comScore: Microsoft's US smartphone marketshare stable in run up to Apollo

Look at the shiny shiny...

According to latest data released by comScore, Microsoft remains comfortable in fourth position (behind RIM) with only a .4% reduction in US marketshare. This was expected with the upcoming launch of Windows Phone 8, especially with new hardware unveiled for consumers to hold out on making a purchase.

Sat at 3.6%, Microsoft continues to witness the downfall of RIM which was hit by a sizeable 3.1% drop in US shares as the company continues to battle through the tough period until it releases Blackberry 10. Falling to just 8.3% of the market, unless RIM can slow down the descent of the platform's fall, Microsoft may well find itself in third position - dependant on the imminent Windows Phone 8 launch.

We last looked at a comScore's report back in July where growth was witnessed due to the Lumia 900 launch in the states. While only .1% was recorded, it was still a plug on the marketshare bleeding we witnessed since late 2010. Unfortunately with the announcement of Windows Phone 7.8, and the slow adoption of the platform itself, Microsoft has not made enough progress to capitalise on RIM's downfall quickly.

Looking to the future, we can hope for more sustained growth, particularly once Windows 8 and already established products and services are refreshed to take advantage of further integration Microsoft is developing within its product line. While all hopes were pinned on Nokia to break through and take Windows Phone to greatness, this was simply not a realistic view with the time restraints and platform restrictions that were in place - the company could only do so much.

OEMs have shown off new Apollo hardware that take advantage of Microsoft's relaxed control on smartphone specifications. Nokia has unleashed multiple technologies that are implemented in both the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920, including wireless charging, PureView and Pure Motion HD+. HTC has focused on multimedia with adding extra elements to the HTC 8X and by throwing Beats Audio into the mix.

It's sure to be an interesting end of 2012, one which will give everyone a rough idea as to how Windows Phone will do next year. We'll take a .4% drop in US marketshare. It could be worse.

Source: comScore

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • In reality, who knows what's going to happen to Apple too... The AT&T store I went to last Friday still had 5 iPhone 5s still on hand. I guess thru didn't sell as many neither. But I live in Wyoming so that might explain things too.
  • I live in Wyoming as well now it will just take weeks to get anymore in stock, called best buy they have none on any carrier.
  • They have them in Powell bro...
  • *they didn't sell...
  • Sorry Rich, but Daniel's quotes are better than yours... ;)
  • Ah man :-( I'll just return to my cave.
  • This is great news actually. With all the hoopla about current phones not being able to upgrade to WP8, combined with the fact that people naturally wait for the next big thing, you would think their market-share would drop drastically. Next report we might actually see WP overtake RIM.
  • Rest assured I will have my sales rankings to help us gauge WP8's progress! AT&T (82 phones offered)
    37. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (38. a week ago, 31. a month ago)
    45. Samsung Focus 2 (63. a week ago, 45. a month ago)
    47. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (65. a week ago, 58. a month ago)
    55. Samsung Focus Flash (33. a week ago, 28. a month ago)
    62. Nokia Lumia 900 White (64. a week ago, 55. a month ago)
    72. HTC Titan (73. a week ago, 46. a month ago)
    73. Samsung Focus S (74. a week ago, 64. a month ago)
    HTC Titan II is not offered
    Nokia Lumia 900 Pink is not offered T-Mobile (25 phones offered)
    19. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (23. a week ago, 16. a month ago)
    22. Nokia Lumia 710 White (24. a week ago, 20. a month ago)
    23. HTC Radar (25. a week ago, 21. a month ago) Verizon (65 phones offered)
    63. HTC Trophy (51. a week ago, 47. a month ago) Sprint (43 phones offered)
    None offered
  • Ide love to know about Canadian market share or are we included in USA studies??
  • I would think that data would not he included on the USA side. It would be good to see the share here in Canada for sure.
  • RIP RIM..
  • Yep. They should have went with windows phone 8. And this what Happens to them. But I think MS will just buy their enterprise stuff and leave RIM and blackberry to rot.
  • RIM has no "enterprise stuff" to buy!  This is the biggest myth uneducated investors perpetuate.  RIM sells a middleware server that is already surpassed by the incumbant software (Exchange) that it is interfacing with!  RIM is even supporting ActiveSync directly with BB10!  Microsoft's enterprise software stack crushes RIM.  The only thing MS can pick up from them -might- be a few patents.
  • Apple is done....
  • Well worldwide they lost tones of market share. So yea. Think apple is done worldwide
  • The sad thing is that it's so easy to bypass iPhone security so even if your phone is locked and you lose your phone people can still take your phone lol
  • On our phone you don't need the pin if you have search from lock enabled. Threats or holes ate everywhere, just never leave your phone out if your hands aren't on it.
  • i dont mean easy to get your info i think thats possible on any platform but ive bought plenty of "hot" iphones for dirt cheap because people didnt know how to restore the iphone to default settings cuz it had a lock i had an iphone 4s for 50 bucks restored it and sold it for 385 multiple times ive done this lol.
  • iPhone sales need to be compared at the end of the Christmas quarter.  The iPhone (all available new models) sold 37 million units in an environment without the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One X, the Nokia Lumias, the Samsung ATIV S, and the HTC Windows Phone line. 
    There's a lot more quality competition this year.  While sales were good for the launch of the iPhone 5, they were below even the most conservative expectations.  An argument can be made that most purchases were by iPhone fans that have been waiting for LTE.  I'd argue that LTE alone should have made the launch much larger.
    Last year we really saw the expansion of the iPhone beyond AT&T here in the US.  That can account for some growth.  Over 100% year to year, but much of it may have been because of carrier expansion.
    If Apple fails to surpass last year's fiscal Q1 numbers then we'll begin to see a decline in their stock price, especially if Windows 8/RT coincides to dilute the iPad's marketshare in the tablet space. 
    If this happens, how will Apple react?  Will they act rashly or will they attempt to innovate?  Will they change their business model in an attempt to get AppleTV turned into a cable box?  I think MS has been far more successful there with Xbox.
    Microsoft's advantage is that they know what it means to be a partner.  Apple wants to be in a position of control.
  • Also, next year MS is almost certainly going to be showing their next-gen console hand, alongside probably releasing it, and presumably the multimedia and connectedness of it will be light years ahead ahead of what we're seeing now on any set top box. Especially if (more likely when) we see a higher sensitivity, faster Kinect which can allow for a much more elegant "NUI." The one sticking point for them is that they really need to drop the XBL gold requirement for using apps. It's presently a big barrier to those who just want online for such functionality. Also, I'm calling it now: After the Xbox "720" launch, we see a new 360 which is sized down into Wii territory physically, along with a smaller Kinect that heavily targets the casual user base, and the virtues of Xbox SmartGlass are also highly marketed. Gold requirements for apps also likely would be dropped at that point. Also, this is pure speculation, but it feels logical.
  • I'm not sure if we'll see a new 360 because I'm not sure we'll see the gaming functionality.  I think we could see a scaled down ARM based device with a Blu-Ray player, the capability of playing downloadable apps but not Xbox games, and the ability to connect to most cable systems running Windows RT. 
    Xbox RT?  Makes a lot of sense.  With Smartglass, there's the possibility of controlling it with your phone.  And there's also a strong sales pitch that can be made to business as it would allow the streaming or download via SkyDrive of PPT presentations that can be controlled from your phone (WP8 preferably).
    Xbox RT could be a much better version of the AppleTV that is more capable with games designed to be played via Kinect and/or with your phone as a controller. 
  • >I'm not sure if we'll see a new 360
    Eh? Its pretty much common knowledge MS are building the nextgen Xbox. Probably for next year if not certainly the year after.
  • I'm aware of that, but it's been called the "720" or whatever the designation of it will be.  This was in response to a smaller Xbox 360 for home use.  My response is I think they may build an ARM device called Xbox RT that will not be a heavy duty gaming console, but instead be a BD player running RT and being able to play downloadable games via Kinect, Smartglass, and maybe wireless controllers while also connecting to Xbox video, Hulu, Netflix, and Redbox (Verizon is launching a new instant service with Redbox at the end of the year), your cable, and able to record onto a hard drive or retrieve shows you neglected to record for a nominal fee or through as sponsorship.
  • Until the Xbox can support multiple video formats and be an aggregator of available TV shows on the internet its not going to make as much an impact. My Boxee Box puts an Xbox to shame in this department.
  • Hmmm your box vs Xbox. Which one has more impact?
  • Caution: Osbourne effect in play.
  • I just want to be different and say.... WOOOOHOOOOO for email in "black" UI instead of white!! :)
  • Oh yeah, I'd noticed something about the email client looked different, but I couldn't place my finger on it.
  • Nice Phone by the way, the yellow One.
    MarketShare Numbers are to be expected with slow growth, WP8 should boost those numbers.
    I could care less about the phone on the right and it marketshare or other's has well..
  • I think we could see a doubling of marketshare in the upcoming quarter based on pent up excitement over the WP8 devices.  Jumping to 6% is not out of the question with a gradual build up to climb past 10% and climb past 15% by Christmas of next year. 
  • Was "comfortable 4th position" sarcasm? I sure hope so.
  • It was indeed. I answered your hopes. I'm the answer to all your dreams and aspirations :-)
  • I think 15% would be too optimistic. 10% would be more realistic by tue end of 2013
  • 10% is reasonable. 15% is optimistic, but maybe not too much so. To keep people from giving up hope (consumers or investors), we need to see a rise to at least 8% by end of 2013. But in order to really start making a dent in the market, we need to get phones into people's hands--then we'll see the right numbers on the charts. I think WP8 will go a long way to that.
  • Unless MSFT can get at least 5 to 10 top developers from other platforms to develop for WP, even 10% is optimistic. We needs top apps, and the useless argument that there are alternatives to top apps on WP, won't make any difference. Alternatives usually suck.
  • Of course, the way BGR couches this same story is that WP is irrelevant:
  • It's RIM they called "irrelevant". In fact they contrasted MS to RIM.
  • Yes, but the headline of the article called out MS saying "sorry" only iOS and Android "matter." I'm not agreeing, mind you, just pointing out how tech "news" has bias just like the MSM.
  • Indeed, but for the mainstream media it's difficult not to look at Windows Phone in the negative light. With the close nit relationship between its products, Microsoft will hopefully force said media to look at Windows Phone differently. We'd prefer consumers, sales figures and marketshare to speak for themselves though.
  • "HTC has focused on multimedia with adding extra elements to the HTC 8X and by throwing Beats Audio into the mix."
    I just read a article comments where people say Dolby on Nokia is better than Beats. (just thought I mention it. :))
  • Rim already died last year
  • uh, isn't this what is always said about WP, wait "until"... Mango, Tango, Pineapple, fruit juice, uh, nothing has worked to give MS a reasonable amount of push in numbers. People then pick numbers, like, well let's use best buy sales numbers for the week of, almost like trying to convience themsevles that the numbers aren't that bad. They are bad! RIM hasn't done anything in sometime, and MS has and yet they can't even move closer, it's all on RIM losing market share, not MS gaining on their own merit. BB10 seems to be getting more hype, and there are still many people that love their BB's that will buy BB10 when avaiable. No matter what is thought about or said about the Iphone, they will out sell any WP in one quarter, then MS will get out in a year total, that's not good. Honestly, there is nothng good about these numbers, they have been bad since WP came out, and probably will continue. Bad marketing and bad choice of name, cause people hear Windows and they think about their pc and issues they may have had, and pick something else. MS choosing to release their "own" phone when Nokia is no where near making it on their own, make's no sense. No matter how one spins it, this is bad, and though the numbers "may" change a bit with Apollo, I doubt we will ever see double digits here in the states on market share. Like, ever....
  • This is actually kinda sad, rimm is a great os, just better for business and scheduling