Congratulations to Fhotoroom on 4 million downloads and counting!

Only a handful of apps have been in the Windows Phone Store for years. The number of those apps that continue to get consistent updates is even smaller. Fhotoroom is one of those apps that has been around for a very long time, but still gets regular updates that fixes bugs and add features. We first reviewed Fhotoroom over two and a half years ago in January 2012. Today we’re not talking about an app update for Fhotoroom, instead we’re giving them a little congratulations for hitting some impressive milestones with Windows Phone and Windows 8.

It was last June that we celebrated Fhotoroom hitting the 2,000,000+ download mark for Windows Phone. An impressive feat for any app. We’ve got some new numbers to share about Fhotoroom that are worth celebrating.

As of April, Fhotoroom for Windows Phone has been downloaded over 4 million times. The Windows 8 version of the app has seen over 1 million downloads. Huge congrats to the team behind Fhotoroom.

Those are just downloads though, do users still engage with the app after download? Yes they do, very much so. User Engagement Calls is a metric to measure user activity. It consists of things like comments, follows, likes and other modes of interacting within Fhotoroom. For the team at Fhotoroom, they just passed 500,000,000 User Engagement Calls. An impressive feat when you consider that doesn’t take into account photo views, which the team says is in the billions.

Fhotoroom Screenshots

That 500,000,000 number was measured over the past six months. The team saw over 160,000,000 User Engagement Calls in the last 30 days alone. Meaning there’s some impressive growth happening with Fhotoroom.

Looking ahead we can expect an update for Fhotoroom that targets Windows Phone 8.1. This update will bring support for the Notification Center, a new transparent Live tile, tap to capture, Cortana integration and more. 

There are plenty of stellar photography apps on Windows Phone and we’re happy to have Fhotoroom pinned to our Start screen. Based off those numbers above, it looks like we’re not alone. Congrats to Fhotoroom for showing developers that success can be had on Windows Phone.

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Sam Sabri