Corsair unveils giant meme fan, taunts consumers

Corsair Fan
Corsair Fan (Image credit: Corsair)

What you need to know

  • Corsair has unveiled the biggest gaming PC fan there is.
  • It's the Corsair LL 500mm RGB.
  • It's not for sale.

Want a big ol' desk fan that bears an eerie resemblance to the multitude of fans inside your rainbow-glowing, heat-pumping PC? Well, Corsair has made it, in the form of the company's Corsair LL 500mm RGB fan. It's an absolute unit, and it is not for sale.

As spotted by our friends over at PC Gamer, Corsair's Twitter account has been up to some wild antics recently. This includes putting one of their fans in place of the Eye of Sauron and cooking up the insane fan that has brought this very article into existence.

What more is there to say? If you love RGB-infused hardware and want the best fans for the best gaming desktop PCs, there's no reason not to look at this Corsair concoction and go "hmm, maybe I do want that." Unfortunately, it's just a meme, and getting your hands on one would likely involve raiding whatever office the little meme video was shot in, where the sole unit in existence (the one used for the video) may or may not be held.

In the era of brand accounts going hard on social media to stay cool with the kids (a strategy many would argue originated with the likes of the Sonic the Hedgehog and Wendy's Twitter accounts), Corsair is taking things literally. Nothing's cooler than a giant desk fan that looks like the kind of thing Galactus would use for his gaming PC.

Consider following Corsair on Twitter to stay posted on the latest fan developments, since that'll give you a front-row seat to potentially participate in the hypothetical timeline where the company takes to Twitter to announce this thing is getting an actual release.

Robert Carnevale

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