Convince Microsoft to keep Cortana as the name for your future digital assistant

In our tips folder we often get emails asking us to share a poll on UserVoice. We can’t oblige them all, but every now and then an idea comes through that even we can’t pass up. 

Earlier this summer, we saw a developer pick up a Lumia 920 on eBay. However, that device was loaded up with an early build of Windows Phone 8.1 and was returned to Microsoft quickly. But not before screenshots of the software spread across the internet. In there, we saw our first look at Cortana – the internal codename for Microsoft’s digital voice assistant.

We have reason to suspect that codename might not make it to market, even though it is the perfect name for what it is. But maybe you can help make that codename the final name. Why would it be important? Well, if you're not familiar with the lore of Halo, or have never played an Xbox in your life, the name comes from the AI that aids the protagonist in the series of video games.

Yesterday the Windows Phone world exploded with more news about Cortana. Mary Jo Foley shared some inside information, Tom Warren tweeted some screenshots, and we added on top of what they provided. Together we have the basic idea of what Cortana can do. The too long, didn’t read version of yesterday was that Cortana would not be limited to voice interactions. Instead she’ll follow you from device to device in the Microsoft ecosystem, always ready to help you.

So, back to the poll. Microsoft has a UserVoice account for Windows Phone. It allows developers, consumers, enthusiasts, and everyone else to submit ideas and vote on them. It helps the Windows Phone team know what features and ideas you value and want to see implemented. One of those right now is to keep the name for the voice assistant as Cortana.

Android has Google Now, while the iPhone has Siri. If you think Windows Phone should have Cortana follow the link below to vote.

Source: Windows Phone UserVoice

Thanks for the tip Jason M. 

Sam Sabri