Cortana can now predict the results of English Premier League football matches

Cortana is bringing her popular Bing-powered predictions to the world of British football. After the 2014 World Cup and the NFL, Windows Phone owners will be able to see what results Cortana will predict.

Asking Cortana who will win in any upcoming Premier League match will tap into Bing's data modelling, utilizing a combination of sources. If you failed to test out this feature in the Scottish referendum or the NFL, it's worth having a laugh with, especially if you have a match night with friends.

So, how easy is it to command Cortana to offer predictions on upcoming matches? Simply ask her to "predict Liverpool match" or more specifically "Will Liverpool beat Everton?" It's predicted Liverpool will come away with the three points from the northern derby between the two clubs and Microsoft's virtual assistant pegs Arsène Wenger's Arsenal side as victors against fellow London club Tottenham this weekend.

Source: Microsoft

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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