Compal to manufacture WP7 phones

Compal Electronics, Inc. CEO, Ray Chen, used today's annual stockholders meeting to make a big announcement: Compal signed an agreement with Microsoft to begin manufacturing Windows Phone devices.  Compal will be an ODM, which means that even though they will build the phones, they will carry the branding of other companies.  The new handsets, which will be made for Acer and Nokia, will are expected to go to market in Q4 of this year.

"Compal will build up a foundation based on the WP7 platform that will enable it to shorten time to market for customized smartphones while expanding the pool of Windows Phone-based clients," said Chen.  The Taiwan-based company joins the ranks of Nokia, HTC, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE, who all have licensing deals for WP7, but is currently the only ODM. 

Source: DigiTimes; Via: MobileTechWorld

  • I thought Nokia makes its phones itself?
  • You have to wonder why MS don't just contract out the hardware design to some company. They deal with carriers, they have their own stores, they are making deals with manufacturers, they control the software ecosystem, they define the hardware specs, they develop the OS, etc... Why not develop Windows Phone the same as they do with the XBox.