Cortana gets a new boss at Microsoft

Cortana is getting a new boss at Microsoft. Axios reports that Microsoft's Javier Soltero has taken on the role of corporate vice president for Cortana. Previously, Soltero headed up Microsoft's Outlook Mobile efforts after Microsoft acquired Acompli, a company he co-founded.

Though Cortana is present on every Windows 10 PC, it's currently seen as trailing its digital assistant competitors from Google and Amazon. In speaking with Axios, Soltero recognizes the challenge of his new role, but says that he doesn't see the number of skills as the true competition between platforms: "The real contest is about which company users will choose and entrust with essentially all of they information or the majority of their information." Still, it appears Soltero believes there is a balance Microsoft must strike. "A very private but mediocre experience will not win," he said.

According to Axios, Soltero moved into his new role about three weeks ago. He will now report to Microsoft's AI and research chief, Harry Shum. It will be interesting to see what Soltero can bring to his new role, particularly as Alexa begins to encroach upon Cortana's Windows 10 turf, and Microsoft seeks to hit its stride with a small lineup of Cortana-enabled hardware that currently includes a smart speaker and a thermostat.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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