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CNN is retiring its Windows Phone app on July 18

CNN is now alerting users of its Windows Phone app that it will be retired on July 18. The app is no longer searchable directly from the Windows Store, and people who have already installed the app will find the retirement message, adding that those users should access CNN via its mobile website.


The app was first launched for the platform in 2012, first as an exclusive for Nokia Windows Phones and later for all smartphones that used the OS. The CNN Windows 8.1/Windows 10 app made for tablets and PCs (opens in new tab) is still in the store, but it has not been updated in a long time.

While it's possible that we may see a CNN app down the road that's built natively for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile, it looks like you'll have to start getting your news fix from the mobile website for now.

Thanks to Primoz for the tip!

  • Stop STOPPING support and build a UWP app already!!!!
  • Not worried.. CNN, and everyone else (including SnapZizle) will make a W10 app. They will have zero choice.
  • hope you right
  • Why will they have zero choice?
  • Not literally, but they'd be dumb not to support Windows when MS hits that billion W10 user mark,, which they will.
  • So why would they need to make an UWP app when you can just go to CNN web site? They literally have zero reason to make a UWP app since windows has a web browser.
  • Apps are much faster and smoother than web pages. Modern websites have a lot of overhead and a ton of JavaScript (and sometimes video) that make them slow and clunky. For example the Windows Central app is a joy to use and the website is quite slow.
  • Completely irrelevant since the vast majority of users doesn't use apps on desktop. Specially when ONE browser lets them do everything there instead of having to open a bazillion apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Opening a bazillion apps is like opening a bazillion sites (but faster) so your point doesn't make any sense. In case you didn't notice there is a browser with a bazillion sites on android too if you needed further proof. If you are suggesting that people need time to get used to it then yeah it will take some time. Moreover only people buying desktops today are gamers and people using heavy rendering, which is a very low percentage of the population which will buy touch enabled devices more and more (this is a known trend I hope I don't have to post links).
  • You mean Windows is the only one with a browser or that apps are unnecessary?
  • An app store for an OS is just stupid when you can just deal with the company directly.  There is zero incentive to make a universal app.
  • They will close their website once they have all their apps built, I heard nobody say.
  • Exactly. How many windows 10 users are out there that would be left in the dark?
  • Dude , dont you know how many w10 pc user are . So UWA should be great for CNN to publish their app in all platforms including Mobile and Xbox.
  • Zero. Windows 10 includes not one but two web browsers.  
  • W10M counts for 11% of total WP users. And out of which almost 5-6% are the phones that are upgraded. So there are no chances for a new app. In fact you'll see more downfall in coming weeks by more apps/Publishers/Developers.
  • Oh, I guess you should go tell Wells Fargo that.. Because, they somehow see worth in making a W10 app, and many others recently.
    And, your W10 numbers are really off.... The fact is that over 50% of windows apps come accompanied with a mobile version.. Now, that plan is working well, and it's just the beginning.
  • They are not off. You probably have no idea that out of that 11% 3-4% are insiders.
    & so far new apps are concerned, why WhatsApp isn't developing a mobile related version instead of updating the old phone version. You have no answer. Now like always don't say that they are working on Mobile version. If so, then keep daylight dreaming.
    Why still Gameloft & Disney are making an 8.1 version of its games along with 10 (check out all new titles). Bcoz they have no choice, they know that majority is still using 8.1.
  • Chicken Noodle Network?
  • Clinton News Network.
  • Another one left
  • Left-wing for sure...
  • CNN quit being left when like fox they decided to not do news. Just a staging area for right wing opinion. Moreover CNN hired trumps campaign manager and Glenn Beck. Not to mention 90 percent of the stories are in support of trump. Hardly left wing. 
  • I just need Al Jazeera to make a UWP app.
  • WTF is this ?
  • What??? You've never heard of Al Jazeera. The best and #1 news source in the world. Wow you're really living under a rock.
  • I've never read it, but there was a time when TV/news stations in Chile said "according to Al Jazeera" all the time. I don't watch much news anymore so I don't know if it still happens. I gotta redneckognize that the first time I thought " its that a new a Al Qaeda? "
  • Well they have a Windows 8 app that work sometimes. It has news articles, Al Jazeera videos, and Live news.
  • That work sometimes OMG hahahahaha
  • It's far from the best, in my opinion it's one of the worst, because it leans too far to the left and is run by liberals.
  • Yeah, it's awesome when you look for a "news" source that takes lies and half-truths about athletes, publishes it, wrecks their credibility as the source retracts his statements, then shuts down its U.S. branch. If that's what you're trying to find, Al Jazeera's #1 for sure.
  • No way you've got it all wrong. The real reason behind shutting down the US location was because Americans don't want to know the truth and rather be fed exaggerated / fake news.
  • Right. Enjoy your Kool-Aid.
  • And You talk about that here where Americans are the majority, what did you suppose would be their reactions?
    If you want an UWP from from them send a tweet or email, came here to talk about it is useless
  • I am living in india . And here i have never heard it.
  • Al Ja has its own bias. Especially when it's run by the Qatar government... #TeamLumia 950 XL
  • Yeah like any media outlet, I suppose, if it's CNN, BBC etc...
  • Go on, we still have MSN news. Seriously why are most of you crying over this? Many are said to be leaving but honestly were those apps any good? Are you really disappointed about this or you're disappointed that it's another app said to be leaving the windows phone OS? Does the CNN app report any extra information that flipboard or the native MSN app doesn't?
  • c'mon now, CNN is the worldwide leader in NEWS lol you can't say to them "Go On", lets be smart.
  • Right, but I get his point too. This app and their Windows app (which still has 'SkyDrive' support) are just bad and have been neglected. While I'm not glad to see CNN go, they are right to put these apps out of their misery. MSN News (and I'd say The Guardian, USA Today for style) are really the only news apps most need. But hey, if CNN wants to do a UWP with live streaming, that'd be cool too. Just don't give me an app with SkyDrive support, please. lol
  • Man, I truly loved the Skydrive name.  OneDrive's not bad, but SkyDrive was just great.  
  • Along that line,how in the world can a company become "Alphabet" The whole "Can't call the design language Metro, can't use Sky in your name." Man, my whole vegetable soup lunch is ruined.
  • lol Skynet support perhaps?
  • .. Still love that name "SkyDrive".
  • Actually I think it's about time for Windows Central to put current WP/WM users out of their misery and start introducing them to the same app in other platforms rather than selling them second best option, and when that option leaves then to the third best option.... And so on till we have no option but to open tv for our news fix. That is the best you can do for the loyal fan base who believed in the platform and your preaching over the years, and got screwed over and over again.
  • They kinda did that not very long ago (a week or two). I can't remember the article but that was the impression it left me.
  • They kinda did that not very long ago (a week or two). I can't remember the article but that was the impression it left me.
  • I agree. The other thing people need to remember, you have the option of adding CNN as a news source within the MSN News app.
  • Yes, and if you are really devastated, remove all the other sources ;)
  • Just add CNN to Cortana newsfeed
  • Neither the guardian, nor usa today have live tiles. Many people, like myself dont like dead tiles...
  • CBS News looks great, live stream and live tile.
  • CNN actually comes in at #2, with Fox News at #1. So, not the leader.
  • Actually, it would be:
    #1 - BBC News
    #2 - Al Jazeera
    #3 - Aaj Tak (South Asia only)
    #4 - CTV News (Canada only)
  • Aaj Tak :p
    And it has a great windows mobile app
  • LOL Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • World leader, not US leader.  I doubt Fox has much of a following outside of the US considering nearly all of their programming covers one side of US politics.
  • "Side" makes it sound boolean. Let's fight the false dichotomy of only two parties. Look where that's got us this year.
  • It's a nullable boolean.
  • As if MSNBC, CNN, or any media outlet does something resembling unbiased reporting.
  • Fox sucks more than CNN!
  • "honestly were those apps any good?"
    Part of the issue in general with Windows Phone :-(
  • When you posted your comment nobody had even cried yet.
  • Bing News?? Aaand it crashed...
  • Msn is so good, but too much read not enough talk. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just wait...Flipboard will be next
  • Am sure it will come back as a universal app since it is the trend ❤
  • Nowadays, a removal of a WP app means an inclusion of a W10 app.... I just see the removal as a process,, like a 2014 Mustang ending production to make room the the all new 2015 Mustang..
  • But why create the anger gap. Retire the old with the birth of the new.
  • I reread that non-rhetorically, and I wonder if the "anger gap" is a unique opportunity to gauge user interest and/or generate some free press, rather than just thoughtlessness.
  • I'm tired of hearing we may see a Windows 10 app....then don't retire the current one until the Windoes 10 one is finished.
  • It's probably already finished. Just wait to see what happens the day this one no longer works.. A few days later,, new app.
  • Not a huge loss.
  • edit #personally speaking
  • Lol. The funny thing about "Not a huge loss" comments is that some of you say that every time.. Lol.
    If it's not replaced, which I'm sure it will be, then it is a huge loss.
    Would be a huge loss to iDroid, because they can sustain the blow, but right now Windows needs all the support it can get... It's a bit overly confident to say it's not a big loss.
  • Especially since Microsoft is going to tout their phones as business oriented; I for one think that if this is their goal then Satya better get on the phone with news, banking, and Service oriented apps makers and make some deals, because business people use them; as smart as Satya it's, this should be common sense to him!
  • You're right I'm sure they don't see losing a few hundred Windows phone users is significant.
  • You mean somewhere around 80-100 million around the world, or are you really that uneducated?
  • Sad little WP user talking about edcuation, how adorable. 80-100 million, I just love the idiotic numbers you dorks pull out of thin air. LMAO
  • If only the entire network could retire.  I guess they couldn't afford to support Windows Phone and Lewandowski's salary at the same time.  >.<
  • Why do these huge corporations think it's too costly to continue supporting Windows?
  • They try to turn as much profit as possible. Hello? Capitalism? Ring any bells?
  • Yeah. 350m Windows 10 users. I'm sure there isn't enough there to "turn a profit".
  • Virtually none of whom care about Store apps, except for a few fanboys.
  • Except that the Windows Store already had over 2 billion visits by those 350 million users! I know and understand that a lot of those visists have been app update visits, take off half or more of it if you will. But, I am not a fan of apps as I think most are bloatware, so I like to install just the programs and apps I really need. Yet I have installed more or less 15 apps from the store, so if half the 350m users (175m) have 10 apps that's again almost 2 billion apps installed! Not bad to be a few fanboys!
  • "visits" So even including people who are updating apps, accidently clicking on the store icon and closing it, and a few rabid fanboys visiting it hundreds of times a day it still only averages to just over 5 visits per user. People played numbers games to talk up the Windows 8 store too, lot of good that did.
  • If only the mobile part of Windows hadn't failed :-(
  • It's called greediness.
  • Developing Windows phone apps is called pointlessness.
  • Except developers still do, so it's really your comment that is pointless.
  • Yeah, it is better to develop w10 apps.
  • Losing the Communist News Network? Well, bye.
  • That's the Clinton News Network actually... kind of the same thing... :)
  • Communist News Network? Clinton News Network, Careless Nimrods Network? What's the difference? Wish the whole network was retiring, really.
  • This guy must be in charge of delivering news concerning the exodus of apps and how to remove items from windows 10.
  • I just wont use CNN anymore as a news source
  • I wonder how many updates the app has received since 2012.
  • About time they gave up the ghost
  • CNN no reliable!
  • Oh boy, another loss
  • Good Riddance
  • Am I too late for the "Windows Phone is Dead" posts? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes, you are. If you were a Windows Phone user you wouldn't be late because you would have the live tile giving you instantaneous information. Instead you decided to use an antiquated phone that is full of spy and malware - just today it was announced that millions of users are infected with bad software. So I wouldn't brag about your failures in life, you should instead get a good phone.
  • @nohone your sarcasm detector seems to be broken. Every time an app gets discontinued -- even if it's a WP8 app making way for a W10M app -- the trolls flood the comments section with nonsense. I was trying to beat them to it so hopefully they'd go away Despite my current phone, I am a die hard WP supporter. The only thing I love more is SiriusXM. I jumped to Android because of the lack of a Sirius app. I've been harassing them (Sirius) for at least a year about a Windows app. Since they put out a PC app, I'm sure a mobile or universal app isn't too far away. And when that day comes I'll be posting in the forums about how much I love my new Elite X3! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You're right in time for those predictable "good riddance we don't need no stinkin' apps" comments though.
  • I have a feeling that apps being retired will be something that we will see more and more, and not just on W10M. Many of these 'niche' apps that are geographical or 'specialist' are probably not worth the time and expense. As pretty much all apps have an equivalent web space, and reductions in memory, and cost savings to OEM's, I get the impression the app will become just a 'portal' to the web page. With OS's becoming rather large ( ie iOS ), and available storage on devices ( 16gb iPhone / Pad having only limited storage due to HUGE OS requirements ), apps are having less space for storage, especially l, if like me, you have a monster music collection. I may be wrong, but that's how things could go.
  • I don't think it's wrong. Companies hate doing apps. They're expensive and the value is not usually returned. I've said it before that AI/bots will be what replaces "apps for everything that ever existed", which is the current trend. I used to use the CNN app, but now I use things like Cortana and MSN News to bring me the news, etc.
  • I haven't even used MSN news. Just Cortana. I don't have enough time in my life to keep up with more news than that right now.
  • Me too!
  • I have been saying this for years , I have used android and ios and still don't get the fascination with apps. I know some apps have there place bit honestly if edge just worked slightly better i would have very little use for apps at all.
  • This is sad. I was using this app for daily news. Really hope they will release a new Windows 10 UWP app.
  • Dude, I'm glad that you use this app, but with Cortana being configured around my interests, I honestly don't use any news apps outside of the sports app.
  • People still watch CNN?
  • CNN should be retired.
  • What the **** is happening in windows phone world!Hundreds of apps are added to playstore daily And here in this platform apps are retiring every day! At this rate windows phone would be dead!#windows phone is dead!
    P.s. Good bye windows phone you gave me wonderful smartphone experience but its time to end our relationship!!:'(
  • dude, it's a phone, get a grip.
  • Ending a relationship because a badly neglected CNN app is being retired? Never used it and frankly the CNN "news" is generally the same two or three stories run over and over again daily until something new happens. Cortana and the MSN app give me all the news I need. 
  • It doesn't matter if you never used it, a lot of Windows phone users did, and it sucks that they're getting rid of it.
  • If it's that big of a deal to you, buy an Android. They have all the apps you want. I'm currently using a Galaxy Note 3 with a Windows Phone launcher. The launcher is nowhere near as good as the real thing but it's a [reasonably] close facsimile. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There are apps added every day on our platform too you know.
  • App never worked that well for me in any case, so I stopped using it. NBC News and MSN news are far better. Won't be missed.
  • Live tile never worked anyway.
    Are they still supporting the other 2 OS's?
  • Yes. The Android app got an update on June 6, 2016. The iOS app got an update on June 16, 2016. Posted via my Moto X Pure Edition using the Windows Central App for Android
  • again... odd...
  • CNN is about to discover that shedding Windows Apps is a poor idea. MSN, The Guardian, Vice etc, all have been an improvement. I'm deleting CNN right now to make room for better things.
  • I bet they can't even sleep at night thinking about those 2 people on WP who won't use it anymore... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You know there are millions of users using windows, why make yourself look like an ignorant fool?
  • The WP haters like to mock it because most of the apps are supposedly web site wrappers and shows that devs do not care about WP because they just write web site wrappers (not true, but let's humor them). So a web site wrapper is leaving the store, and now it is more of a indication of the failure of WP. Just the usual bend the story to attack in any way possible.
  • I had a Hive setup and the British Gas guy installing it actually commented that the Windows Phone app is better than the one on his phone in some ways (Android). That was after saying "what the hell is that phone?" lol. He didn't realise it's pretty much a web wrapper, I haven't tried the Android app but he commented that certain graphs aren't "in his app" and that the Windows app is actually really clean looking. The web wrapper / app for this does work quite well to be honest, sliding the temperate is a bit sensitive/jerky but it's usable, and the only real reason to use the app for me is to adjust the schedule.
  • Thanks for the heads up, just deleted it. I don't support any company that doesn't support Microsoft.
  • I only ever use MSN and Cortana for my news. It's about having quality existing apps not quantity.
  • While I'm not a huge app user, it's always disappointing to read that another app is being retired.
  • The long march of Windows Mobile apps into irrelevance continues....
  • Honestly, how many of all the whiners have ever used the app even for once?  
  • Never used cnn. More news on the Microsoft app than I have time to read lol
  • CNN is a huge news site in the US, and I've never had a problem with the app on any of the platforms I use. Losing this app on WP sucks, and it's a huge loss no matter how much you deny it. I get it though, you "didn't need that app anyways" and "that app sucked" and "Nobody uses that app"... Same Ol story, every app that leaves, you say the same thing.
  • I understand your frustration when you are a genuine user of an app and that becomes part of your life. I was just differentiating them from those who never used the app (or even used a windows phone) finds the opportunity to bash the OS. Hope for CNN's UWP in near future!!!
  • I'm confused on why do companies remove a App just to release a windows 10 app later on, instead of just building the Windows Phone app in the background and update its users when the app is available.
  • Depends specifically on how the app worked / was designed - If they significantly changed a backend service that all of their apps used they may decide it's not worth the effort to update certain clients. I've never used this app but in the UK a few newspapers have nicely build UWP apps so far.
  • Microsoft News is much better and it is fully configurable.  I say good riddance.
  • .
  • Wise move by CNN. Windows phone deserves this.
  • Why would you say that? Even if you're using a different platform, the more competition the better. The success of Windows 10 Mobile would be a key factor in driving innovation by Apple and Google/Android OEMs. I'd also like to see Windows 10 Mobile succeed, since I'd use it again if it actually got the apps I need. Posted via my Moto X Pure Edition using the Windows Central App for Android
  • .6% of the market isn't competition at all. Android creates competition between the manufacturers while allowing them all to run the same apps. More competition really isn't needed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The installed market share is bigger than the .6% current sales trend.
  • So? The installed market will also shrink with such tiny sales numbers. It certainly wouldn't entice developers to support the platform in the future. What is the point of UWP when mobile isn't a factor?
  • Oh, and by the way... When did a monopoly become a good thing?
  • When it is an open source platform that has the monopoly, is it really a monopoly? Software becomes universal and each manufacturer is in control of their product. If Windows Mobile had Android's numbers, it would be different because then Microsoft would be in full control. It would be a true monopoly. In our current case, Google isn't in control of anything but the source code. Other platforms do nothing other than truly fragment the market.
  • I don't know, I wouldn't expect to see you here. I thought you would be commenting on an Android article, since you're an Android type of guy. And the windows phone guys would be here, you know what I mean? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, I do not know what you meant while posting from Android. I am not sure you do either.
  • I'll never understand why apps do this. It's not as if they were spending any energy updating it.
  • Uninstall already.
  • I don't see this as a bad thing. As Windows Phone market share shrinks, all the apps will slowly leave. But the universal ones are the important ones. As long as they come and stay everything is good, and as I can see, they're doing very well right now. Uwp is the feature of this platform, not some old, slow, dated apps. I just don't understand why don't they just leave them in the store for Wp8.1 users. They don't have to update them, just leave them there. Btw this app sucked so even they won't miss it anyway...
  • Leaving an abandoned app in the store generates useless support calls and a bad public image. Better to prune the bad fruit than leave it to rot.
  • I doubt anyone at CNN reads this, but its bookmark in my browser will be gone momentarily.
  • For News all I need is MSN news which has also CNN.
  • fox news is better anyhow and has an app.  CNN (clinton news network) has been awful for years
  • We don't need to make this political Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You seem awefully concerned with politics. Why so worked up?
  • CNN's mobile app and PC app both suck, that's why I don't use it. If they built a news app like CBS maybe more people would use it
  • CBS supports Microsoft, afterall they used Microsoft Word to create their phony Air National Guard documents about President Bush.  
  • Looks like Apple and Android will be the only platforms left. Microsoft needs to get their act together and launch phones that sell and get developers to make more apps for the platform. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • <