Contest: Pick a new name for Itsdagram, become a legend on Windows Phone

UPDATE 7:30ET: After 1K entries, give or take, we've closed off comments! Come back in 60 minutes for the top 5 choices and a chance to vote!

Okay folks, let’s play good news/bad news. The good news is Itsdagram, as an Instagram app, is here to stay for now.

The bad news is it needs a name change, font change and new icon….all in the next 24 hours. We’ll leave the details to your mind as to why that is, but for now, we just need a new name.

That’s where you come in...

Do you have a clever name? Think you know what it should be called? Well, here’s the deal…

  1. Leave a name in comments
  2. One entry per person, so make it count!
  3. WPCentral staff and developer Daniel Gary will choose 5 names, which we think are the best
  4. Later tonight, we’ll put up the top 5 choices in a poll—you all vote for the winner

What does the winner get?

  • $50 gift-certificate to our store and Daniel Gary will thank you in the app with a “Thanks to {winner} for suggesting {new name}.” All for being clever.

While we can’t call the app “Instagram” for obvious reasons, it can be called “[Something] for Instagram”. Other than that, all else should be a go though we think less emphasis on ‘Gram in the name would be better ourselves.


Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Instagram client.
  • edit:  I read the rules and went ahead with my second idea, see below
  • Momentary - synonym with instantenous, your picture captures a moment, and there is likely commentary to it
    That's so deep!
  • You should read them, you can use the word instagram, you just have to use it in combination with other words
  • i don't think you understood my original edit
  • I think Instagram is forcing the name change because maybe they're bringing the official Instagram soon?
  • that's a very long name man :p
  • lol
    Can't stop laughing
    That made my day.. and my night!!!
  • Haha... awesome.
  • too long
  • Robbedthegram
  • Margatsni
  • I like this.
  • +1
  • Toldyoutherewasaninstagramappcomingbutnoonewouldlisten or T.Y.T.W.I.A.C.B.N.W.L. for short
  • ShootUP
  • How about calling it 'anagram'? With everyone trying to come up with a new name I think this is a clever one. Also, it sneaks in the 'gram' part but is an existing word that Instagram can't complain about. It works on many levels! :)
  • I'm going to get the ball rolling with Windows Phone Client for Instagram. 
  • #gram, hastaGram, lnstagram with L, snapgram, iG client? Any of these? :)
  • Since the official instagran refused to develop the official app, I would like to call. Revengegram
  • Or Instarevenge
  • Lol u got my vote
  • As for alternative Altergram
  • Wehavthegram
  • InSystrom
  • Kavingram
  • Instapp (inst-app)
    "Hey I just instapped a new picture!"
  • How about Snappd or Snapd
    Have you "snapd" it yet?
  • Kilo. Because we don't do grams here.
  • Instagram Client, that sounds good, and draws attention to people who doesn't know that exists an app that do anything as the instagram does.
  • Filtersnap (for Instagram)
    EDIT: Or maybe Filtasnap to keep the Instagram 'a'.
  • Like it
  • It's my Gramps
  • PictureThis
  • Instanary
  • Wingram
  • Pictures With Friends
  • Windows own instagram
  • Ummm..
    Its for instagram
  • Instawindows! :)
  • +1
  • As in 'tin'?
  • PicShot
  • Microgram (Microsoft + Instagram)
  • My vote
  • I like this.
  • Instadime
  • Instapix
  • Photo-grama-rama
  • Fukgram (for not publish a WP app) or Picgram ('Pic' for pictures)
  • Metrogram?
  • Damn it, this is what just came to my mind!
  • Sorry...Metrogram is already taken :-\
  • #gram, hastaGram, lnstagram with L, snapgram, iG client? Any of these? :)
  • ModernUIgram?
  • Winsdagram
  • Already exists :)
  • Snapa
    Short and catchy ;)
  • Instashare
  • Just as I put instaShare I looked at the comments and BAM there ur InstaShare lol
  • Winstagram
  • Oh I like that one
  • Yep, I thought of that one too
  • Already taken..
  • I second this.
  • theres a hashtag problem with this app please someone tell the developer and the beta testers 
  • yes! i am not able to use the tag button in the bottom, it and seems that i am the only one who can view the picture :/
  • when i tag my pic with popular tags i usally get like 20 likes in one minute from random people but when i upload a pic with itsdagram with tags i dont get those likes anymore :(
  • Polagram.
  • GramItInstant
  • Margatsni ... 
  • Haha, I had the same idea earlier when this first came up.
  • Great minds think alike Daniel!
  • Pixalot
    Reason: Pix a lot. As in lots of pictures. Or a lot of pictures.
  • Lol idk why but I found this one hilarious and cool
  • Only if you change your submission to Sir Pixalot. 
  • Lol, that popped in my head to.
  • Yes, please! Sir Pixalot sounds awesome.
  • Pixalot -- is this a new pokemon?
  • Instanow
  • I like this one
  • HipsterGram
  • I like this one.
  • Lol
  • Or Hipstagram
  • LOL
  • WinPhoGram
  • WINstagram
  • WinStant!!!
  • Fotofeed
  • Lensa (malay word for lens)
  • +1
  • I like this one...
  • Lensagram!
  • Cool name but I think there is a full fledged app under that name that connects to instagram.
  • Finallygram
  • Winsta
  • InstaGraham
    The icon can be a graham cracker that looks like a camera.
  • This is so awesome
  • You, sir, get my vote.
  • Yes yes yes so much yes
  • +1000
  • Haha! Nicely done.
  • Love it. Punniest one yet!
  • I like it. But I'm not sure it would fly. In Canada the law tends to side with the first company to have the pronunciation. I'm not sure about Merica!
  • Pictit
  • I saw like five for Winstagram as I scrolled through the comments... But only one person said it first (and the person was not me).
  • Epicwinstagramtastic.
  • WinPhoto (for Instagram)
  • Instorama
  • I'm in love with this one!
  • Winsnap.
  • Instalicious
  • Snapstagram
  • Filtr
  • That's nice!
  • Pixtagram
    -Jose Rodriguez
  • Kilogram
  • This one is funny
  • World domination
  • yesssssssssssssssssssss
  • How about Snapsta for Instagram
    - Kyle Reddoch
  • That would be cool if the app did both Snapchat and Instagram.  -Sam Sabri
  • Post your 10 second picture to Instagram where it can live forever!
  • I do like snapsta though...has a cool ring to it.
  • I revised the name.
  • Agreed!
    -Frank Arce
  • I would suggest using instagram in the name since that's what people will search for. Keep it simple:
    Instagram WP
  • AINTstagram
  • Gramp
  • Photogram
  • 8GRAMS
  • +1
  • Photos, (for Intagram) "for Intagram" should be small type highlight the photo part, make an icon out of that.
  • Itsdabomb!
  • Windowgram
  • Instalternative for Instagram
  • instasation
    pureviewer for instagram
  • FaceSpace
  • It's The Wham! (or It's Da Wham!)
  • Windows Photogram
  • Pixtogram
  • when i tag my pic with popular tags i usally get like 20 likes in one minute from random people but when i upload a pic with itsdagram with tags i dont get those likes anymore :(
    please someone help
  • I talked to the dev. On twitter, this is an issue and he's fixing it.
  • made my day :)
  • Wayup
  • DePictaGram
  • Polagram
  • Expogram
  • Nice...
  • Piggybacking off this idea, how about Exposr for Instagram
  • Haha I like it, I know they said less emphasis on the "gram" part but I feel its necessary to identify the app with instagram itsself.
  • Instant-gram or Instantgram. Insta-graph or Instant-graph!
  • Daniel I would go for "photofeed"
  • Instafinity
  • Instant pictures
  • fotogram
  • Winstagram.
  • ShareDaGram !
  • "Modern"gram
  • Damn you, was going to post that
  • Heepster for Instagram
  • Picshare
    pronounced fast, it's almost "picture" :)
  • Microgram
  • Picturizer
  • Photographr - an Instagram client
    Photographr for Instagram
  • Social pic
  • WP Gram
  • Already taken
  • LiveLife
  • Gramification
  • Filtafram
  • Bizzarogram
  • Instamatic
  • WinPhoGram!
  • InstaSnap
  • InstaSnap
  • my post was first, i win, pick a different name :)
  • VintaCam
  • Post-A-Pic for Instagram
  • schnelleBild
  • Instaone
  • DoubleTap
  • Snapstagram
  • Xposer
  • And now....the jokes. "Telegram for Mongol." Instagram for Windiots Who Needs Instagram? (I actually like that one for a suggestion. drat!
  • Instafeed (for Instagram). Add in for Instagram if possible. Can't help with the logo tho.
  • Winstagram
  • ItsDaJam
  • Or "Instagramforcedustochangeourname" No copyright violation since it is a statement of fact. :-)
  • Haha!!
  • Gram-A-Lama-Ding-Dong!
  • Laughed out loud!!
    EDIT: 40 minutes later this is still awesome. I vote for it.
  • I also like GramBlamThankYouMam! It was a tough choice but I'm glad you like my original.
  • Daniel, while your at it can you add the username to the photo viewing page? If I go to popular tab and click an image there is no way to know who's pic it is. Unless I'm missing something :S
  • Finally Its Instagram
  • MojoFiltr
  • Penisgram
  • Instagratification
  • BetterGram
  • Moderngram
  • Snapshotz
  • Photolive! for Instagram
  • WPgram
  • Pictagram
  • Instaclient
  • Aperture The word is simple and elegant like Microsoft's UI. It means the opening of a camera lens and in many ways Itsdagram has been the opening of a gate for Windows phone and it shows other devs that anything is possible.
  • I like this one
  • Except Apple has a photo program called Aperture xD
  • But it's a Mac App like Photoshop nothing like instagram
  • Also with the name I imagine a logo mixed between these 2 icons
  • Metrogram
  • Instapic
  • Its 10 Grams
  • Phocial an Instagram Client for windows.
  • GramSnapper
  • kaanch - that means lens in hindi
  • Instagr8
  • Lenses for Instagram - focus on lenses, to advertise WP8 a bit?
  • 1) MetroSnap
    2) PhotoClick
  • Framed
  • Instagram Metro
  • I was on a roll. Pictugram Pictogram | Piktogram Instaroïd Photogram | Fotogram ShutterIt InstaLens LensIt fStopIt InstaChrome Chromagram
  • Except for the part where we say ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ;)
  • Why...the more the merrier.
  • Winstagram
  • SocialPhoto
  • Instaounce
  • Filtashare. As in sharing photos with filters on them.
  • Good one!
  • I like this one
  • Windogram
  • HashPic for Instagram.
  • Metrosnap
  • InstaPicGram
  • InstaLens
  • Gramshot!
  • Unofficial Instagram (this should fly legally, been there done that)
  • Instawin!
  • InstaLens
  • AvantGarde
  • InstaKilogram. Lol.
  • Instaham
  • WinPix
  • Snapshot, photogram, filmgram, photolens, instamoment, instalens
  • Gramcracker, instacrack, instacracker,
  • PhotoGrammer
  • Alterego for instagram
  • One more....takeapic
  • MySnap
  • Picstagram
  • MetroCam
  • MicroGraph
  • Tileshot.
  • Instaphoto
  • Itsdaone for Instagram
  • Its Pretty Much "Instagram"
  • Instacam
  • Grammer
  • Instergram
  • Endrun
  • PicShare
  • ViewShare .. trying to draw attention to the high quality of cameras in WP, such as PureView, etc.
  • Could also work the other way around, ShareView.
  • PhotoWars
  • You're going to be disqualified because you didn't read the rules! ONE ENTRY. Delete or have none counted.
  • PicNow
  • FotoInstant
    (or PhotoInstant depending on wheter you prefer the modern "f" or the classic "ph")
    3) InstaVision
  • One entry per person, pick your favorite amongst those four :)
  • ok, post edited.
  • Instagramr
  • PhotoJazz
  • pic-a-BOO
  • Inchastagram.
  • "FotoPhilter"
    ...see what I did there?
  • Unofficial Instagram App. Blunt and precise.
  • You know, I kind of like this idea lol
  • I'mdagram :)
  • How about NanoGram nano for insta
  • Metragram :D
  • In~stagrim
  • Jiffygram since jiffy is a close synonym of instant. Or maybe Imagram as ima is Japanese for "right now".
  • LumiGram
  • Pixstagram
  • Nanogram for instagram
  • LenStation
  • Or Lensation
  • Ohh iLike this one
  • In-stagrim
  • #insta
  • Sharedapic.
  • FilterFilm
  • 1,000 Words
  • Lol; 1000+ words :p
  • Photogram
  • Winstant Photatoes
  • LMAO
  • ^This!!!
  • Hooked on Instagram
  • Worked for me!
  • Filmage
  • Instagram Central
  • Snap-a-gram :)
  • InstaFab
    8 Grams
  • Photage
  • "Snapit for Instagram"
    "Winstragram for Instagram" (as others have already stated)
    P.S.  WTF Instagram - you don't support the platform yet you make people change their app name.  Blowhards.  Either embrace people bringing you new users (i.e. I signed up yesterday after getting my 920 despite having had the OG Droid and subsequent Androids since launch day) or bring a freaking app yourselves.
  • Postagram.
  • Moderngram
  • Light Bucket an Instagram Client
  • instatile
  • Shutter
  • LiveLense
  • Holygrailogram
  • P.stModern
  • Kwikigram
  • Instagram Central
  • Instapic
  • Pic-able for Instagram
  • Snap for Insta
  • pixelshot
  • A)Instasupercalifragilisticexpialidociousgram  
  • WiPster
  • Picstant
  • InstaLens
  • Squareimage
  • InstaPic
  • ModernShare for Instagram
  • Instapix
  • ingramsta
  • Instastyle for instagram...
  • Gram I Am
    Instant Gramafication
  • Instagram Jr.
    Haha totally kidding.
  • Modagram. It's Instagram for the modern phone.
  • Here is a bad logo quickly done up in Paint. You can use Segoe UI Semibold or your choice of font. I chose 72+ pt. font to be consistent with the metro/modern UI typography that Microsoft uses. It's clean and modern looking.
  • iGramp
  • PictAlense
  • Winstagram surely?
  • #gram, hastaGram, lnstagram with L, snapgram, iG client? Any of these? :)
  • Hipstagram,
    Instagram for Windows Phone,
    Instagram Uploader,
    Its Da Gram.
  • Pic'n'Put
  • StalkaGram
  • Just call it "Suck-it Instagram"
  • Instasoft
  • InstaPhoto
  • Grammy
  • Filterist
  • InstaWP8
  • Instamatic
  • Filtr for username "talexe" though, not me.
  • upPic!
    FtW Rookies lol..
  • Pseudogram! ;-)
  • Rubino for Instagram
  • Instakilo.
  • Hipstastic (for Instagram)
  • InstaMX
  • InstaFilta (maybe add "Client for Instagram" or something similar afterward)
    We have to remember that people switching from other platforms need to be able to find it easily, so the name and icon has to make it obvious it's an instagram client.
  • Filtergram
  • 1) Instagram (Backwards)
    2) Timeline
    3) Memories
    4) Pictogram
    5) Snapshot or GramShot
    6) Win8Grams or W8Gram.
  • Margatsni. Sounds cool to me.
  • TarnSigma
    Its an anagram for Instagram. For an icon you could shape a sigma as the lens of a camera, and the camera could be taking a picture of a 'tarn' mountain/glacial lake
  • SocialPost for Instagram or something with social and/or post. I think it would be best to have "for Instagram" at the end for SEO reasons.
  • SnapaGram
  • FiltrPixel
  • PicPortl for Instagram
  • Call it Hipstagram :-) 
  • #this
  • THIS!
  • SocialSnap
  • The best name so far " #instapic? Or #instasnap
  • Instant
  • Lensagram
  • "Instant!"
  • Instantly!
  • Nttele for Instagram (InstaNT TELEgram) ;)
  • Funny! I was thinking of submitting "Telent" for the same reason.
  • Kilogram
  • WPGram. Oh wait, that is taken.
  • InstagrApp
  • pinhole for instagram, as it gives us a loophole no matter how small to enjoy instagram on wp devices
  • Vignette
  • GramStain, GoldenGram, HotShots, MeMeGram, SnapApp, GramoGram, SlickPix, GramOfAllGrams...
  • #hashbrown
  • InstaInsta
  • 1. The Looking Glass
    2. Pictashare
  • instaGr
  • SnappyGram
  • Snaps or Dagram
  • PictoShare
  • Gramify
  • NNEBI (pronounced NEB-e) or NNEBIgram. Following in the tradition of other great software projects with recursive names (e.g. GNU and LAME) NNEBI stands for "NNEBI's Not Endorsed By Instagram." Maybe drop one of the N's at the beginning and go with just NEBI if the double-N looks too weird.
  • Nice
  • Indagraph
  • Grampics!
  • Meowgram
  • Nima Michail Nikou
  • fotolicious
  • Picgram
  • Softee & Bourbon
    (shout-out to Microsoft nickname, Mister Softee, and Instagram precursor Burbn. And because it's completely random.)
  • Nimoy :)
  • Lolzzz!
  • Instasoft
  • 185gram 
    the unofficial instagram app thats too heavy for instagram to make.
  • #InstaUniverse
  • Instapix
  • Pixtagram. I haven't read all the comments hopefully it isn't taken
  • How about "WindowGram"
    Edit: After scrolling I found this was said already and I'm not going to read all these so here is a few more that might not be taken..."Microgram", "Livegram", "Yougram", "Instawham", "WindowsPhoneInstagramPictureSlam"...I'm probably disqualified by now anyways so lets just call it "Facegram" in honor of its new owner.
  • Or "WhoGivesAGram"
  • "Gramsnapper" maybe?!
  • "Nowgram" lol, "Camgram"...ok I'm done
  • Ok I'm not done..."GramSlam"
  • My wife says "Kilogram"
  • Itsyourgram or Itsthegram! :)
  • Filters Instagram Client
  • #2instawithgram
  • modify it to #2insta1gram :P
  • Hipstagram
  • Instapure
  • Snaptasia 
    - Dimitri
  • Lensagram
    I'm in it to win it
  • Itsyourgram
  • Bluestagram from windows phone blue update... Fresh and catchy. 
  • "Insty"
    -It has the word pro in it
    -It has almost the word photo it in
    -It has the word proto in it, as in prototype
  • KiSnaps
  • #Snapholic
  • "Spry for Instagram" (I prefer "Spry for Windows Phone," but that isn't specific enough. :-/)
    "Spry" means something along the lines of tiny and quick, and energetic. or something. I think.
    It's short and looks cool, and is unique, which is VERY rare to find for apps these days. (Could also be the name of a Twitter client though, to be honest. If it's not used here, I will try to push it onto MeTweets. I hate that name, but love the app.)
    Keep the icon iconic. Maybe make it a little less unoriginal and more... well... iconic.
    The UI should have SOME sort of customizability... I don't like the current depressing blue bars and bright background. At least allow some sort of custom colour options, especially something darker. (Maybe even integrate the system theme colour.) Also, the column names, (home, popular, and activity,) shoud be made smaller, like in MeTweets. (I don't develop for that app, I just prefer some of their design choices.)
    (The fonts are wrong, and pretty much everything needs to be tweaked, but it only took me 20 minutes in Paint.Net to make a VERY rough mockup. Meh.)
    Reading this over it comes off as a little harsh... I don't mean it like that! I love the app! It could just be better. (And, earlier I was thinking that there should be a "redo" of this app somewhat... Funny coincidence.)
  • Tlydr (too long yet did read)
  • Lente (lens in spanish/italian)
  • Pizzagram?
  • Mmm.. Pizza.
  • Not a second entry but your post made me think InstaPhoTatoes and also hungry.
  • Instamatic
  • InstaWin, InstaWP, Pineapple.
  • Instawin. For the win! ;) See what I did there...
  • Ok 4 seconds before me with the same thought... That's crazy!
  • ImagePIC............
  • Fotogram
  • Snapshot
  • Hipstagram I also vote for Instagramr
  • Lenstagram
  • Itsdapics.
  • Pixtagram
  • Momentus
  • Kilogram
  • Picta or Pictall
  • Pictogram
  • Winstagram
  • PiqPost    
  • #tagram
  • Photo Play
  • Jiffy
    Before the White House gets involved, it's pronounced with a "J" not a "G."
  • You are missing Lube somewhere in there.
  • Or how about just INSTA
  • Daniels Instagram App
    pretty catchy..
  • Split-second Snaps
  • PiqModa for Instagram
  • Take This! for Instagram
  • I Can't Belive It's Not Instagram?
  • Or if it needs the 'for Instagram' as a rule then I Can't Belive It's Not a First Party Client for Instergram.
  • WindowGram with Windows colors in the font
  • Doodle Jump
  • ItsAllGram
  • Strawberrystajam
  • Instant for Instagram
  • Tetragram  - a polaroid picture has 4 corners hence tetra.  If it had 5 pentagram would have been obvious \m/
  • Pentagram.  And here's your logo:
  • PicZapper
  • PicStant
  • oSnap
  • #gram Sidenote: why do you need the name change?
  • Snap n Share
  • BestGram
  • ItsAllGram
  • ...
  • 8Gram? windows phone 8  and instragram
  • The "gram" client
  • Winstagram
  • PicShareGram
  • Itsmygram sounds good
  • The best name is PhotoStrike :)!!!!!
  • YouPicture or Take that pic
  • Jepret ( indonesian word for taking a photo)
    Great work with Itsdagram, Daniel!
  • GramThis
  • Momentogram
  • Instamagic (a play on Instamatic).
  • InstaMX
  • "LiveShare"
  • Colore
  • "Lens for Instagram" (and add it as a true lens and as a share option in the share menu.
  • Grabdasnap
  • !nst@gr@m
  • I like InstaPic for Instagram
  • à la mode for instagram.
    not as in apple pie but 
    à la mode: (adj) in the style of;
  • simple is better
    "Snap" for Instagram
  • Instag8 or InstaG8 (As in Instigate, like the way Instagram is instigating a fight with the WP community!)
  • InstaCatcher
  • WP Client for Instagram
  • Grammit, GramSlam, LubbaGram...
  • I was going for GramaPhone.
  • I cant use these ones (mines already in there), but someone can claim them:
    -Pictures with Food
  • Itsgraph
  • metropix
    Joey Heath
  • LetUsGram
  • Gramophone; Gramaphone!
  • InsteadOfGram
  • 8stagram
    Joshua J.
  • Winstagram
  • InstaPost. Since it posts to Instagram in an instant?
  • Daniel Gary's Client for Instagram.
    TAFKAI (The App Formerly Known As Itsdagram) 
  • Instachoice would be fine!!
  • Photogram
  • "Pictogram" your pictures, more than a thousand words.
  • Picsharegram
  • Margatsni
  • Copy cat!
  • gram makes me think of graham.
    graham makes me think of graham cracker crust.
    graham cracker crust makes me think of cheesecake.
    so call the app Cheesecake or InstaCheesecake.
  • Virl (For Instagram)
  • InstaPi  (as in Insta API)  
  • O'Snap
    -Ahmad Crofton
  • "Lens for Instagram" and add it as a true lens in the camera and as a share option in the share menu.
  • Winstagram or Winphotos: Instagram client for Windows Phone
  • Instachoice would be fine
  • FiltreX
  • Picdacam
  • fourinstagram
  • InstaWin
  • I would have gone for GramaPhone
  • ...
  • O'Snap
    -Ahmad Crofton
  • InsteadOfGram
  • Metrocam?
  • 8stagram
    Joshua J.
  • Picdacam
  • Oops...My winning vote posted twice
  • Photogram
  • Shashin
  • Halcyon.
    Naturally, the background image could just be the latest from the feed.
  • ModernUI for Instagram. :)
  • FlashGraph
  • FilterFeed
  • How about:
    #Flm for Instagram.
    -Derek V.
  • InstaGr8
  • Installgram?
    Installdagram? xD
    Edit : Ups, only one. Im going with Installdagram,though Installgram is more like Instagram, just because I like the sound of it^^
  • "Instabam" (Insta-bam). got some swag to it
  • My suggestion for the name is "Windowee" and the logo could be something like the default Windows 8 Camera app icon, but with a radial rainbow-like gradient inside the lens circle, with a flash glare. Or maybe a glowing four color tile like the way Windows 7 start button glared when you hovered over it, inside that lens circle.
  • hologram
  • The first three things I thought up are already taken/posted, sooooo... Winstantaneous
  • Pic² for Instagram
  • Filtrs
  • WPgram
  • WpOgram
    Insta with WP
    That's all I got :)
  • Instawin
  • ONE ENTRY per person, so take back a lot of what you got or no entry for you ;)
  • SquareShare for Instagram
  • SnapIt
    And for the icon, try integrate the new Itsdagram icon with the stock camera icon on WP. So basically a more digital camera-esque rectangular version of the current icon, rather than the square.
  • ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Refine or forfeit.
  • Sorry, I didn't even notice the context part in the header. Was just trying to give ideas so he wouldn't get in trouble. I'll pick my best one in a sec, can I keep the icon suggestion too?
  • Imapic
  • Let me guess... itsdagram needs a new name because as it is, it's a clone of instagram logo and trademark.
    That wouldn't be a problem per-se unless... like when they released the official facebook app, they also purged the wp store of all the facebook clones...
    So... official instagram app incoming?
  • Dude, that stretch in logic is so far off, lol. Companies can still bitch about their TM without making an app, trust me.
  • It was only a theory, obviously; =)
    but otherwise I wouldn't comprehend the urge to make this change in 24h.
  • Windowsgram, or Windowgram.
    Window to iG?
  • UP! for Instagram
  • PicOgram
  • immediagram
  • InstaEasy
  • Capture The Moment
  • Sneakagram
  • - Livegram (like livetiles?)
  • Instgrm
  • Yougram.
  • #2picsharing :P
  • fotowire
  • Instagram for Windows?
  • InstaBook
  • Snapry
  • MetroView
  • Beastagram
  • PlexNation
  • Windowsgram
  • WinstaPic
  • snapflash,picflash, pic snap, electro-gram
  • "LOOK@THIS!"
  • immediagram
  • God Gram It
  • Gram-it!
  • Metromatic -Jorge Guzman (jrggzmn) Don't know if it's been suggested, but even though metro's been kinda sent to the wayside I still believe it resonates! -matic seems like a go to for clients that post to instagram. Win win!
    "Windows Phone Client for Instragam"
  • InstaWP
  • Instant
  • Toaster for Instagram
  • God Gram It
  • #HipstaGram
  • Ooh...I got one more, best one yet, you ready?....."WhoGivesAGram"! I win!
  • Cheese
  • Instant Granny
  • MetroView
  • PicMe  (as the name for the app, but also as a pun for selecting my idea!)
  • GramItRiggsImgettintoooldfurthiss**t-8
  • MetroClient for Instagram
    (What the app really is)
  • #Lens for Instagram
    And integrate it with Lenses in WP so that it makes sense.
  • Cheese
  • Frame for instagram (didn't read the others if it was already suggested)
  • Instant Granny
  • 8stagram -Joshua j
  • MetroView
  • WinPhoGram
  • Milligram
  • Hashpics
  • Gram-it!
  • AnuStart
    That's for all the AD fans. :)
  • Hashpics
  • Instaframe
  • Magnahub
  • Ahh did Instagram come down on them? They suck because the name was perfect. I don't use Instagram(or Itstagram) but I've been following the news on this. How about Pictstagram?
  • InstaShare
  • How's that for great minds think alike?? Can't believe we picked the same name at the same time! Lol Looks like you beat me by a split second I guess, good luck!
  • Ok, haven't read all the names, but how bout "InstaShare"??
  • Ijustsnortedagram
  • Monalisa
  • MetroClient for Instgram
  • MetroView
  • Insta-Client
  • ZeissWire or Zeiss Wire
  • PhotoHype
  • MetroView
  • MetroView
  • Telegram for instagram
  • MetroView
  • daguerreogram
  • MetroView
  • MetroView
  • How about a name that isn't trying to copy instagram. I know its a client bit all of these instagram-like names are getting old. My2cents
  • Totally agreed. What's your suggestion?
  • MetroView
  • What about Instant?
  • Photogenic
  • "Pulliquo" (beautiful filter)
  • Zeiss Wire or ZeissWire
  • How about... Photos with crappy filters
  • Socialshare.
  • Pictomatic
  • PicShout
  • Where is my post?
    App laggs sorry vor double post
  • "Snapsieve"
    Snap - photo
    sieve - filter 
    A unique name for a innovative client for instagram... 
  • Clickstart
  • Not all great clients use a name related to the official service. Rowi is a good example of that.
  • Photoclub.....
  • WinDoGram
  • "Admire" or "Cherish." I know I suggested one too many, but oh well... I feel like both of them conjure the feelings that people try to achieve when they take a picture and share it.
  • WouldRatherHaveVine
  • Phone8gram
  • 'Garble' Instagram client. Its basically a synonym for filter. Would a nice and unique name.
  • Picta
  • I got one more..."WhoGivesAGram"!
  • Instant Graham 
  • SocialSNAP!
  • Snappd or Snapd 
  • Introgram - an introduction of instagram 
  • New name hummm, how about DaGramm
  • "Click" The premiere Instagram client for WP...short and simple, not used on any other OS systems (that I know of).
    The icon can possibly look like the opposite side of the current Instagram icon (the other side or inside of the brown/beige camera) with the words "Instagram" written in very very obscure letters (in the same font that IG currently uses.. it is as if you can see if from a distance but the letters are obscure. If i am not mistaken don't we recognize shapes before we recognize letters? Or maybe spell out Click and replace the second "c" with a camera flash...
    Sorry for the legthy post, it's gotten out of hand, but "Click" is my answer :)
  • MetroView
  • - Filterrific (Feel terrific). !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • How about "PHOTOGRAM"?
  • Postme
  • My suggestion is PictMyLive or PictMyLive for Instagram
  • Photogenic
  • Pic4Gram
  • Eric hon...postitgram
  • SelfieClient
  • WP Client for Instagram
    - simple, to the point, as straightforward as possible, people know its instagram's network and not another one
  • I didn't mean to leave several comments. Sorry. At least I used the same name. But everytime I sumitted a comment my phone didn't show that it posted in the WPCentral App.
  • WPurStory
  • Itsdapic For Instagram.
  • Postme
  • Camagraph (cam-a-graph)
  • DaGramm
  • WPgram
  • FollowMe an Instagram Client
  • Notagram
  • MetroClient for Instagram
    (I can't find my original post, forgive me if I am re-posting)
  • Zengram
  • RealGram
  • I know, only 1 submission but I ve got so many ant since a new name is more than needed:
  • GaryGram
  • Pixter
  • Luminate
  • Simulacrum.
    beautiful latin word :)
  • InstaLife if not already taken seeing as its used to take pictures of and express our day to day lives
  • #win (for Instagram)
  • In.Stag.Ram.
    The logo could be a silhouette of a ram's head but with deer horns coming out the top too... and if you say the name really fast, it sounds something like "Instagram!"
    Ok, ok, I know, that's just silly and I was only half serious, even though it would be a mildly amusing metaphorical middle finger towards Instagram! :P
    On a more sensible note, I actually really like the suggestion made by kiddj55 of "Aperture" (...maybe because it is already associated with a very credible photo editing app made by Apple?) - it's nice!
  • Windogram
  • snap.Shot for Instagram or snap.Shot Instagram Client
  • Photopost
  • Instamad...
  • Instance
  • devilgram
  • Metrosnap (for Instagram)
  • Metro - Pays homage to the Windows experience
    Snap - Instagram is about the snap-and-share experience. Simple to say and quite catchy in my opinion
  • SnapGraph
  • Insta for windows
  • PictPost
  • "Photogram."
    Here's a joke: How much does a hipster weight? One insta-gram!
    Badum tssss.
  • Pixle charm
  • Microgram
  • XtraGram
  • Instantsnap
  • Selfies
  • WouldRatherHaveVine
  • SuperDuper
  • What about just "photoshare"
  • Itsgone.... Better
  • LiveLine - (lifes constant connection)
  • Pixture
  • Windograph
  • Pictropy (Picture + Entropy)
  • Photomento
  • WP Client for Instagram
  • Pictamatic
  • Snap'd
  • "Snap" or variations of. Snap for Instagram, etc.
  • "Insta m8"
    (mate/ m + 8 (WP8))
    (just wanted to post something, too)
  • 'Garble' Instagram client. Its a synonym for filter. I think it will establish a unique brand name for future projects and development. Having gram or insta somehow feels like a knockoff.
  • WInst8gram, W and 8 stands for windows phone 8
  • owari for instagram   Owari is japanese for 'the end' as in the end of your search for instragram on wp8 -- and the end of instragram for being a shutout. 
  • GramAtDis is an anagram of Itsdagram
  • Instafuk....nyahahahhaha
  • Hipstagram
  • Shake it like a polaroidpicture
  • yellow piss effect gram
  • Canvas for Instagram (there should be a filter with a canvas-like look)
  • InstaPic
  • Shotshop
  • "Instapost" client for Instagram
  • InstaShare
  • SocialSNAP!
  • Quickstacam or alternatively spelled Kwikstacam
  • Prism. It's a short catchy name that isn't a worn out twist on "Instagram". The icon can be a camera with a rainbow coming out of the lens (because prisms make rainbows). the icon will be familiar enough to anyone looking for Instagram who has switched over from Android or iOS. -Josh Castillo
  • WP Client for Instagram
  • InstaBAM
  • Itsdagram for wp7.8 ?????????
  • I'm not seeing my entry, sorry for the double post.
  • Same thing happened to me
  • Insta-ham
  • Pixture For some reason I'm unable to see my comment via the app...
  • Filtagram
  • hmmm interesting
  • illumigram?
  • Lifegram (peoples lives are on instagram) , Instashare (instantly share with the world) Sharedagram ( same meaning) Instogether (everyone instagraming together) Filtergram, ( :D ) .... I like them!!!
  • If i have to pick one, i would say Instogether.....:-)
  • Impression for Instagram
  • Pictable [for Instagram]
  • Instargam
  • LaterOunce
  • Davinci (Genius)
  • Multique, from many+unique people, photos and effects. Also means "and many" in Latin according to Google Translate.
  • Postagram
  • Winphotoram
    - muderko
  • Whatnewappcanwecryaboutnext-agram
  • Double post..
  • InstaOptix
    Unique, original and catchy....  cheers!
  • Impression for Instagram
  • Picme
  • Instration.
    A combination of Instant and Illustration.
  • Image now
  • Pinch da Ham
  • Camera Handicap for Lumia
  • Imagine
  • SwiftShot - never heard of this before. Can easily be remembered by the people. Sounds cool though.
  • Chose ONE or NONE. Them's the rules.
  • Microgram
  • Kidsdagram, StopWhiningagram, Lamestagram, or Hippstagram
  • How about DisqualifiedBecauseYouDidntReadtheRulesGram?
  • What does it have to have gram in it lol
  • Photogram 
  • Microgram
  • (not a real entry)
  • Insta-for-Windows.
  • Insta App for WP8
  • snaptogram
  • Insta-4-Windows
  • Share-It
  • UltraInsta or InstaUltra
  • Winstagraph
  • PhotoSnap
  • Imagegram
  • InGramWeTrust
  • Not going to filter through all the entries, but how about Fastagram? Because its 'fasta'. :p
    If not, Retrogram?
  • "Shutter Play"
    Because every moment counts.
  • InstaBook
    Instagram + Facebook
  • Cool!
  • #2instawith
  • Lookgram
  • Social Square Photo Sharing Client
  • Pictagram   - JayMike
  • InstaNow
  • I think "LifeLenz" is appropriate.. agreed?
  • Squarepics I tweeted this as well.
  • 1 Step
  • Clixel - click and pixel
  • wINk (Windows INstagram Klient)
  • gramapic
  • Picagram
  • Instablast,with an icon of a camera "
    blasting" a pic.
  • Killergram
  • Picture Perfect
  • Litrato - (filipino word for picture)
  • 1) faceblock
    2) instapics
  • Ultraistic
  • Snappost
  • I know only one entry but they fall alone the same like? InstaLife or LifeFeed
  • Seeugram
  • Apex
  • appiture
  • Since I'm from Boston have to go with "Instahgram"
  • Oppogram
    ....where oppo is for opposite, because polaroid use the polarization, which is diversity at opposite ends (which is actually in the name too, because there are "O" and "o" between pp). I'm studiing mechanical engineering,  that's why i had to describe why Oppogram..
  • Microgram
  • Rimshot
  • LensCap
    Icon: Rainbow stripes along the bottom (maybe in waves to be different from Instragram)
    Front - something also freehand but less cursive.
  • FilterTastic!
  • PureSnap (for Instagram)
  • Itsdacam
  • Post-It! - For Instagram
  • HollaGram
  • Instaclone for Windows Phone
  • Instalicious
  • SwiftShot - never heard of this before. Can easily be remembered by the people. Sounds cool though.
  • This is my suggestion Mr. Rubino. :]
  • Instafilter
  • Pictacam
  • Selfies N' Grams
  • K
  • Instance.
  • PicsNow
  • Photo flair
  • GRAMera
  • InstaLens
  • Foodpics-a-gram
  • Pixagram if it isn't taken :)
  • Instapix
  • Instr so it would be instr for instagram :)
  • WinPic because it's simple, catchy, and yet says exactly what it is a windows phone instagram client.
  • Itsdapic "Its the pic"
  • PicsNow
  • Roel
    Art-In-Stagram (AIS)
    Follow me on AIS!
  • Instagrahm!
  • HollaGram
  • Snapshot
  • Pic-it
  • Photaroid
  • Wingramaphone
  • PicoGram
  • Pixter
  • PhotoSgram
  • Fotofeed or photopheed
  • Snapture
  • Photo Telegram
  • Might well be a duplicate by now: InstaWin
  • ifstagram 
    mean: its finaly instagram.
  • Lumiagram
  • Prodigram (prodigious + instagram)
  • Win life
  • The Gate for Instagram
  • Its in the gram - "Itsingram"
    Windows Instragram - "Wingram"
    Innovative Instagram - "Inogram"
    "Gramalicious" LOL!  
  • I guess since I dont want to be disqualified, and since I can't even find my previous comment, I will just go with "Admire" as my entry.
  • I've never seen this many comments before.. It must be a record!
  • ItsMyPix
  • Trillpics or Trillpix
  • Snaplens :D
  • Fotofeed or photopheed
  • When we getting new filters?
  • Gramaram
  • InstaKilogram
  • InstaPic
  • "Pictographically"
  • ¡Pictagious!
  • V'drebild
    see + image = sort of a 'mash up' from 2 different languages
  • FocalPoint for Instagram
  • Picsocial
  • How about...  POSTAPIC
  • Pinstagram
  • Cheeze
  • SocialGram
  • Pixie, Pixy,
  • Gram8
  • Chimera . I love how it sounds. Its a creature in Greek mythology made up of various parts of other creatures. Kinda like how filters enhance and change up our photos and highlights different parts
  • FirstaGram  cuz they were the first to bring almost full features Instragram client ^^ 
  • photogenic
  • Retrograde - Jaco Ra
  • YourPics
  • Windstagrawm
  • Ill try again - Pinstagram
  • InstaRealityCapture!  Ameer :) 
  • Instalit - because it's the light that makes the magic
  • I've got it! I made a little presentation of it. New font, icon and name:   /thread
  • Nice design
  • nice but kinda confuses me with Pixl for Flickr :)
  • I didn't even know about that ugh
  • "Aya" meaning Art/Design/Beautiful in japanese.
    Also, for bonus, here is a concept icon:
    Font is Pericles (included with windows 8), though Segoe UI could be used
  • Quicksnap
  • Pixalot. . . Take a lot of pictures. Just give me the money now
  • Instagrm 
  • Pixel Onslaught!
  • Snapshot
  • Win life
  • How does visonary sound? Or even yet altershot or how about filtergram lol i dunno.
  • Hi
  • InstaWin
  • Tiles for Instagram.
    And the app design would use a tile-like pattern to display the photo-feed etc.
  • "WP Ingram"
    (I think the letters "gram" are necessary in the name for easier search when someone searches for "Instagram"
    Hopefully WP store will show WP Ingram in the search results)
  • perPictuity for Instagram
  • Social Square Photo Sharing Client
  • Histogram
  • Instagram for Better Phones
  • Peekapic or sneakapic
  • Kuvagram (from the Finnish for picture-kuva)
  • ItsMyPix
  • Just DQ myself I guess because your app failed to show my first one.
  • Margatsni
  • Filter2
    *supposed to be Filter (squared), but truthfully, I like Itsdagram.  
  • Win-a-gram
    Kinda sounds like instagram for windows and you ended up with a winning app ...:D
  • PixTile for Instagram
  • Wp GramIt
  • Instametro
  • Swiftsnap
    Because of the "direct action" approach needed by WP in order to succeed..
    Because photos are "directly" up loaded to the internet for friends to see.
    Because Nokia is pioneering Smartphone's that can take good "action shots".... This name means so many things that are relevant to WP now! One Mo Ginn... "Direct Action Shot!!!!!"""
  • "The Gram"
  • Instametro
  • Instapp - An Instagram Client
  • illumigram? Idk if I posted this name earlier. I looked all through the comments. My bad if you spot it twice.
  • Lol Pictures
  • Win-a-gram...cause its instagram for windows and it sounds like you got yourself a winning app...:D
  • PicBoard
  • One thing for certain. WPC team will have one long evening reading all entries. 
  • ClickPic :)
  • It could even be 'ClickPic on Instagram'
  • WinPhoGram
  • Christian Rees. Lifegram, Lifecrop, Momentzee, Momenta.
  • (w)instagr8, instafriend(s)(z), gramazing, instalovers(z), instafan(s)(z), gramification, gramified, instant grammers, winsta8, graminista, inztegrom, instanista, grammit, instathat!, instathis!, 8 grams of insta, gramthis!, gramthat!, TheInsta, TheGram, gramthatinsta, 8stagram, instam8tro, photogram(?), gr8gram... ran out of ideas... ok i know i POSTED more than one but i dont really care if i win or not... i just wanna help ;)   
  • InstaDamnnn
  • Instagrarn
  • Foto. :)
  • Instagramia, sounds like lumia huh...
  • The Windows Phone App for Instagram
  • Itsasham
  • G
  • Supergram or amazagram!
  • Instance of Instagram
  • Inkstagram
  • Pic-A-Boo for Instagram client
    -Malcolm Flamer
  • Pictograph
  • "Direct Action Shot"
  • FingerGram give Instagram the finger
  • InstaNOW!
  • Itsasham ..
  • I had a few in my head, but I guess since you can only enter one, I'll go with:
    Snapstream  (Snap a photo and instantly stream it to your friends)
  • SquareShare for Instagram
    (I thought that I posted this earlier, but I don't see it, so I'm submitting it again.)
  • LensShot
  • MetroFoodCam
  • I ll go with Kabola, which is an african meaning for sharing. So the app can be KaboGram.
  • Momento (for Instagram)
  • X-stagram make it available for windows 8 and the Xbox one for universal access. Making use of the x in Xbox will catch peoples eye and through the use of SkyDrive people can also post on the new Xbox. Three screens one eXperience.
    -Jose Mojica
  • PixelSnap
  • hashpics
  • pichash
  • Instapic!
  • ClickN'Share
  • Well i just want to depart from the INSTA and GRAM thing so how about
  • There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold - gram
  • photojourney or photojournalism
  • instantpic
  • Instagration
  • instantpics
  • Pixit
    Pixel for Instagram
    Snap for Instagram
    Flash (an Instagram Client)
    PostUp for Instagram
    Tack for Instagram
    Ping! for Instagram
    Moxie (for Instagram) many adequate possibilities.
  • Instapic
  • How about InstaShare for InstaGram....
  • Momentus / Mumentus / 
    Momentu / Mumentu
    Momenta / Mumenta
    It's a simple name, with a snappy feeling which conveys speed and swiftness, also warmness. The name also enabled you to stay open minded regarding possible future integration of other serives like which compete with Instagram.
  • Coolgram
  • Itsdaglam