Comparing sensitivity on Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and iPhone 5 using gloves and fruit managed to get hold of the Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and compare them both to the iPhone 5. But instead of looking at design, speed, etc. the team decided to whip out a banana they brought along for lunch and test screen sensitivity on the two products. As expected, the Lumias clearly beat the iPhone 5 by a clear mile, but the banana test does work on the iPhone in certain parts, so we shouldn't rule the Apple device out completely.

When it came to the glove test (not many of us use bananas to control our smartphones, right?), the Lumias showed their strength while the iPhone barely got off the start line. No magic involved either as whoever was wearing the gloves was giving it a strong attempt on the iPhone near the end of the video, and we can see the handset bob about slightly on the surface due to the force used. Yet still no response.

So how do Nokia Lumias fare so well in the test? Sypnaptic's 'Super Sensitive Touch' technology .

Nokia Sensitive Screen Touch

The difference between conventional and Super Sensitive Touch

Nokia has packed both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 full of innovative features and functionality. In the former, if it's not the jaw-dropping PureView results, it's the sensitivity or the PureMotion HD+ boosted display. If that wasn't enough, the Lumia 920 also sports wireless charging, two microphones and LTE. The powerhouse of Windows Phone will be taken to the streets for use in the 'Lumia Challenge' or 'Smoked by Windows Phone' marketing campaigns. If the Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 did so well in these challenges, just image how successful the Lumia 920 will be.

As for the Lumia 820, wireless charging is also present, along with a strong build, interchangeable covers and more. We've previously looked at the PureMotion HD+ technology that's implemented in the Lumia 920 (but not the Lumia 820), so be sure to check out our coverage on how the supported resolution compares with competition, as well as the ability to use the device in bright light. 

Source: YouTubethanks, thepestilence, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
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  • The test with the glove does make alot of sense. Great job Nokia.
    But the one with the banana is completely idiotic.
    Why ruin the whole test by this? A banana!? it makes no sense!
    It also gives iSheeps oppurtunity to argue.
    Also, when using the glove, they should insisted a bit more on the iPhone until it works, it looks a bit biased.
  • For many man it MAKES sense to test if it works with our banana :d
  • That sounds all kinds of wrong... LMAO!
  • LOL!
  • It's showing the sensitivity with non-standard objects. Fruit generally works like a stylus anyway, which is why it worked on the iphone too. The only way to get the glove to work on the iPhone would be to wet it. Any "iSheep" can easily test it with their own gloves, so it's going to be a short argument.
  • Actually the videos they have shown with the most random stuff have been the ones getting most views and positive feed.
    It really does work with anything is the point. It doesn't need to be metal, it doesn't need to be your finger. 
  • Bye bye iPhone :-)
  • Why aren't all these leaks showing ANYTHING new AT ALL? Have we already seen that is there to see?
  • Because even if there are new, unseen features, then they are not actually present in the build of the OS running on those phones. In other words, if there is anything to be revealed on Monday, those phones already in the wild will get it in update on Monday or later - they don't have it yet because Microsoft is keeping things secret.
  • Who says it's not NEW to me?!  Or someone else seeing this for the same time.  Who is this "We"?  So, now you're speaking for everyone?  If it's not new to you just move on to the next story.  Some of us are seeing it for the first time.  Thx.
  • Should of used an Apple LOLOLOLOLOL
  • +1
  • So true like your post Pizza.
  • "the team decided to whip out a banana" - This is so wrong on so many counts!! xD
  • Well.. Just go and buy iGloves for some 30 bucks! :) :) :)
  • To go with their $30 adapters!
  • Good idea! I want to sell iGloves - $29.90/pair
  • RICH are you on NDA about the location of the WP8 event in london?? I have been asking where that is and nobody wants to tells us the location. That is not fair. We do not want to crash the party, rather we only want to know if there is a meet-up of WP fans afterwards. that's all.
    For once that we have a proper WP8 launch in London, we fans also want to participate somehow. If you can't tell us just say so and I will personnaly back-off.
  • Yay. Banana styli... I'm much more interested in hear some sort of explanation from MSFT, Nokia, at&t or best buy... Just one of the four would be fine, as to when we can actually order them. I've never seen anything like it. Went to best buy, put money down and reserved one on Monday... Now nobody will say if it's a legitimate thing or if everything just went up in smoke and I'll have to do it all over again. The on again off again preorder fiasco is strange to say the least, but the total radio silence by everyone involved is downright unprofessional. Every day that goes by where potential buyers are teased with videos of how to lay it on a charging pillow just gives the condescending appleheads more to laugh at.
  • Well an Apple should be fruit compatible right?
    See what I did there? :P
  • Pretty cool! As the owner of an iPhone, I was quite surprised that the screen of the iPhone 5 was even slightly responsive when the guy was using the banana. :-P I really want to get an unlocked Lumia 920 at some point during this winter. If that pans out, I'll definitely have some use for it outdoors while wearing gloves.
  • I was able to use my HTC Trophy with cycling gloves on recently. I guess they're pretty thin though.
  • I find this to be a decision feature for myself and a number of other. I live in a cold climate area, winter studless tires are required all after a certain date, and I still like to use my phone outside. It's really nice to know that I don't have to buy any special gloves. I can buy whatever pair of gloves that I want and ... IT JUST WORKS.