C|Net names Samsung IP-830W one of the "5 worst of Q4"

C|Net, apparently, doesn't think that once a year is often enough for these best and worst of lists. No, they need one every quarter. As far as US phones go, I surprised to see the IP-830w in the list. I haven't had a chance to use one myself yet, but a dual mode GSM/CDMA PocketPC super-beast seems like such a great idea. Better luck next time, Samsung, and by next time I mean with the i-760 (more on that a little later. Saw it at CES and fell for it--deeply, madly, truly.)

The bad: The Samsung IP-830w is bulky and has a disappointingly short talk-time battery life. It also lacks Wi-Fi, and the QWERTY keyboard is a bit cramped.

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  • The phone is a bit bulky, and that is a drawback. But things are relative. A year ago after Sprint discontinued the phone, I was able to buy one on ebay brand new for $135, which was a good buy. The balkiness mattered less at a good price. I did have to have the phone fixed by Samsung under warranty when it went on the fritz after a few weeks of use. I don't know what went wrong with it, but Samsung honored the warranty and repaired it, and it has been working fine since, better in fact than when I first purchased it. I use the SPD mobile shell, the Opera browser and Pocket Tunes. Google maps and Windows Live Search work well on it, and are useful programs. I sync the phone with outlook on my desktop at work.