Compose emails up to 4 times faster with Lightkey Pro text prediction: now 52% off

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Smart text prediction saves a lot of time on mobile devices. So, why not take advantage of the same technology on a desktop? With Lightkey Pro, you can supercharge your writing in 85 languages — and lifetime access is now 52% off at $79.99.

If you were to analyze your own writing, you would probably find certain patterns repeating. Lightkey Pro picks up on these habits and gives you a shortcut.

It's basically the same idea as the typing suggestions that appear on your phone. Instead of tapping the word you want, you simply press Tab.

Lightkey Pro gives you up to 12 predictions to work with, including punctuation. The app also picks up on spelling mistakes, and you can tailor the predictions to specific topics.

On average, users are able to write emails four times quicker using this method.

Lightkey Pro works with Office and other apps, and your data is never submitted to the cloud. The Windows Club called it "one of the most futuristic and innovative tools" currently available.

Order today for $79.99 to get your lifetime subscription, worth $169.


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Lightkey Pro Text Prediction Software: Lifetime Subscription – $79.99

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