Converge is a popular newsreader that used to go by the name of the Verge app. We will skip wading into the circumstances that lead to the name change, but even as 'Converge,' the developer behind the app, Anand Prakash, faced some obstacles in keeping his creation on the Store. Now, Converge is back with version 4.0 and with it a new mission as a general tech newsreader, but with the familiar – and beautiful – UI and smooth transitions.

Converge 4.0 still features articles from the Verge, but additionally it now also supports feeds from WinBeta and Windows Phone Central (with our blessing and consent). The decision as to which newsfeeds to use is left to the user during the initial setup.

Prakash only moonlights as a Window Phone developer as his day job has him in Redmond at some company called Microsoft (check out his developer blog Due to his background, he may know a thing or two about proper Windows Phone development. We suppose there is a reason many covet this app, and it no doubt has to do with the gorgeous Modern design.

With version 4.0 of the app, the features and benefits include:

  • MULITPLE NEWS SOURCES: Get the latest in consumer technology news, reviews, features, videos and exclusives.
  • DISCUSS: Read comments, sign-in, post new comments and reply to comments posted by other readers when supported.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Dark and light theme, adjustable text size, style and live tiles.

From the Live Tile, to the themes to the integration of Pocket and even text style, Converge makes an excellent choice for keeping up to date through the sites that matter. Did we also mention it is free?

If you missed the original Verge app from Prakash, or lost it during its hiatus, now is your chance to grab 4.0 and start anew!

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