released in May and I would never go back IOS or my iPhone 5
    I love the simplicity of the os and the idea of just posting comments once and all of my social media gets updated
  • She also did a video on the blackberry Q10 and destroyed it, literally. I saw that 1020 clip yesterday and thought it was poorly done.
  • The blackberry q10 destroyed the blackberry q10. We don't share their issues.
  • ^ This guy...
  • Tough one to comment on, but I'd say in all my years of reading reviews online Cnet was always one of the most airy-fairy websites. There are a few very smart people on there, but a lot of their review team seem like they are just randomly given stuff to review as opposed to being experts in that (or any) field. I'd never go to them for cutting edge, well thought out, honest reviews. It's all a bit dumbed down and amateur. I think their audience is older and less tech-savy people who want a general overview and would never notice the flaws in their reviews. People who really would just take a phone and not go into the app store for a month, who probably never would use Instagram in the first place, but if they did they probably would only use the official client, so maybe she has half a point there.
    Trying to resist generalisation and not to be sexist, there's plenty of ignorant male reviewers as well, but she (from the last review of hers I read) seems a bit of a "girl with a passing interest in tech" who got the job just cos it isn't the norm to have a girl reviewing technology. Perhaps there's a reason for that. But the point is she seems to be someone for whom it's a job, not her life interest and thus she makes lots of schoolboy (schoolgirl) errors.
  • +1020
  • CNET been a joke for many years now.
  • Yeah.  It really does suck.  I used to visit it practically every day in the early 2000s, but now... maybe a few times a year when I need to download something.  When sites become too corporate... they really take a hit in quality.  IGN used to be good too in its heyday.
  • Molly Wood? That ditz is still with CNET? I wouldn't trust her reviews of different kinds of dog crap. She is effing useless. Why is she still there? She must have something on someone pretty high up at CNET.
  • Don't take this Sea Hag seriously as she is a prime example of one of those useless, and ineffective degenerates that are in the work place of america doing absolutely nothing because she is incapable of comprehending a single thing or phone for that matter unless its a iPhone.
  • Well put. She is even ignorant when it comes to WP functional. Don't tell I am being rude because she is being dishonest about the facts and how do you describe some with such behavior.
  • She puts a shame on all female tech journalists.
  • If she does bring shame on tech journalists, she brings it on all of them. Gender should not be an issue here.
  • Nope, just herself.
  • Love my 820, so much more if i have a 1020
  • And at 1:24 it shows photos that were taken by the Lumia 925 but it says Lumia 1020 xD
  • cnet is the fox 5 of the tech world
  • Lol nice
  • Can't you leave comments to the review? Also if you're a gadget review site, should you get facts correct? Also this tells me I can't trust anything they review now. Well her, not just the site.
  • Not sure...maybe its because I'm in the US but, looked on CNET and the review here gave it a 4/5 with great things to say about the camera. So, CNET isn't all bad.
  • Molly Wood always gives these kinds of inaccurate reviews...just her trademark!
  • stupid iphone release, same design with a combined android+windows phone new OS. What's so great ?
  • Colors less vibrant than the Lumia line, plus $549 for a 5c, same as a 5, in plastic!
  • Not only that, the iPhone 5c is not even considered a budget phone in Singapore: S$848 for 16 GB and S$988 for 32 GB. Please Apple, the Lumias 620, 625, 720 and 820 or even certain budget Galaxy and HTC phones are even cheaper in Singapore than the not so-budget iPhone 5c.
  • This is exactly I don't read reviews from certain sites. Like Paul, he would praise Microsoft and criticism them when necessary. That woman Molly was never a big fan of WP and she does not even know how to use the phone.
  • yes agree she only talks from 'pictures'
  • Well, anyone still read and take serious of CNet's review? I don't, stopped doing so almost seven years back, espcially their mobile devision, lack of the basic understanding of the thing, and most damaging of all, the so-called editors are just so f*!# lazy. 
  • Most people don't have their own minds and forgot that they should try things themselves.
  • She is just stupid
  • Wow, incredibly biased review from an obvious iPhone fangirl.  Couldn't help but notice that all of the photos she took with the 1020 looked great, while the iPhone pics were on the hazy side.  Somehow that didn't make it into her brilliant commentary.  
  • I completely agree and noticed that too. The 1020 pics look way better!
  • She's kind of got a point with the speed aspect.  This needs speeding up.  It really does, users really don't care that it takes longer because of the pixels... that's just doesn't matter.  The experience matters.  That is why Apple gets favorable feedback.  (And I love my L920 over my old iPhone4, just being real here.)
    However she's totally lost the plot on no Facebook/Instagram. 
  • I don't need to go to CNET and check that crappy article. I just know that Molly Wood is one of those blind and bribed reporters swimming with the flow in a corrupted society that simply thinks bigger is better. One important reason I chose Windows Phone and Nokia is that I refuse to be like that.
  • I think sharing photos on FACEBOOK is a delight on WP.Its funny how anyone can berate it!!I hell its a matter of seconds..isn't???
  • I don't know how many photos I took and posted. Really, swipe up from the photo. Select share, Facebook, comment and send. Don't even need to go into a different AP. How much easier does it need to be?
  • Ok. Left a comment for that amateur on twitter. Jeeez, can't believing that b*******.
  • CNET has always been against anything Microsoft. This is to be expected from cnet idiocy.
  • I just saw that, I felt like slapping her so hard with my 920... just to show her the power of a Lumia
  • best comment so far. Lolol..ill up that comment and slap her with my 925 show her the power of that.
  • Lol, +920.
  • "-You just been Luminized"! :)
  • Haha...then follow up with the 928's flash and blind her.
  • ... Or grab the Lumia 1020 by the wriststrap and wip her into understanding.
  • I asked her about this on twitter, and she did respond. She said 6tag wasn't available at the time of her hands on. She then asked if she needed to install an app for the fb upload, and said it wasn't "native" to the camera app.
  • Um, "not native"?!? She really didn't bother to learn how to use the phone did she? There's ignorant and then there's flaming stupid... I don't even use Facebook and I know that all you do is select the ellipsis, select Share and select Facebook...and I think it took me six times longer to type the above then it did for me to unlock my phone, take a pic and pretend to post to FB. Maybe if she had bothered to setup her FB acct ON THE %$&#$^*#^! PHONE, it would have been a seamless experience...but she won't accept the responsibility for that and admit to an id10t/PEBKAC/DTDS error... We should get Ben the PC Guy to compete in a phone smackdown. She can choose her iPwn or hemaDroid of choice and may the real tech win. Ugh...ignorance is so irritating....
  • I should tell you to calm down..but I can't. I just can't. Ignorance is bliss.
  • oh yes. ben the pc guy... that would be awesome fun :D:D
  • absolutely awful review. shameful as well. Glad we have sites like wpcentral otherwise i may not have ever gotten a windows phone. thanks wpcentral. shame on you c|net!!
  • +1 to that!
  • who gives them these phones to review in the First place
  • Am I missing something? Just been to the CNET site and they gave it 4/5?
  • Yes, you're missing our post. Did you read it and watch the video that is embedded and linked to?
  • That was someone else CNET review which was favorable. Molly Woods video review is what's being complained about here. Her review was contradictory and factually incorrect.
  • The iPhone currently has the best camera for a phone. Say what?!?!?
  • pahahahahahahahahaha laugh until I die
  • Even the Lumia 920 has a better camera than the iPhone 5.
  • She should be thrown under a bus instead. People like her with meagre minds simply are cocooned in their own tiny little world where they just miserably fail to understand that there is competition but not on the grounds of entirely putting the other party down by making such comments. Comparisons can be made but things should also be noted on a general basis that involves only the product itself. Absolute pity!
  • A couple of people that work at CNET as tech reviwers I know from my University days. Those 4 are NOT tech people, they were journalism students, which means they are not very bright, and don't know tech from a hole in a story. The fact that CNET hired them as experts (the 4 I speak of are really bottom feeders in the intelligence scale) speaks to the aptitude of CNET and its core reader group.
  •'re telling me that all the hots ladies on G4 weren't really tech nerds/gamers?! /sarcasm
  • Flagged the video as spam and misleading information.
  • What's even worse is that once Apple releases their yellow Nokia rip off. The rest of these Iwhores will start thinking my beautiful Lumi-Lumi is a iphuck like they have.
  • Exactly :(
  • CNet!? Really... Really!?
  • Can I post a link to this article in her article so people can know the truth?
  • I wanna pop a molly!!! (Joke)
    Serious note: Thanks Mr. Rubino for sticking up for windows/nokia. But unfortunately martinmc78 is right.
  • No worry mates IOS paid for this
  • CNET is a joke. I never read or view their reviews.
  • Its like this review came from someone on one of those dumb housewives shows where they don't know how to really do anything except cause drama and be ignorant.....
  • Best thing Molly can do it pull her bottom lip over her head and swallow. Sounds to me like Microsoft should use her video comments and make another to show how wrong she is.. My 920 eats any iphone or android phone for breakfast when it comes go picture quality. Perhaps it was the time of the month, sorry Windows Phone ladies.
  • I think it's made on purpose just to attract views & comments... I can't believe she's that stupid...
  • Molly's head is wood.
  • Molly Wood is a horrible tech journalist. I figured this out when I heard her guest star on TWiT. Someone who confuses opinion with facts.
  • I saw the video on Cnet yesterday and was going to watch it until I saw it was done by Molly Wood, she's very amatuer and unprofessional. She was great for some time and than a few years ago it was like she became a paid blogger and started talking about facts that were just plain wrong about some device. What can be done about this error?
  • The review is pathetic and really annoyed me when I watched the video yesterday. It's a joke that she calls the iPhone 5's camera "the best," and I say this as a fan of iPhone! There's absolutely no contest between the iPhone's camera and those from Nokia Lumia phones. Hell, even my friend's 521 takes superior photos! I also find it incredible that the woman can't figure out how to add photos from the 1020 to Facebook and has no clue about the third party Instagram apps... Then again, she's ignorant, so why WOULD she know?
  • Wow, that was painful to watch. I reported the video on youtube as a scam/misleading for its spreading for misinformaiton. She has no clue on how to use the WP OS, whcih is scary since it's so simple in it's design. The phone comes with Facebook integration..... Why is she a reviewer when she does not know anything about the device besides hearsay..... SMH
  • If you go to the actual article you can tweet Molly. I would imagine one or two people won't do much, but if enough people are bothered by this, she might get the drift.
  • Someone got smashed really quick
  • See these kind of negative WP reviews just piss me off.  “doesn’t integrate…with Facebook” Really?  Did she even take the time to set up her FB account on the phone and try the Me or People hubs?  Sharing anything to facebook has been extremely easy on my 920.  Well except for the unusual annoying upload screenshots to FB bug.  
    However, this whole Instagram thing is getting old even though I don't use the service.  Most non-WP users assume there is no official Instagram app and don't want to be bothered by 3rd party apps so they figure the phone lacks something critical to their daily life. Just relases the damn official app already so we can stop hearing about it!!!
  • I want to start off by saying I like Molly Wood, I think she is funny, I liked her old show on cnet where she did the news much more than her current one where she sort of review's stuff.  Her reviews are from the mindset of a 13 year old girl who has already made up her mind what she likes and what she doesn't, and Windows phone is definately on the doesn't list.  Unfortunately, cnet is a first stop for many people when looking for reviews, and people will see her inaccurate/childish review and never even give the 1020 a second look.
  • CNET has had pretty clear bias in the past in their reviews. Luckily most people realise this and take anything they say with a pinch of salt. The thing is, the site started before this big drive by the ordinary consumer to dig up opinion of tech based on multiple sources...which is why less and less people use their site. Sites which pretend to not have ANY bias just don't make sense.
  • I've already been stopped going to cnet when all I ever saw were iPhone news and mac news everyday!
  • I knew what she was going to say even before watching the video. She is like that. I saw her video on surface where she says it is little plasticky and cheap. Surface may be many things but it is definitely not cheap nor plasticky. Only if she looked up the facts she would find it is made of magnesium which is definitely a metal and a real strong one. She does not seem to care, she is in the upper tires of cnet editors, so no none will question her and she does these facetious shows just for her amusement. No journalism nothing just opinion and distortion of facts. I used to watch her shows but now I just ignore her.
  • Obviously an isheep woman or female android doing a review on a Windows Phone
  • is In love with apple and had been for some time now..
  • Cnet its an Apple biased site, everybody knows that. At minimum they should do their assignment before saying wrong things about a product even if is not their favorite
  • Basically, the issue with CNET and other review sites like laptopmag is that they simply review the products according to their metrics and they call it a day. They never answer the "why" behind the products and never go in depth. Reviews from CNET are like eating at McDonalds, you'll get your satisfaction but it's cheap.
  • Usual Iphone/droid bias talk, simple as that, wont be reading any of their reviews anymore as they chat utter garbage.
  • CNET is a joke. They have no knowledge of the phone, and yet have the nerve to submit a review?
  • I freaking wish Microsoft would just release a sick surface phone at the surface 2 event in a couple of weeks to counteract Apples iPhone hype and stop worrying so much about how manufacturer partners feel. If they're so sensitive, make phones that can compete in design directly with the iPhone & Galaxy series, otherwise shut up! The reason Microsoft's image suffers is because of the build quality of many products these partners release. Nokia, Sony,and Samsung may be the only ones Microsoft should consider going forward
  • Your cnet link doesn't work
    The Avarage Apple User/Fanboy
    The Avarage Android User/Fanboy Most of the tech enthusiasts today belongs to one of the two above.
    I don't expect much objectivity regarding Microsoft.
    If it's from Microsoft then it must be bad. Doesn't it ?  
  • +925
  • Ok criticize wp,but get facts wrong means you do this either intensionly,or you know nothing,btw who is dumb to throw 1020 under a bus,i rather loose life while saving it
  • She is obviously technically challenged.
  • That is the last straw! I am never trusting CNET"reviews" ever again.
  • Shame on CNET. Distorting facts like that... Not good.
  • It doesn't integrate with Facebook... Mouhaha... It's kind of : I only use my Iphone to go to Facebook and Instagram to share my cup of coffee and that's all... Shame that someone who make a test on a serious media isn't able to download Facebook from the store...
  • CNET? I thought they're full of software's with malware and viruses for download. I think most people look at consumer report
  • "Executive editor"
  • Excellent smack down Daniel. How embarassing for Cnet. Just awfull LOL
  • Wow!this wasn't being uninformed on the 1020 by Cnet and the reviewer.This was intentional,bashing Microsoft and Nokia is exactly what they wanted to do.
  • Appears cnet article removed.
  • Just the Facebook comment is disgusting, its the same for other smart phones if you don't login or download the app you cant use Facebook.
  • I used to like Molly Wood.
    Then somewhere along the way she stopped being a journalist, stopped using facts and logic, and generally started to become a tech crackpot with weird habits/values.
    Now I can't take anything she says seriously.
  • This
  • Molly wood reviewing a windows phone is like a politician doing a seminar on ethics and morality...
  • LMAO! I like your logic, and you just made my day. Cheers!
  • At least she can rely on her day job.. Tarot readings and feeding her pigeons
  • Oh CNET, how you believe iJunk can do no wrong. Yet also looky here! iOS 7 copies most of the design elements of WP8, and now has a new operating system that is functional! ;) (and if you don't believe me, check the phone screen, messaging screen, lock screen, and even's WP8 in an Apple world...mwah ha ha!)
  • OMG, like, Windows Phone totally sucks. It doesn't work like my super awesome iPhone. Totes bummer.
  • I stopped visiting Cnet years ago. Their bias is evident in every review, especially with products they dislike. Forget objectivity.
  • True.
    I used to watch CNET TV videos all the time a few years ago, until I realised iPhone (and Apple in general) is all they care to praise.
    I wouldn't be surprised if CNET were part funded by Apple...
  • To my knowledge the shutter speed on this camera is below par, and last time i checked we did indeed lack a dedicated instagram app. The reporter here is merely stating facts, and her opinion is no less valid. Sure, there are third party workarounds, but cnet highlight a lack of dedicated apps still plaguing this OS. We may not like it, but it is what it is.
  • manual controls allow you to control the shutter speed the delay is that it is saving two pictures at the same time. 6Tag is an officially authorized instagram app.... so no she is not stating facts.
  • She did not specify that there is no "official' instagram app. She generally stated that you can not instagram via the Lumia 1020 which is factually incorrect. Also the "no facebook integration" is a complete clusterf*ck seeing as that is one of the key selling points for the phone/OS.
    With regards to shutter speed, Daniel already explained that she doesn't have to use the ProShot. She could use the other Camera apps that come built into the phone and take blisteringly fast shots. So yes, the ProShot app is slower, but that's because its doing a whole lot more. SMH.
  • A shame... She could have taken the opportunity to point out that 6Tag is a very well-crafted app that does everything that Instagram.
  • Sadly, when you already have a preconceived notion about the device and you've regurgitated the fanboyisms from the competitors for so long; you start believing the crap you're spewing and it leaks into ones objectivity. She clearly had no clue about the phone, and it's not like she had to go in-depth. Those were top layer features that you do not need to dig to find.
    She had her mind made up about the phone, and during the video, it was like she was trying to find things to not like about the phone. Clearly a biased and unprofessional review.
  • The shutter speed comment caught my attention.  I don't think she was referring to the "shutter speed" but more the delay in the shutter triggering after pressing the shutter button.  That indeed would be a problem!  Is that true?  I have a 920 and see no delay.   Curious if anyone who owns a 1020 can confirm or deny that.  Thinking of trading up to the 1020 soon
    As far as most of the other "facts"; i agree with most.  Seems she has an axe to grind with Windows Phone.  Either that or she's incompetent as a tech writer.  Personally, I never heard of this girl before today so not sure how much Molly's opinion matters
  • The worst part about this is that CNet has a deal with Target so that their reviews play on the televisions at their stores across America. Also, they put little badges on electronics that say whether CNet suggests them or not.
  • Shouldn't someone working in technology know something about technology? She just made all of Cnet look unprofessional, sloppy and stupid.
  • Good and true words.
  • Not good because when a consumer types in lumia1020 reviews this is the kind of stuff that shows up! How can we stop that? At that rate there will always be bad reviews about wp8.i wonder what phone she uses and put wp8 up against it a make hers look like s#!t.
  • It appears that everyone on YouTube is sounding off on her "review" as well.
  • You do realize Cnet wrote that review while holding a Kit Kat in one hand.
  • Cnet is so biased. They really can't like aything else other than Apple. Even whenever they do a "Battle between 2 devices like; iTouch Vs. Zune HD". They give the Zune HD more points in the comparison but somehow the (any Apple product) always wins, even with less points awarded to it.
  • Too rash!! I have never been a reader of icnetoid anyway!!
  • The new iPhones are nothing but Nokias with a Apple logo and IOS is a WP wanna be. IOS 7 & Tizen are proof that WP is the better platform, at least interns of design and usability.
  • Acually Tizen might be quite good.  It's a far more "modern" OS than creaky old-fashioned Java-built Android or iOS and performs better than either - though not as fast as WP8.  The again, I have little faith in either Samsung or Intel doing the UI right.
  • i geenrally enjoy CNET but after watching this review, i was surprised by the lack of knowledge presented, usually they're good at identifying positives and negatives...even ofr poor products.Meh, no sweet off my back....98% of everyone i know hates WP already LOL. *hugs my L920*
  • Wow, didn't think there existed uninformed tech media like that anymore! Sad to read this. :'( I hope somebody tells her to wake up and actually use the phone.
  • just checked CNET website they reviewed it back in July and gave it 4.5 stars then why is the need of another review?
  • Because the iPhone 5S is about to be announced so IMHO it's no surprising that some people could have been bought to put down the Lumia 1020.
  • I watched the video and expected it to be deplorable.  However, she actually said mostly good things about the phone.  Obviously, her lack of knowledge is really the main drawback and is inexcusable.  But again, the site gave the phone a 4/5 and she displayed many of the positives in regards to the phone...oh well.
  • Dear users excuse my language
    She is s****d <>$Ł<$|\Ł>>}{@&#
  • MS and Nokia should probably sue CNET for this damaging review.  I think everyone on here should go to youtube and report the video as mass advertising for apple.
  • this is also what im thinking.
  • They actually already reviewed the 1020 a while back. I believe it was her that did that review and she stated the same things then. She was also called out in the comments section then as well. This is clearly an attempt to damage the phone at the same time as the new iPhone announcement. Why else would you repost a review and then add the video of a previously reviewed product. Shamefull and disgusting. But it's more evidence of what WP is up against.
  • Uploading photos is “problematic” as it “doesn’t integrate…with Facebook” LMAO..... joke of the day... :D
  • im not that familiar with the 1020, but in the 2nd picture above (not including the youtube vid), is that a special attachable case on the 1020 with a big booty (i assume battery pack?).
  • Yeah.  It is supposed to make it feel like a point and shoot camera and it also has an additional battery inside.
  • There is Hollywood then there is Bollywood and now we have Mollywood bawhahahaha
  • I submitted a user review and pretty much blasted her lack of knowledge.
  • Well, I've read some reviews from CNET in the past and I didn't like at all. It seemed to that they're all about Apple's toys and don't really care about Microsoft's efforts to promote its mobile platform at all! Reading this now, it seems that nothing has changed. Although I still think that the Lumia 920 is the device that suits me the better, I fell really disappointed when such a poor review about a Nokia device comes out. :(
  • I hope they read this. But they wont change. They will praise the iPhone 5C for the new colorfull design no other smartphone has. For the "Nokia SmartCam" features of the iPhone 5S's camera. Just taking a brand and saying to every product "THIS IS IT, NOTHING ELSE" is something customers (iSheeps) can do, because its easy. A reviewers job is to do the opposite, making objective comparisons, not subjective opinions.
  • Molly Wood is piss poor at reviews did she get a job at CNET? The last windows phone review she did she had the phone a week and slammed it because she was too incompetent to figure out the OS and apps.. This review by her doesn't surprise me. The fact she still has a job at CNET does!
  • How hard is it to take photo, view photo, press three dot menu, tap share, tap Facebook, type optional comment and post? WP is very cleanly integrated with Facebook, how is this missed?
  • I'd love to go to the CNet site to see the video and leave a comment, but their site doesn't work with IE10, even in compatibility mode.  The only other one that is like that....  Which pretty much sums it up really.
  • does work in IE 10. Unless you're on about a different site.
  • Where is the fellow that did the Windows Phone challenges? I smell an opportunity....for a SMACK DOWN.
  • Everyone email this lady until she gets her facts straight. Her email is
  • This seems to be a growing problem, people not reporting the facts!
  • I like somepeoplehavenoideas comment ;)
  • Interesting...  Here is a link for another CNET review:
    I guess she doesn't check out CNET website as well...  Also, remember this is a site that kowtowed to their CBS masters on the "Hopper" CES award. 
  • oh uh....
    She also is known for her favoritism of Apple and Android products and for giving inaccurate reviews for Windows Phone as recently seen on the Windows Phone Central website:
  • I stopped reading CNET years ago. They never are very good. They look at brands instead of the hardware.
    I remember them saying way back in the day the Zune HD audio quality was inferior in everyway to the Ipod. Which is just wrong. 
  • Oh! my
    THats wrong 
    I mean every tech/gadget sites gave their positive certificate to Lumia 1020s features, hardware, apps (most importantly its 41 MP stunningly awesome sensor oversampling Technology ) and she is sayin all..........
    She is such a ........
    Sorry guys
  • It's quite unbelievable to know that people who have no knowledge about how the phone works and what it can and can't do are given the opportunity to review it.She should have atleast done SOME research about the phone and the windows marketplace in general.I mean,windows platform is currently at a stage in which any thirdparty app for instagram,when released on the windows store,is covered up by almost every major tech site!How could a person,writing for a tech website as well known as cnet,not know that?
    And how can cnet even allow such inaccurate reviews to be put on their website?Love windows or hate windows,this is just pure stupidity on their part.
  • Go and edit her Wiki page at like I did and put the inconsistencies on there.
    I put down that she gives incorrect reviews to Windows Phone.  Check it out!
  • It got removed. Check it out again.
  • I really wanna POP a molly right about now.
  • iphone 5 currently with the best smart phone camera. Lady are you blind.
    Her 1st sentence is more that enough for me to see that she doesn't like the phone and Nokia at all.
    I think via this video Apple's answering to the latest Nokia commercials. The difference is that Apple is afraid to put their name on it.
  • I can't believe people still read CNET.
  • I don't think many do. I haven't in years.
  • CNET people are idiots. This woman should be shot for her garbage review.
  • Too harsh. "CNET, your ego is writing checks your rag can't cash!" "Mollywood, you screw up just this much.....and I'll have you flying a MacBook out of Hong Kong full of rubber dog shit!" (Thanks, Top Gun)
  • I bet it's a paid advertisement from either Apple or Google.
  • CNET, ign and the like are always biased and as you suggest very biased. Here is another review of the PS vita and comparing it to the iPad?
  • I'm no fan of Nokia, but I really don't particularly care for Molly Wood. I'd definitely prefer one of CNETs more experienced reviewers take the phone out on a "road trip" than their video podcaster who mostly reads from a script.
  • Get'em!
  • I always comment to these "amateur" reviewers. It is very frustrating as you mentioned. I hope she enjoys her iPhone that has not evolved in 6 iterations. Apple and the iPhone is doomed, like BB, unless they provide revolutionary new features soon* this coming from several critics and friends that are iPhone fanbois.
  • I hope she reads this and realizes what sort of ridiculous review she did.
  • 'pple!
  • Couldn't agree with you more, Daniel.  I just hope people don't use her video as an excuse to not get a Windows Phone.
  • You mean all 5 people that read CNET?
  • I agree that this review is very poor. I have a 1020 and I love it... But there are some issues. Namely, not having all three camera options integrated into one app. It's not confusing to me b/c I love the phone and want it to work. But if I'm coming from iOS/Android, (with their uber easy interfaces) it could be confusing. Nokia/MSFT could have improved in this area.
  • I'd give 'em a pass. The first race cars didn't come with automatic transmissions.
  • Lazy journalism!
  • @mollywood... Yeah.. I rather have a really well written article and researched video than a crappy crap crapper of a video from a wannabe journalist that doesn't do research and can't even try to be objective....
    Your report is shameful!!!
  • "Crappy Crap Crapper of a video"!!! Bravo. You win the kewpie doll for knocking down the milk bottles. I'm stealing that one.
  • Apple products are like department store cosmetics.  They come in prettier, more expensive packaging but have the same drug store ingredients.
  • I hope that's not her full time job. Looks like it may have been a volunteer review from a chick walking down the street. 
  • She's pretty terrible with any phone that's not Samsung flag ship or the iPhone.  Plus she always does something that I always hate in reviews.  She says things as if the person who chose the product is an idiot.  It's like she wants to make you feel bad that you got a different phone.  
    She's the tech blog equivalent of a 13 year old girl knocking another 13 year old for having the wrong brand of jeans.
  • As someone who sells phones day to day and owns a 1020, I know for a fact that the camera is nothing short of amazing
  • And this is why I've come to ignore most "reviews" that aren't on sites like this. I'm not looking for a bias TOWARD WP... I've made up my mind, I know what I like. I just need info about it. But at the same time I've grown really tired of the constant bias AGAINST WP.    We all have our preferences, but as a "reviewer", or someone who is in some weird way passed off as an "expert" (which is laughable to say the least) if you can't leave your prejudices and preferences in your pocket you simply aren't qualified IMO.  I have seen far too many "reviews" that didn't even mention the simplest features of WP, unless it's something that another OS has then what WP can come into/under direct comparison. So things like live tiles are often ignore or just flat-out FUD'd to death. Even if you happen to come across a "review" that doesn't completely poo on WP they HAVE to mention "lack of apps". It's a tired, and uninformed angle that really needs to go away now.     So yeah, I've given up. Thanks for addressing this issue.
  • Isn't this the same girl that was using mango and didn't like it? Nothing to see here she never liked windows phone from the beginning.
  • Not sure how to comment on the CNET site, but the YouTube site is running about 4/5ths thumbs down and most people calling the review wrong.
  • She's an idiot! We should take to Twitter and let her & CNET where they can go!
  • Daniel, brother, you manned up today! I actually watched that video and sent an email to Molly Wood, which I would imagine she didn't read, and I brought out the same issues you clarified in this article. Absolutely, a great article, and one of the reasons I view the content on this site as 'REAL'.
    I also actually view the Windows Phone platform as a superior communication device. The account integration is unmatched and the lack of official apps from some of the more popular social sites could have ultimately been a blessing in disguise. Your assessment of our abundant options as users is the result of our lack of support.
    Thanks, and keep bringing the truth!
  • It's not even worth the bother to call her stupid.
  • Thanks for letting me know. Now I know to go ahead and post on CNet comments about this article. Historically, Molly has never taken a liking to anything Windows Phone.
  • I just cussed them out too! I called the review "opprobrious". She'll have to install the dictionary app to look that up..
  • Lol
  • this is really cheap thing done by cnet...disappointed
  • I'm embarrased for her.
  • To be fair to the blonde, she always ranks ease of use higher than deeply embedded features. Form factor, durability, and ease of use. Apple is the idiots delight in ease of use and the form factor is always good, and the durability within norms. Today's presentation spent more time talking about how easily all their new tech was integrated in the 5S. Advanced settings weren't discussed at all.
  • I think its ok to not like the os or the phone but to put out uninformed comments in a review like that is very ignorant. I dont believe we should threaten her either, thats a little harsh. I sent her an email with a ss or all the acounts you can share to, she obviously didnt sync them all. She says there was no 6tag when she did the review, has anyone checked the dates to see if that is accurate as well, she was at a concert....
  • Molly Wood gas admitted she does not like Windows Phone, its clear that CNET has a bias when they have her do that segment
  • All the more reason that she should not be the person to do a "review" on Windows Phone.
  • Molly wood is so annoying. She has always come off as pompous and arrogant. This kinda proves it.
  • The good thing is with all the iPhone news this will get pushed down quickly on the cNet website so no one will really see. it.
  • Except people considering the 1020 and searching for reviews.
  • Her online persona ought to be "Molly on Molly" - a more fitting name..
  • lol people still read Cnet? Bias or not, they are a dinosaur.
  • Reviewers have a responsibility and they need to be a lot more professional in what they do. Someone who is not tech savvy will refer to these i-mmature wannabes. Manufacturers should be able to fine these so called tech pros for conflict of interest.
  • Just checked, Sutro was on August 9th, 2013. So when was 6tag released or even instance? I think this was an uninformed iphone fangirl rushed review.
  • CBS must have a problem with Nokia.
  • Everybody get her Wiki page!!! 
  • Get'em!!
  • Holly moses in mad. I just can't let this go. Sombeody needs to take down that video, NOW!
  • Who even reads CNET? They stopped being relavant years ago.
  • I've barely ever seen a proper review from them recently... Even when its something that's non-MS. Gave up on relying on their reviews a long time ago...
  • WP Central should do a Video Response to her....
  • Video is getting slammed on YouTube.  Very, very, very few positive comments.
  • +1020
  • Yep,she's getting her butt handed to her on YouTube.People are even pointing to the WPCentral article.
  • its gonna be real fun... if she really read this thread by chance.... :D
  • The bitch is running wild
  • Wow, I've always known CNET to be incredibly Apple biased, but with Apple going stale, they've grown more fond of Android. However, it seems they won't let this stand, so now they decided to crucify Windows Phone whenever they have a chance. But this, even by CNET standards, is a deplorable, cheep excuse for journalism. I will still continue to visit CNET, as it still does something have some great articles, but this is just... Wow, just wow...
  • Yeah, there was another poor review of WP on today, plus another couple on CNET right after the Nokia purchase news hit.  I think these writers are being paid to just put some bad spin out there on WP, and they're apparently willing to make flat out incorrect comments.
  • Just goes to show that your review better be spot on when reviewing a Windows Phone. The WP community will call you out so quickly it will make your head spin! It even looked like people that didn't even own a WP were frustrated with her in the comments on YouTube!
  • As a side note.  Apple stock down $10 today.  Market investors are not impressed with the iphone announcement.  If Apple would have announced something innovative this would not be the outcome in the market. 
  • Might sound very conspiracy theory'ish but that might be the reason for this shitty 1020 review. If they know the iphone won't be impressive the one sure way to make it stand out is to make everything else seem even less impressive. Way too many hidden agendas with people when it comes to mobile. Even worse that they try to pass themselves off as "experts" or people who are speaking for the publice. Truth is they are the ones SWAYING the public, because most people don't even pay attention to the majority of the stuff that reviews focus on. But if you insist it's not good, they will definitely take note of that. 
  • I agree is slow to launch and shot. Mostly I miss moments, even with the 920.
  • This is like somebody reviewing a DSLR and slamming it for being "too complicated".
  • I also wonder if Cnet will do a response video to it
  • instagram.....what is she like 15yrs old....
  • This ^
  • where is this article? trying to find it on cnet
  • CNET's tech reviews have been a joke for a long time, easily the most biased and misinformed reviews of any mainstream site. 
  • Daniel Rubino - Do you still get the 5mp oversampled photo if you use the default camera app on the lumia 1020 ?
  • I closed the video,when she said,iPhone is currently the best smartphone camera on the market
  • Jesus, her name is actually Mollywood?
    Fuck those parents!
  • LOL.... PEED MY PANTS :-)
  • Anyone remember 1942 with Slim Pickens as "Hollis P. Wood"? The Japanese sailors pronounced his name "Ha-ree-wood!". "Ma-ree-wood!".
  • Shame on her. The 1020 isn't all about the camera either. There are more apps and Windows Phone 8 runs WAY better than it did on the launch 920.
    Also, HERE services are better, battery life is, and sound quality. Its a better PHONE all around.
  • I don't have time to read thru all the comments, but did anyone notice the curious timing of this review, coinciding very nicely with the release of the latest iPhone? There's something rotten in Denmark...
  • CNET = Credibility Not Expected, Throughout.
  • +1020
  • Totally agree, CNET and Molly Wood are well known to be Microsoft haters and just hate everything Microsoft does and praises Apple and Google like no other. I used to follow and read their reviews and cent TV, but after a while I started to notice their biased approach where they make every product from Apple and Google look like GOLD and rainbows and very positive (even before the product has released) and then when it comes to Microsoft products they change their tone to doom and gloomy and very negative. So I decided to unsubscribe from their newsletter and unlike them on Facebook and un-follow them on twitter and stopped going to their site. They really made me sick to my stomach every time I read their reviews, they’re just awful and terrible at it.
  • I went in there to dislike the video.  What an atrocious review!
  • Have you ever watched Molly Wood on TWiT?  I feel like puking every time she talks.  She's not the kind of quality techhead I would expect.  She's very superficial and, clearly, biased.  I can deal with the bias, since I'm admittedly biased against Apple, but when someone is flat out obtuse, that's when I throw the flag.  I have never had any respect for her or for John C. Dvorak.
  • The video is getting ripped to shreds on YouTube, funny as hell!!!
  • I used to be a fan of CNET's and of Molly Wood.  I stopped paying much attention to either after Buzz Out Loud ended.  When I do pay attention I see very consistent factual Apple fanboyism.  CNET is based in San Francisco.  While that is not an argument for accusing them of being biased toward Apple, their many recent reviews and specials are.  I recently watched some episodes of Molly Wood's new show on CNET and episode after episode broke down everything that wasn't an Apple product.  And raised Apple products to the heavens.  It was disgusting.  
  • I'm tempted to get an instagram account just to post a bunch of photos of her video with her name tagged to the photos.
  • Rather than pick on various stuff that is wrong with your argument, I will point out just two of the many. First, as to whether the high resolution camera is a novelty, that is a matter of opinion and the reviewer is entitled to her opinion. Second, as empirical testing has demonstrated, the zoom is not lossless. It is close enough for Nokia to make the claim by using its own measures but it is not true by the standards of the digital camera industry. Actually, I will add one more obvious thing to the list. Most reviews have made the same comment regarding sluggish performance. To excuse it because of  "unprecedented" image resolution is utter fanboy BS. Point and shoots have managed such high resolution images for quite some time. There is nothing novel or challenging about the technology. Personally, I consider the 1020 to be just a better grade of middling image quality camera phones that all can be bested by much cheaper point and shoots (some of which have wifi links), so I will not lose any sleep over this shocking insult. If people do, however, have some gripe they might want to take it up with CNET, Microsoft, and Nokia instead of whining about it here.
  • She calls it a gimmick and a novelty. Next sentence: but the photos are amazing? C'mon man, stop justifying her nonsense. No one is buying it.  Regarding sluggish performance, as we say, "fine". You can disable Pro Camera and set Smart Cam or the native camera app as default..choice is YOURS and you'll be back up to speed. Even at 5MP, the camera still takes fantastic photos, so yes, her point is moot. She doesn't even mention OIS or the xenon flash, yet the article is titled "A smarpthone for photographers"? Even DPRview, who's opinion I value more than yours and hers, noted how good the camera is despite a few drawbacks. Regarding if the zoom is lossless or not "technically" does not matter. It outperforms every smartphone on the market in this regard and yes, it's an important selling point for some.
  • Everyone always hates the king....even though apple makes more money from the iPhone than windows wth everything (I believe). Can't deny that they are genius at marketing a device that is worse then anything else but make it seem like the best...
  • Once you mentioned that it was written by Molly Wood it all made sense. I've seen her on podcasts and read her articles and she has no idea what she's talking about.
  • Well actually she is right in everything she said,
    Facebook integration is not 100% (no official app)
    There's no official Instagram so the average person at first when going to the market will not be able to find it.
    The camera it is slow as hell, yeah is 41 mp to process, but that's were 'Specs' come handy... and unfortunately the specs in the 1020 are not enoght to process the 41mp as fast as it should.  So yea, she is right, the 41mp camera is a novelty, cuz you can only use it to snap pictures of landscapes and non moving objects. If you are in a party or with friends you have to use the 5mp pic if you want to keep up with the people moving and what not.
    And yes, most people will rather have a phone that can do 'everything' with every app available and a decent camera (read Galaxy S4 here) than a super camera phone that does not have all the 'offical' apps they are used to.
  • smdh@u
  • 1. Facebook (no official app)
    > no official app has nothing to do with integration. FB is baked into the OS: that is integration. If FB was set as an account on the phone you don't even need any FB app to upload pictures. THAT is integration.
    2. No official Instagram so avg person at first when going to the market will not be able to find it.
    > goto the marketplace. Type "instragram" tell me what you see. Instagram apps. Found them.
    3. 41mp = slow camera
    > actually its one of the fastest cameras. the other default app takes 10 FULL RES burst shots. Not many apps can do that. So really its on par with other cameras + offers 41 mp of over sampled pixels that gives the best photos on any phone, how is that a novelty?
    4. Most people would rather have official apps.
    > don't know what to say about that other than you're wrong. People want the best apps and don't care whether its official or not. Galaxy S4 pfffft....that's last year's tech, you don't bring a knife to a gun fight.
  • Oh, and she admits that she is wrong about FB and instagram here:
    One note on the Nokia Lumia 1020: the 6tag app, available as of Aug. 21, is the first API-compliant Instagram app for Windows Phone, and is a worthwhile add-on. It was not available at the time we tested the Lumia 1020. In addition, an update to the official Facebook app released Aug. 29 apparently adds more integrated photo sharing.
  • Don't worry!!!! I flagged that crap as spam
  • Someone should take the CNET video and intercut it with all the parts she got wrong.
  • I Wood be mad except all her videos and articles are misfiled from the humor section, as she is clearly a joke...she just bitter because she can't have children. I'm sorry, was that going too far? =/
  • She claims the iphone5 to be the best camera on the market. It never has been. 808 PureView was on the market when the ip5 was released, and the Lumia 920 came out about a month after the ip5.
    Also, who in their right mind who cares about photo sharing would want to share to instagram?! They reduce the resolution like crazy and they look terrible, plus I see instagram as twitter for illiterates. Also, does she not know about the Oggl thing?
  • Keep in mind that most people, "experts" included look at the iphone in the same ways people used to think the universe revolved around Earth. They have no clue as to what mobile tech existed before the iphone, and some damn near refuse to even acknowledge it.
    She may not know what the 808 even is, and damn if people like her will ever give it the respect it deserves because it's not from apple.
  • Molly, First off, you should do your job and research like others who are on your team. Honestly, you should be fired for not having an open-mind and are like all the others who continue to stick with what they are familiar with; IPhone or Android for that fact. 6Tag is your fully functioning Instagram application. You must add your Facebook account in settings in order to share content to it. Just like iPhone toots! Shutter speed? Then don't set pro cam as your primary choice. Go to settings and find the camera options to change this. Pro cam is used for the zoom functionality and designed for those who really understand how to take pictures. Unfortunately, you obviously Molly do not place within this category to use pro cam or even be qualified for the 1020 device since its heavy on those who know how to operate a camera. Now, lets talk about IPhone vs 1020: Dual-LED vs Xenon Flash? Nokia Wins
    No NFC vs NFC? We may not always use it but its there and Nokia wins
    Plain device color offerings vs Unique Color offerings? Nokia wins
    One button vs 3 buttons? Nokia wins There's plenty more. Face it Molly, iPhone ran its course and made phones what they are today but Apple simply fell behind even Android devices. Perhaps you like a phone built and designed for technologically challenged people then the one button IPhone is the right choice for you. Lastly, I owned and used the iPhone 4s, Galaxy S3. However, I am proud to say that ever since I picked up Nokia's 1020 and took the time out to understand the OS, I will certainly never go back to Apple or an Android device. Maybe you Molly should take the time to learn how to do your job better and use the phone before you review it.
  • I hope you actually emailed this to her. Very well said
  • I never thought I would be an outsider for buying microsoft software loaded in a nokia hardware, well I did, but anyways I like to be an outsider. Either Apple's marketing is top notch (it used to be) or we, the consumers, are becoming too dumb. I bet for dumb constumers, dumb media, etc., etc. 
  • "Unfortunately, speakerphone quality tanked for my caller. He called it "muddy"" I bet she was triying to contact Steve's Iphone. 
  • That's funny :-))))
  • +800 ( and still smiling )
  • That woman is not just stupid and biased.. she's also ugly as hell.
  • Get'em!!!
  • I can't believe the unprofessionalism of this review. It is sad that people who search for and look for reviews of the 1020 will find this and some will actually believe this nonsense....
  • This exists to some degree in pretty much every WP review I encounter.
  • Tweet Molly Wood directly, @mollywood , and let her know how completely unprofessional this so called "review" of her's is.
  • Looks like she owns up to the Instagram and Facebook oversights here:
    Still a little too biased.
  • Got to love narrow minded reviews... Especially from cnet.. Sham on them for allowing such a disgrace.... My opinion of cnet and the reliability for a strong review has just dropped from 8/10 to 2/10. Won't be reading there in the future.
  • Holly Molly!
    Comming soon: review of a car with broken gearbox (because she don't know it's manual) and a camera that doesn't work at all (couldn't find the ON switch)...
    I'll bet that the video will be deleted very soon..
  • That BIAch needs some wood
  • That's seriously misinformed. Things like this are why I stopped reading CNET a while ago. She's just wrong - for example, if you have 6tag installed it even shows up in the share list straight from the photo. Shameful indeed.
  • Alright. That's it. Somebody get me a link so I can refute this BS. I'm sooo tired of having to argue with people that I actually can do the same things as their phones as well as do some things better. Why are people so un-educated? Why?!
  • I was talking to a friend who takes pictures and the guy in the AT&T store said the Lumia 1020 takes awful pics. I then proceeded to show them the National Geographic Article about and ask them if they really beleived what the guy in the store said. Obviously the sales people in the store get a bigger comission for selling Galaxy S4s than Lumia 1020s. What a shame.
  • Truly sad when people don't state the facts as they are.
  • Between the idiots in the carrier stores, and reviews like this, THESE are the reasons WP is in the position it's in today. It has little or nothing to do with what it supposedly "can't do".
  • I was talking to a friend who takes pictures and the guy in the AT&T store said the Lumia 1020 takes awful pics. I then proceeded to show them the National Geographic Article about and ask them if they really beleived what the guy in the store said. Obviously the sales people in the store get a bigger comission for selling Galaxy S4s than Lumia 1020s. What a shame.
  • i personaly feel cnet used to be very very good, tom merrit (may come over as a know it all somtimes) knows what he is talking about and always seemes to give real insite into the tech world. since he left cnet constantly get facts wrong (esspecialy there DSLR reviews) the only decent part of CNET is the CNET UK podcast as they seem to at least make you laph. i used to use CNET as my go to place for tech information, now i only look there via links from other sites :/
  • I wonder if Google decided to "donate" the full Goog Docs Suite to CNET.
  • I'm a fan of WP8. I carry a 920 and am a fan of the phone. I may get a 1020 and am a fan of the phone.
    That said, I have no problems with this review. It looks skewed when viewed through the eyes of someone that wants a platform to be successful. But, as a consumer, making a comparison to a very popular device, I don't disagree.
  • Well she's supposedly "Always On".
    Exactly what she's on when she did this - not clear - but knowlege or facts certainly weren't it.
  • Yup.. Now you know what kind of people CNET hires. Says a lot about a so called "tech review company". F*** you CNET.
  • She should be fired from work. She is unfit for providing unbiased review
  • AlwaysOn... I stopped watching it after abour episode 5, they have better editing and filming methods than they used to on other older shows, but for petes sake... they do the most unfair review and torture tests, it's only good for entertainment to see some thing get destroyed, but not for comparison... always different ways of testing, like giving some devices they (i assume) favour drips of water, while for other ones they take sim trays out and drops them into a pool...
  • That got me so annoyed. A stupid mistake, who does that?
  • i posted a nasty comment on youtube.  this woman is such an idiot lol.
  • Its funny how,she pulls out her iPhone and the picture it took looked like crap!! The grass wasn't green at all.
  • Molly has shown her bias a long time ago.  This is basically for hits at this point.
  • I've never seen a YouTube video rack up the dislikes so quickly. At least people realize her review is garbage!
  • Molly Wood is such a freaking tool. I remember her "review" of Windows Phone that was just an iAdvertisement for how much such loves the iPhone and thinks the Windows Phone ecosystem is garbage and again was full of factual problems and lean on real content.
    After the first review how does Cnet even allow her to do a usage video review? If Cnet wants to be a serious tech news outlet and reviewer they need someone that can be objective about the item being reviewed and at least make some comparisons to not use iPhone/iOS but also Android and what it brings to the table too. Not....
    No instagram... #sadface; how can I possibly use a phone that doesn't integrate with one social service? What am I ever going to do to make really great pictures look terrible by applying a bunch of cheap filters to them?! This phone is stupid, I want to take pictures of puppies and put an old timey filter on them and blast it out to every social network possible *teehee*
  • And really we should just call Cnet iNet because they are pretty blatently Apple biased. Almost as bad as The Verge.
  • Is anyone surprised? The amount if bias from most tech sites and bloggers is appalling. CNET should be ashamed.
  • Crap like this is what's going to hold WP back! The uneducated will see this video and say...OMG! No Instagram??? AHHHHH! She needs to face palm herself, everyday, for the rest of her life. Or, do a new review after doing some actual research instead of sucking off her iPhone.
  • Well she's supposedly "Always On".
    Exactly what she's on when she did this - not clear but knowlege or facts certainly weren't it.
  • Watched it again.  I still can't fathom her objections. It photographed the bubbles! What more does she want us to know about it?
  • I take nothing serious from CNET, their reviews are trash.... 1020 is a great camera phone
  • Why not send an email to the author pointing out the inaccuracies as one professional to another
  • CNET must be joking or something along that line..
  • Shame to hear those words from CNET....
    I used to like them because they had good reviews and were always objectives.
    Not this time.. Not anymore..
    Love from Mexico City
  • 1020 iMolly slaps....u iScam!
    Love from Portugal...
  • I sent her an email and BCCed the senior editor. Ms. Wood,   I am writing in regards to your recent video review of the Nokia Lumia 1020.  I recently purchased the very same phone based on a good review from one of your colleagues.  I was taken aback by the number of mistakes and misrepresentations you made throughout your video.     Even a few minutes of research would have informed you that the Windows Phone OS was the first to integrate Facebook photo sharing and that there are currently at least 4 apps capable of uploading photos to Instagram.     You should also understand that the high megapixel count on the camera is not a “stunt” but a rather clever method of achieving high quality zooming after taking a picture.  There are numerous articles and whitepapers on the subject available from Nokia and other technical news sites.     Finally, you seemed to be confusing “shutter speed” with the time it takes for the stock photo application to load as well as the time it takes for the photo to be saved.  There is an ocean of difference and it is expected to be understood and presented clearly in a technical review.     I hope that I am not mistaking lethargy for apathy, your Wikipedia page says that you have a bias toward iPhones and if that is true perhaps you should avoid covering other companies in the future.      For what it is worth, a lot of good people put a great deal of effort into engineering that phone’s hardware and software.  As a journalist, you should do them and your readers the service of at least presenting an accurate portrayal of the device’s capabilities.     I hope that you will not take this as a personal attack, it is not meant to come across as one.  I want to believe that you simply threw your review together too quickly because of demanding deadlines.  I also hope that you will find the time to recant your previous review and be it positive or negative, present a more honest and accurate review of the product.
  • Nice...keep us posted of any, if any, replies.
  • Good job ...:)
  • +925
  • I couldn't agree more with you, Dan. I saw this yesterday and was appalled. I haven't check out C|net un a long time, but I used to, and I'm starting to doubt my decision to have done so. How many other things was I misinformed of, when reading or watching a review of a product I wasn't familiar with?
  • Wow it's a shame. They didn't even take time to learn how the phone works. I guess that since its a "Windows Phone" it's automatically trash and unusable right?! Again they should be ashamed of calling themselves "tech experts"
  • This isn't the only site that's done this. Check the gsmarena comparison by Vince between the 1020 & the Z1. Then read his source. He picks a particular 2 photos, says Z1 is better, even though the settings on these pics are different. He says overall z1 better, even though his source says 1020.
  • 400th!
  • I think I used to download WinZip from cnet ... Lol
  • At least she found the app list this time
  • Let the mud-slinging begin.
  • At least she found the app list this time
  • This is a very iphone android article.  She is who she is and entiled to her opinion.  You can accept it or not.
  • Bullshit. She's entitled to her opinion, not to her own facts. Also, read the article, because clearly you did not.
  • Doesn't the Pro Camera in Lumia 1020 has the option to change to 5MP only instead of default both 38MP and 5MP?
  • She has never liked WindowsPhone and always gives bad reviews. All she uses is Apple products. I like how she only links her Twitter account but not Facebook which is clearly an option?
  • If her name was Jane I'd call her an ignorant slut and make my counterpoint.
  • CNET? lol. Pretty sure CBS ordered them to give Lumia bad reviews because its sponsored by Apple.
  • She disgusts me.
  • CBS owns CNET, there is nothing unbiased about it. It has become a who will pay the most for a good review site. For those who don't remember, take a look back to Jan, when they actually pulled Dish Net's Hopper because CBS didn't like that it could skip "their" commercials. No different then, even worse now. Even many of the comments are paid, and it's too bad because the non-tech public actually put trust in that site.
  • What a dumb review by CNET. Should not have been published..
  • WP central is just as biased, I read the review and overall it's favorable.
  • icnet!
  • slow shutter speed really plz next time u review a lumia phone use a real photographer or gain ur basic knowledge on photography oh no u r a iphone user (sorry)
  • You guys should see what gsmarena's blog have to say about anything Microsoft and Nokia, there like sisters to CNET. I frequent them to see what bad stuff and biased opinions they have about it. When Microsoft and Nokia mocks Android or Apple, its immature and childish. When Android mocks Apple, suddenly its hilarious.
  • The unapologetic Apple fan lady doesn't even have the courtesy to allow comments on her video for the non mentally crippled to bring out the facts. #whyisdanieldemocratic @Daniel Rubino
  • Poor lady. She has no respect for technology.
  • She forgot to mention that the 1020 is the Ferrari of phones and the preferred choice of baldy men with small dicks worldwide :D
  • Is it OK to say she's the CNET CNUT?
  • FYI I don't do google+, but guess who I found.
  • I recently dipped my toe in the Google+ waters, wasn't a huge fan, have just commented on her posting of the video though. ;)
  • Apple could bring out the same phone every year and they get praise from CNET, that's just how they foam at the mouth over Apple.
  • iPhone is no use for anything, here's what I found out...

  • I emailed her and commented on her Google + page.
    "please stick to video reviews of the iPhone, because that is clearly your forte.  Leave the more advanced phone (Lumia 1020, or any Lumia for that matter) reviews to someone with a little more investigative prowess that will actually use the phone more than 5 minutes. I can post updates and pictures faster on my Lumia than you can on your iPhone - and I know this for a fact because I've owned both iPhone AND Android. Oh, and guess what?  My pictures, whether I use Pro Cam or the native cam, look MUCH better than any picture you could produce on your iPhone.  I know this because I actually, you know, compared them! Another thing, camera startup time and shutter speed are two totally different things.  Would you like for me to Google that for you? What you posted was not only unfair and extremely biased in favor of Apple, but did a huge disservice to both CNet and investigative journaling in general. I release you."
  • the best review is always from a guy who does not know what an os is, just phase out all logos and clues of which companies make what devices and....le vwala, a completely unbiased review, mentioning only the relay important stuff excluding 1000 benchmarks and information on other devices in the comparison. just give him a guideline with the topics he must cover with the device and there you go: quality of review: Amish man 1-geek 0
  • She honestly lost me when she said the Iphone 5 has the best camera on the market.  While NOTHING comes close to even the 920, wont even bother putting the 1020 in the argument for obvious reasons, both the S4 and HTC One have much better camera's than the Iphone.
  • Here is the problem with most technology reviews and reviewers. They are written by journalists who have no clue about the technology they hold in their hands. Number 2, very few reviewers have the ability to remove their opinion from their written reviews. I want to see comparison and contrasting remarks, I just do not want to see "I think" before the remarks, that means you are interjecting your opinion. I do not want your opinion I want your review of the technology, what you think is better or worse. 
  • Of course, we're talking about CNET... did you all miss this?

    They have NO credibility.  
  • Get her Wiki page and call her at work  four one five three four four two 000
  • CNET is a place to go for entertainment,just like Fox News. If you want good mobile reviews Anandtech and Mobilesyrup are my top choices.
    When CNET's parent company CBS forced it's CNET staff to recast their CES awards ballots after having voted the Dish Networks Hopper best of show,  I lost interest in their opinions and don't consider them a real source of news and opinion.  Showing their amateur stripes again.  Way to go CNET. 
  • I think you need to understand that this magazine is totally dependent on selling magazines! They also, need advertisers and Apple is a big one for them!
    This is a girl who was an owner of an iPhone! She has been using her phone for a number of years. She is not really up on the latest technology like the Windows Phone! She, like many people have become accustom to the product they have  for years!
    My son is a big Apple phone fan and has had an iPhone from the time it first came out! He always gets the newest one available when it comes out! He will not even concider any other phone!
    Many times he and I have fun comparing phones! I have a Samsung Focus phone for the last 3 years! We have many times tried to see who can look up an address faster! I win every time! We also try to see who can send a text faster. I win every time! He may have the newest and greatest iPhone. But, my 3 year old phone still does a better job then his new one does! 
    Until someone picks up the Windows Phone in there hand and has some one show them how to use it! They will never change! 
    The people we want to get are the Blackberry users! They are the ones that will understand and appreciate the abilities of the Windows Phone!
  • Everyone log into your youtube accounts and dislike the video, the more dislikes the video gets the more likely it will be removed from youtube automaticly and also report the video for being misleading! she's just  a bitch
  • Everyone please mark up her Wiki page and call her at work area code four one five three four four two thousand
    extension six zero twenty two zero eight
  • you cant edit it, i think people have been doing that! lol
  • Well instagrams app is 6tag and Facebook uplaod ?? I nvr had a problem with my 820 as such and yeah I do agree the shutter speeds kind of slow but still im dead sure its better than any other phone camera in d market(talking about Lumia 1020 here) and let me tell u i had a phone in d past which had a great shutter speed and when I shifted to my Lumia I missed d shutter speed but after a while I realised I acctually dont need it as much as I would want good quality pics frm my phne and now I love d photos which my phone takes and im not in a state of unhappiness about my shutter speed because I dont mind that unless I get good pics
    so I feel that the 1020 does it better than iPhone in pics and is good to upload pics and evn view them later on
    im not saying that the review is bad or useless or any negitive comment aggainst the review but im just tllin that whatever was told was not all true
  • I haven't used cnet for reviews in a very long time. I've switched to dedicated smartphone sites like wpcentral, pocketnow, and then arstechnica, theverge, thenextweb, engadget for everthing else.
  • Really?  First off its Cnet!  How many times have they been caught in years past plugging products that support their site? Also you are reading a site that is for the most part a "pro apple."  Right now the site is flooded with Apple articles!!  There reviews for even android phones are a joke!  They always praise the iphone and thats that.  I wouldn't take much from what Molly says!  She her articles and videos never impressed me. 
  • Worst review ever... No form, no facts, not even aesthetics, looks like a high school project. I admit I'm waiting to buy a 1020 when it's available in my country, so I might be biased, but comparing file compression speed from a 41 Megapixel file to that of an 8 Megapixel is totally dumb.
  • I was just searching around a writer from said we will wait and see what miscrosoft is planning to do cause there is no such thing left who can beat Samsung.
  • Posted this article translated to swedish on my windows phone blog so more people can see how CNET and Molly choose to bash the WP operating system.
  • Not only are their editors corrupt, if you have downloaded any software from CNET lately some of it comes with Spyware packed with it BHO's, it's not in a choice like the tool bars they want to install but in the user agreement of terms of use and most people don't read  all those terms but trust CNET that they are not getting crap like that. It is hard to get rid of and takes Malwarebytes and SpyBHO remover to completely uninstall from your OS.
  • After Watching Such A Disgusting And False Review.I Have Deleted Cnet From My Favourites Of Internet Explorer In My Nokia Lumia 920.
  • C'mon guys your comments are more shameful than her video. She's got a right to her opinion and for an average user the shutter speed problem is an issue. Stupid blonde? Thats sexism. She's got her facts wrong. But stop being bullies. Women can be as great tech journalists as men. They get another perspective, respect that. 
  • It really ticks me off when CNET releases reviews like this. They have got to be the hardest-to-please critics on this planet. When releasing a review, you should at least look at it from from a professional standpoint; what a load of trash. 
  • Molly Wood is the Kim Kardashian of reviewers at cnet...  A famous face and a name, but with no substance.
  • Even before the 1020, the 920 is a better camphone vs the iPhone 5.  Flag that crap.
  • To those who said it was to much I disagree. We as consumers rely on journalists alot and when they print something it is supposed to be factual. Yes we are involved because we like nokias and wp8. But all journalists should for a lack of journalistic ethics either; just made it up, lied or is biased beyond belief, in their place. This isnt just about The Nokia 1020. Its about journalistic integrity.
  • She confuses shutter speed with the Pro Cam start-time with photo processing; it’s just all the same to her yes but maybe they need to utilise that dual core proc and have a more wehre you don't see the pic after and can immediate take a next one. The delays, although misinformed in places are delays which was my frustration with the 920. I want a quick action cam to catch those brief moments that can crop up!
    This is also an interesting comparison:
  • There are many camera apps in the market that can do what you are looking for.
    And to comment the article you linked to... I think a lot of people are confusing the whole point of the 41 MP camera. It's not about point and shoot and taking fast pictures after each other, it's the high quality picture combined with high resolution making it possible to zoom and create several unique pictures from one picture.
    People are confusing the 41 MP pro cam app to the built in standard camera app. Icluding the article you linked to. People need to realize that there are not just one camera app for the Lumia line, there are several, each built for different purposes...
  • Wow I knew Cnet were biased but this is really bad -_-
  • The number of comments here is really huge, so not sure if this has already been shares. Anyway here's a good review on THAT molly "review".
  • I think many so called portals are sponsored by leading phone makers and showing others in a bad light.
    i dont find this article professional at all, but well, this is when your brain is only working with an iphone...
  • Nothing new. CNET is effectively an Apple proxy. They continually "throw under the bus" HP products, Dell, and Google. They find every reason why a gold iPhone is the greatest thing this universe has begotten, but why Windows Phone is a laughable product. 
    I make it a point to poke fun at them mercilessly in their youtube channel . lol .  It's quite fun actually. They don't know what the eff they are anymore. They review cars, phones, tv's and your grandma's toasters too! #gtfo
  • the first photo looks like the flag of Brazil
  • Worst review ever! Horseface doesn't even have a clue about reviewing a phone (that is not iPhone) she should have stayed in the kitchen reviewing a potato!
  • What I said to Molly:
    Your video on the Lumia 1020 was just shameful. First off, you acted like a TOTAL iSheep, and second, you got about a billion facts wrong. Look at all the comments and dislikes on your video. And also, read what wpcentral said about you, as these are facts you should know ( We ALL expect an apology from you, and/or a new video. Next time, actually know information about the product you are reviewing?
  • In a way I have to agree with the overall review, except I have a different conclusion. I have used the iPhone since the day it came out. I have lived by my iPhone saying I would switch phones if a better phone actually came out that motivated me to switch. Well the Lumia 1020 did that for me. However only for the CAMERA. I don't like anything else about the 1020. It has worse overall specs, is more limited and lacks cool features. That 41 MP camera with all the add ons made me chose it over the iPhone and I would pick it again for the same reasons. I knew the rest of the phone wasn't going to be amazing going into it though.
  • Sounds like the negative rants of a common fan-girl instead of someone doing an unbiased test run. blah. 
  • Well, while I loved my first 1020, I have yet to get one that works.. on my third.. out of the blue the flash comes on and won't go off....seems to happen if you let the battery get low.  I never had this issue with my first one.. going on trial three now...can't use the camera or change settings its like its just locked.  I can turn it off on and use it.. if I don't let it die.. so now I have a very expensive house phone til they send another replacement....not a fan I have to say, you might want to really look at this phone.. before you make such a decision, its been a bad lemon is one thing.. but three? Oh and lets give At&t credit where its due.. if anyone can make a difficult situation worse.. its At&t.