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Microsoft's Cortana loses song ID ability in Windows as Groove ends too

Microsoft ending its Groove music streaming service has been known for awhile now with the ax finally coming down over the last few days, but another repercussion has now been confirmed: Cortana's song recognition capability first introduced in 2014.

In the past, tapping the music icon on Cortana's UI let the artificial intelligence service act like a glorified Shazam identifying any music playing. The link would then take users to the Microsoft Store to view the album or optionally buy it. Without the music store, however, there is no real next step for the user unless Microsoft wants to feed customers to Amazon, Apple, or Google, who all maintain music stores (for now).

What users now see when they try to ID a song in Windows 10.

What users now see when they try to ID a song in Windows 10.

With the elimination of Groove tapping the icon now results in an error with "Song unrecognized" and Microsoft slipping in a not-so-subtle "this service has been retired."

Jason Deakins, who works on Cortana and search at Microsoft confirmed the end of the service in a tweet responding to myself and @faltermayer:

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Considering Shazam pulled its Windows Store app back in March 2017 – an app once promoted as a success of UWP – Microsoft is left with virtually no song identification applications. Granted, most song identification is performed by users of Android or iOS phones using Shazam (now owned by Apple), and without a dog in the smartphone race, the service is likely used infrequently on the desktop.

Still, Cortana's song recognition ability was an excellent demonstration of Microsoft bundling in services into the OS for a more native experience. Those days appear to be over.

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • 😢
  • WTH, Microsoft! They better be on the phone with Shazam right now!!!
    Well, they'd probably just give Cortana Shazam integration on iDroid only.... Lol😂😂😂. It's sad, but true.
  • Isn't Shazaam being acquired by Apple?
  • It has 2 a's?.... 😆
  • How petty rodney,  even for you.  And YES....SHAZAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM is now own by apple.  So,  no dice thats coming to windows.   Nadella strikes again!
  • Shazam already has (had?) a Windows (Metro) app.
  • There is SoundHound!
  • Crashes constantly and doesn't work as well for me.
  • Lol iDroid 🤣🤣🤣 I'm going to use that one... Having said that do people really use AI assistants? I tried them all, and I mean except for Alexa, and I never found use to any of them.
  • Damn! I use that feature almost everyday. What a useless platform Windows is now!!
  • So, now that this feature is gone Windows is useless to you?
    Sounds like for you Windows was overkill in the first place.
  • It's the drip drip effect of MS gradually stripping consumer features from their platform though, isn't it? I mean, each service/feature alone isn't likely the sole reason people use an entire platform, but eventually the removal of these things mounts up to a platform that no longer cuts the mustard. I think you're misunderstanding a lot of recent posts if you're viewing them from the narrow perspective of single issues rather than as a response to a pattern of behaviour from MS.
  • 🙄🙄🙄 Please. My post stemmed from utter condescendanc, and sarcasm.... Never think for one second I don't see why you see.
  • Dude windows phone had this ever since ..wp7 i think....the Trophy on Verizon. I got an iPhone 6s a couple years ago and just got the X. Until MS gets their sh.. together i refuse to spend my $$$$$ on anything other than a PC and/or Xbox! And this is coming from a MS fan!
  • I really liked that feature too. It's actually better than Shazam and way faster to activate.
  • Windows; the operating system where features and services come to die. :-(
  • SoundHound, I keep saying!
  • SoundHound is not on Windows 10 for PC, just for Mobile...and it's quite old.
  • Shazam app even outdated still works great on my Lumia 950
  • Recognizes only English language songs. Hate Microsoft
  • What other kinds of songs are there?   
  • hahahha, you stupid!
  • Soundhound doesn't recognize local music, only English music.
  • Didn't google just release the auto display of music playing on their pixel 2. And ms kills any type of music ID. Come on MS get with the program. WTF. Another disappointment.
  • Shazam is owned by Apple now
  • Things only die over here
  • Wow... Very disappointed
  • This sucks. Why can't they keep it and have Cortana just show us the song using Bing?
  • Well, nobody said they weren't working on a solution.. Fact is that this feature was most likely used most by WM devices so there's no rush. Would be nice by the end of the year, if you know what I mean😉
  • Or they could have worked on a solution before ending Groove?
  • Exactly. No excuses.
  • Once again, what's the rush?
  • Might make Windows look a little less like an OS heading for the sunset, perhaps?
  • Patience, man. Stop panicking
  • Rodney you're that dog in the burning house drinking tea
  • How?... Explain.
    I use a Lenovo Windows Laptop, a Surface 3, a Lumia 950, and my next two devices will be a Galaxy Note whatever, and a Andromeda whatever.......
    You're assuming I'm naive because ONE of my devices lacks support, and because I'm still using it the best I can?.... What, do you think I'm not aware of the state of WM10?
    Do you think I need to replace my 950 prematurely just because everyone else is, when it's working fine for me?
    Or, are you saying that Windows 10 is a burning platform?
    If you think Windows 10 is done for why are you still here?
    Answer those 5 questions.
  • Windows 10 (PC) is still here and in the cloud... burning Bright but mobile, music, AI(Cortana), ... is very much a slow go!
  • Rod I've been waiting along time and still waiting. I hope they can rise from the ashes that is 1990. Seems like there's no REAL direction....except for the cloud.
  • Yes coz this is the most requested "Enterprise" feature right!
  • The first thing that comes to mind is they would give link store to purchase it. but yes should show the song in bing
  • Could connect it to Bing Rewards
  • I downloaded soundhound
  • I just ate a Nestle Crunch bar.
    And! I paid my Porn Hub subscription.....
    Top that.
  • I ate taco bell and got a free Porn Hub subscription.
  • What is this about free subscriptions to cultural websites I hear
  • Rodneyej, reign it in a bit. Your comments here are starting to get grating.
  • I agree as well Daniel for him being an older gentleman I suppose.
  • Wait a minute... Older? That's a low blow, man🙁
  • 😏,,, sorry😌
  • LMAO...You actually pay!!!
  • I guess the wait for surface phone has taken too much toll on him.
  • Lol! 😂😂
  • Starting to?
  • It's been a thorn for many of us for a long (long...) time now.
  • I love you too, Andy😘
  • * rein not reign, though good point
  • Lol.
  • Here, there and everywhere Daniel.
  • I accept it. Microsoft no longer wants to be a consumer focused company. I am willing to bet that at some point Xbox will be sold. I don't see how it fits in with their cloud first objectives and since this company doesn't really care to be a jack of all trades like Amazon they really have no reason to keep it.
  • " I am willing to bet that at some point Xbox will be sold."
    People have been saying that for years. Just 4 months ago, they elevated the head of Xbox to a leadership position in the company, which is the exact opposite of what you're suggesting. Spencer/Xbox are now equals with Windows. I know it's hard to believe, but where Microsoft makes money and is successful, they invest. Where they aren't, they cut. It's really that simple. It's not about consumers vs. business, it's about what they are winning at vs. what they are losing at vs. what can they can do that's different. Xbox and PC gaming makes money. In fact, PC gaming has been the only consistent growth area for PCs over the last few years even during the great PC recession. Any further Freudian analysis than that is really missing the forest for the trees. The fact is, for many consumer lines they were never good/popular/successful. This is them finally acknowledging what everyone has known for some time.
  • SoundHound!
  • The Xbox staff role changes feed in to the idea of MS getting rid of Xbox though. Ideal moves if you're planning on bundling up a profit making division and selling it off as a going concern. I wonder if Facebook will buy it? They're looking to gain a more developed games and VR distribution system and platform I believe.
  • Problem is MS is playing a short game instead of looking at the big picture. Fifteen years ago, if Amazon had only focused on what made money, they would have only sold books and cut off everything else. By retreating instead of inovating, MS is going to become something like IBM--profitable, perhaps, but a shadow of what it once was and absolutely absent from the consumer mind.
  • @amy That is Exactly my thoughts!
  • I agree but, Just because you're losing at halftime doesn't mean you give up! Seems like that's what is happening a lot!
  • I agree Microsoft don't want to be customer facing apart from in gaming. The Xbox department is making them alot of £ now even though the PS4 is the better selling console Xbox gamers are spending more and also having it linked to window going forward fits in with them as you now have a choice a pc of your choice or an Xbox s or x depending on the type of gamer you are. I am gutted bout Microsoft pulling out phones though for me android is just not as good as what window mobile was even with more apps
  • What next?.
  • This wasn't "next".... It was a function of Groove. Just count it as 1 with Groove.
    But, honestly? Next will be the brick and mortar stores 🤦🏽🙎🏽 🤦🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽🤹🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽
  • There are brick and mortar stores???
  • Yes. In the US there are.
  • Another MS middle finger to it's dwindling cosumer base.
  • While I kind of agree, you have to ask the realistic question: how many people were actually using this feature in 2018? I can't think of the last time I used desktop Cortana to ID a song. Having said that, I do worry about long-term implications if Microsoft ever wants back in for mobile. I'm not sure what the solution is there.
  • I use it pretty frequently. I'm no the must up to date with music and i will hear a song i like but not know the name. Thus i use Cortana to help me.
    This feature is used on all voice assistants and just signals that yet again, Cortana if becoming further and further behind the competition.
  • Exactly this.
  • Though it might seem unbelievable and outdated I still love my L650 and used the Cortana music search very often so its another kick in the nuts, I`m reinstalling Soundhound.
  • It's a dangerous game they are playing. Discontinue features that have low use which in turn makes another feature much less useful. Discontinue the newly watered down feature and repeat. This is becoming a pattern.
  • I agree. This feels like another short sighted move that will be lamented moving forward. Any one of these decisions on its own can be justified but collectively, I fear these will add up and hurt any chance of new MS device(s) taking off. Consumers recommend products in the enterprise... I remember doing just that recommending Windows NT over OS/2. You can't pretend the consumer market doesn't matter.
  • Dan - What I'm curious about are the details of the deal made with Spotify. Is Microsoft investing in Spotify and thus a vibrant app ecosystem for Windows by trading customers from Groove, or did they simply cut cost? The end game here surely cannot be Windows and Windows Store out of the music streaming game for good.
  • I'd like to think this Spotify thing is much deeper than we know. Having said that, Microsoft is very good at killing things well before its replacement is here.
  • The problem with Spotify - it's available in just a few European countries. I can't get it, can't sing up at all, even if I change the region on my PC. So many people now just left without their playlists, I'm just one of them.  
  • Somewhat of a side track, but does the Spotify lawsuit highlight the reason Microsoft killed Groove in the first place? I wonder if it is possible to make money on a streaming service. I think consumers are all out of touch with reality on what streaming services need to cost for companies (and artists) to make money.
  • On the same day we learn Kinect adapters are gone. Microsoft just really sucks at this as of late. Doesn't feel like it's worth trusting them with any consumer facing product.
  • I actually used it pretty often curating playlists for Salsa and Bachata dancing classes I give. Very useful on PC and Mobile in my scenarios.
  • I was using this on a regular basis.  Walk into a store and hear a song I didn't know who sang it I used it on my phone.  At home watching a show and hear a song, used it.  I mean there are lots of people who used these features. 
  • And some of the folks think that the surface unicorn is the nxt n evolved mobile strategy. 
  • How many people are using feature X is a very dangerous path to go down... How many use X? 1%... How many use Y? 0.7%... etc. How many use at least one of the 200 features... 80%... But now they've all been discontinued due to each being a small part of the overall usage individually, and 80% of users find their experience utterly crippled. These are absurdly insane decisions long term for Microsoft.
  • Did u ever get a chance to ask the MS leaders as to what if the paradigm change they wait for never comes?
  • Well there was a time not too long ago when Windows was thought to be a tablet OS as well and such use cases were VERY realistic -- but that appears to be increasingly a lost prospect as well with the abandonment of mobile... 
  • I used it just 2 days ago on Mobile.
  • Daniel,   Do you think that there is NO vision for future mobile?   They are just done?   The move of all services to android and apple sure makes it seem like that.  Hell they even approved their apps to work on Chrome.   I think the consumer space for MS is now winding down and they are moving to enterprise only.  
  • @daniel I worry about the long term implications too. Under the previous leadership, they might not have been very good at the consumer side off things either, but dang it, they tried. And even if they also did abandon a number of things, those were mostly already colossal failures, at least in the eyes of the public. However, there were certain products and services that they did stick with, because of long term viability and being core to their strategy, even if people were saying they should kill or sell them. Two of those were Xbox and Bing, which later enabled Cortana. At this stage it seems to me like Microsoft is a little too quick on the trigger when it comes to killing off things. Not because those things were necessarily huge successes, but because they weren’t necessarily huge failures either - and because it seems like they are not eyeing the bigger picture. Just today, I read an article that said the Xbox is now the best set top box out there, because of Kodi support. That’s great, mostly because of perception, but having a great set top box for the living room and then not having a music service... doesn’t match what Microsoft’s competitors in the space are doing. To get the consumer space, you need to go all in, if you are as big a player as Microsoft, and you need to keep expanding, not the opposite. Build on your successes more, too. I mean, Rocky is expanding now. Instead it seems like Microsoft is half hearted and that doesn’t instill confidence among consumers that Microsoft will stick with the next thing they release, thus continuing a negative spiral of not being able to penetrate the consumer market. Now, we may all be wrong and we don’t have the data that Microsoft has to base their decisions on, but these are the kinds of perceptions I am making, from the outside.
  • How many were using this in 2018 Dan? None. It was closed. In 2017 however, I always used it via desktop PC when something came on the radio I wanted to check. I imagine this was not an uncommon use of the service. More likely than needing the service on a mobile for, say, tunes encountered on a high street or other transition location where you can just ask the busker (can't use it safely in a car of course).
  • Daniel the only people who were using it are the people still running W10m. You know the ones who MS keeps taking a dump on.
  • 😪
  • 🚬
  • Lame. Do better Microsoft
  • Not part of Ol' Nads' strategy I'm afraid.
  • Seriously? I should have flipped a coin when buying my first smartphone, Lumia 928. My high was quickly brought down with one disappointment after another. Now I need to learn a new OS. Sad.
  • I think they should leverage their partnership with Spotify to add the skill back to Cortana and expand the feature to Cortana on iOS and Android. They really have no excuse since she can ID Spotify songs on the Invoke.
  • Not the same. Cortana doesn't ID songs on the Invoke like here with AI. Cortana merely matches what is playing on Spotify e.g. "looks it up". Cortana can always "see" what is playing on Spotify, which is why it shows you the play list in Cortana. No need to AI it when Cortana has the info. That's why it's so fast on the Invoke. It's not sampling itself.
  • You would think that Microsoft would have deals with the likes of Soundhound and Musixmatch to identify songs, it doesn't need to link to a store but just identify the song.
  • @Daniel Soundhound works with me. Did you forget Soundhound?
  • If you could provide the PC link to this app that would be helpful. It doesn't pop up in the store for me at all.
  • Noo this sucks! This is one of the things I used Cortana for on my Lumias. Song ID is very important for me for any phone I use. I get why but this is another thing that killed the dream for me. :(
  • Retrench!
  • If I didn't know better I would say there's a smidgeon of sarcasm in your tone.
  • Reset!!
  • Shocked...../s
  • How shocked?
  • Lol
  • So Cortana is pretty much useless to me now. I dont use her for anything else but that lol!
  • Same here. Cortana was invaluable to me less than a year ago. Now I rarely use it except maybe the occasional desktop search.
  • 🎈
  • Nice 80s reference there.
  • Lol.... How do you know it's not an "it" reference?
  • Was I dreaming?  Didn't Bing on Windows Phone 7 have the option to identify music?  Maybe Windows Phone 8?  Long before Groove came around.  
  • Yes, it did.
    Bing on WP7.5 was awesome. Even the terrific WP8.1 never reached the functionality of what you could address from hitting that search button.
  • I would be happy with windows 10 mobile if MS backed it!  but they jump off the titanic YEARS AGO!
  • That is so ****. One of the best features of Cortana. I'm seriously upset
  • Sh*t!! I used that feature a lot. I was kinda anticipating this, though...
  • Keep on “standing your ground”, folks.   Keep on being a “loyal Microsoft customer”.   There is more of this coming, guaranteed.  More services killed, more products dropped.  More crocodile tears shed here over being “shocked - SHOCKED - to find that gambling is going on in here!”
  • Hey Cortana, what the hell can Cortana still do?
  • LMAO. Why in all hell are they sticking with Nutella? Absolute idiot. Just kill Cortana at this point also.
  • I am no fan of Natella (I miss Steve Ballmer), but Natella is shareholder's dream: knows to get the stock price up.  That usually happens by killing lots of products and laying off LOTS of people.  Ballmer threw money at everything until it was beyond obvious that there was no future (Zune).  He gave things on the consumer side a chance.  Remember the red ring of death?  Natella would have killed Xbox right then and there.  Not Ballmer; Microsoft has so much money in the bank, he kept throwing money at it until it stuck.  Oh and worked ;)
  • I miss Ballmer as well as he at least gave products a chance to be successful.
  • I don't understand it either, more to the point I don't understand why the shareholders seem to love his strategy of "Hit Reset... all the way back to being enterprise only".
  • Shareholders love all strategies which bring them money. They wouldn't even care if Microsoft starts selling shoes tomorrow.
  • LMAO. This guy again. Nadella has been great for Microsoft. No amount of butthurt from you is going to change that.
  • Ha, found one of the stockholder here. Karma will get you and Satya sooner than you ever imagine.
  • Nutella has been great for the suits, he's been awful for the people who actually use MS products. Soon enough there won't be many using MS products, then lets see how the suits feel.
  • Someone in Microsoft, I am sure is working undercover to destroy the company...
  • It sounds like grounds for a class action... It seems reminiscent of apples' slow-gate
  • No, no it does not. And no lawyer will agree with you. Not everything in life is solved by suing. Americans think this, but we're also very lazy people who whine a lot.
  • Geez I don't know what Americans you're talking about but the family I'm from we're not.
  • Daniel, it's it fair to say "we're"?
  • Apple slow-gate is not even going to make it through the court this def. will not.
  • Microsoft is now going to lose out on the AI game too. Apple's, Google's, and Amazon's digital assistants are all gaining new features and marketshare. Microsoft's is losing features. Nadella's myopic decision to kill off Windows mobile will continue having ripple effects for years to come, continually and steadily eroding Microsoft's positions in other sectors. No Windows Phone investment means other services fail too--OneDrive and Skype are losing ground, Groove is already dead, Cortana is losing features, UWP apps are being pulled from the Store, Android has already supplanted Windows as the #1 OS, Xbox is on it's way to last place behind the PS4 and Switch, and who else knows what's next. In 2013 they had a perfect home setup with the Xbox One with Kinect--voice and gesture commands, paving the way for Cortana integration, but Microsoft murdered Kinect, botched the Cortana integration, and further alienated customers and their first-mover advantage by slowly removing every interesting feature from the Xbox One. Now, four years later Apple is putting voice and gestures back into TV and Amazon is in the lead on putting Alexa into every room of every house. Satya Nadella "didn't get why the world needed a third mobile operating system" because he is too short-sighted to understand that the world doesn't need a third mobile OS--Microsoft needs it.
  • It is the only option for that feature nite and they remove it... An insult. I constantly use it. Sounds like we have to join in a class action suit see if MS treats all of those who invested their money in things they end up limiting in use... Like apples' slow-gate hurt them where Nadella would understand... Money!
  • So was this not disclosed anywhere?  Wonder why nobody suspected or knew this would happen until this week?
  • i really hate them ... daam ... i just left a suggestion on feedback hub to improve this Cortana ability since they no longer have shazam .. and this is what i get ! .... dam you Microsoft
  • Can we please FIRE Satya Nadella and bring back Steve Ballmer? I never thought I'd miss Steve Ballmer as much as i do. Microsoft under Nadella is run WORSE THAN A START UP. Seriously, they got rid of their music subscription service. And Now, never mind that if I want to but music to OWN, I have to go thru iTunes which doesn't have an app in the store. Or I can subscribe with Spotify, NOT own my music and oh, BTW use their app which isn't touch friendly AT ALL. But on top of all that, because they pulled the music from the store, Cortana can't identify music. Oh, and Shazam isn't in the store anymore and more than likely won't be now that it's owned by Apple.
    It never occurred to Microsoft to say to yourselves, Hey, let's keep the music in the store, but just ditch the music subscription end of it. Lets offer the code base and features of the groove music app to Spotify so they don't have to do to much to have a premium app in the store. and oh,,,, MAYBE WE SHOULDN'T CUT CORTANA OFF FROM A MUSIC LIBRARY SO THAT SHE CAN IDENTIFY A SONG WHEN ASKED.
    Even a start up wouldn't make f(K ups like this. Did everyone at Microsoft graduate from DeVry or Arizona online university at the end of summer and start making stuff for consumers last month. Nadella is so enterprise focused that he doesn't care about the general consumer and it's showing in EVERY consumer product from windows on out. And we're the ones suffering for it. If things keep going this way, I'm not going to put a damn dime in Microsofts' hands.
  • Indeed. They're pretty much forgetting about the fact those "useless consumers" are the business users as well. If they don't have Windows at home, they will -at the end- switch to something else on the office as well...  It's funny, a few years back those companies wanted to appeal you with features etc, now it seems like the crowd is getting pushed away from brand to brand instead. Feel a bit like a paperweight in the middle of a boxing ring which gets tossed arround at the moment.
  • @Roman DeSilva. Not happening, the share holders are laughing all the way to their mini resort islands and personal banks. This is what happens when you cave in to activist investors and have zero natural empathy, the difference between being a natural empath and "learning empathy as a skill" is that the latter is based on logic whereas the former is based on rational and irrational behaviour. Emotions cannot be quantified in binary form without a obscene amount of data set, this where quantum computing comes into play as something can be one and off at the same time therefore rational and irrational at the same time, just like people.
  • How does a major organization continue to make such dumb decisions?
    FYI, I'm a strong believer in their products even while they don't.
    Eg. My 950 still takes better pics than my new LG G6.
  • Man. Until MS cam tie this service to another service, the issue won't be fixed. I really don't see why this is so surprising to everyone.
  • And my LG V30.
  • Killing the Groove - one of the worse and the most stupid decision ever. It's hard to understand how someone can make such a terrible mistake. 
  • Apple buying Shazam, Micro$oft ending support for song recognition in Cortina.
  • Why didn't Microsoft just port the music recognition over into Cortana or Bing search? It seems that the cancellation of Groove music pass was a last minute decsion which gave them no time to move this feature to other services.
  • Crap! I loved this feature!!!
  • This makes absolutely no sense. Especially since this was a feature before groove was around.
  • I literally only use Cortana for adding things to my Wunderlist now. She became useless on Xbox because of the Kinect discontinuation, and the app on Android just doesn't hold a candle to the windows 10 version. Move on guys. Switch to Android and bixby.
  • Bixby isn't Android, it's Samsung. 
  • Microsoft could have still used song recognition to drive traffic to Bing. Incidentally as of 1/4/18, Bing still provides Play links to Groove Music for song searches (redirects to Groove Music discontinuation FAQ page). Bing also provides links to Amazon MP3 and iTunes.  Google recently added song recognition to Google Assistant. If Microsoft doesn't add song recognition to Cortana on Andorid, it's one fewer reason to make Cortana the default assistant.
  • What the heck! That is horrible!
  • AN OPEN LETTER TO MICROSFT'S CEOs: You killed the Groove and Cortana's music recognition, so here are some other apps and functions you should... So, I think you should kill the Maps now. People can live without the music, and navigation is not so crucial as well. Next, I really think there is no need for the "Microsoft to do" app - who needs it? It's just lost of time and space and money. After that, maybe a few more - for example - why don't you kill the Microsoft weather? I can see the weather through the window and don't need the app to tell me if it's raining. Alarms and clock - completely useless app, I don't understand why you didn't kill it already? The next, I think you should kill the Cortana because who needs the stupid and useless asistent without music recognition ability. Then you should kill the Windows itself because nobody will use it anymore. In fact, you should kill everything and leave Nadella in the cloud writing books about himself.
  • The is why no one is using microsoft anymore. They half ass everything and then dump it when no one uses it.
    Groove for android, GARBAGE.
    Cortana for android garbage. It doesn't do anything useful.
    Outlook is about the worst email app there is.
    No android companion Maps app so no reason to use it on the computer.
    Seriously, OneDrive is about the only good service they have.
  • Death by a thousand cuts...  The best tablet UI is only as good as what out can actually do and Windows increasingly does less and less than the competition, and the disparity is only accelerating.  
  • Here's a question every Windows fan should be asking: if Microsoft do release a folding mobile device, what services will it launch with?  As a fan myself this is a legitimate question, because if it ends up being nothing more than a note taking device with email and office and some call/texting attributes it's never going to appeal to even the most die hardened windows fanatic. It at the very least will have to come with at least some mobile centric services.  Killing off major services like Groove, which has the knock on effect of down skilling cortana, is going to make Microsoft's efforts incredibly tough. 
  • personal assistant AI such as Cortana is no good without your own mobile OS,no matter how good you install it on other mobile OS, your own OS is fully needed
  • SoundHound it's your time to shine, Ms should buy soundhound and evolve the app to identify clips, images, gif and music then roll it all into cortana
  • God no. SoundHound isn't even in the app store beyond an old phone only app. If MS buy it then SoundHound will soon be closed completely.
  • Never knew Cortana did this. I never use song recognition software. No loss for me
  • I stopped keeping up with current music years ago. I often hear something l like while at a store, a restaurant or hanging around somebody. I would us this ID feature quite often and it might lead me to buy the track. This is really disappointing.
  • THat is how I mostly used the feature.  In retaurants, stores, etc. Don't understand why Cortana couldn't still be able to ID the song and just not point to anywhere, or at the vary least a Bing result.
  • Cutting all the features some people use, just bad news for us all.
    But the revamped setting menu now's that looks great BUT you don't need to use the settings menu for daily use, great work there lol
  • Wut? So cancelling the music service creates the need to make my assistant a bit dumber? Just intergrate another service like shazam or something, dont kill the skill :S:S The voice assistant, it's something you prefferably do not make dumber, instead you learn it new skils if they want it to compete.... sounds like a WM story comming up again but this time for Cortana...
  • Well, this is all MS has been doing since early WP7 days. I remember when I didn't needed to use Facebook Messenger app because I could talk to my friends directly from the native "Messaging" app, or didn't needed to use the Twitter app to post a Tweet, and when I could post a status update or upload a photo to my Facebook account without even having the Facebook app installed, it was all well integrated on the OS itself, an experience so easy and straight-forward that make me have the confidence to buy my mother's first smartphone. I even remember someone from MS, Belfiore I think, saying Windows Phone are targeting to be a less "app-centric" OS and having all most used things integrated to the OS instead, yet the OS lost more and more of these useful integrated features at each update...
  • What if the song recognition engine was part of the Alexa <=> Cortana deal that was planned to be executed in the end of last year and as been postponed ? That could explain the ugly situation right now, no ?
  • MS has become such a sad joke.  They are set in the path of becoming the next IBM, an irrelevant company.  When I do eventually switch to iOS or Android I will not be using a single MS service.  Once I leave Windows I am completely out.   Dear MS, Overthrow Nutella while you still have a chance.
  • Too late.  Nutella has become self-aware.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
  • Oh man, this sucks big time, I am so disappointed as I use this feature everyday almost.
  • What sense did that make, since MS pushing the Spotify agenda why not integrate Cortana with that. I have to agree with the guy above MS is really dropping the ball... Maybe you should just stick to computer software. You promote all these accessories, hardware, and apps only to abandon them shortly there after which isn't always in the consumer best interest. Simply put MS isn't consistent anymore
  • In my view the individual feature being removed is not the main issue. If course it is unwelcome and I would like to use my Lumia 950 every day. This makes it less likely I can abandon Android. For me this is actually about the consumer and mobile services ecosystem. If Cortana does less people use it less. If services are removed or, typically, are US only then Cortana and AI are deminished. A pattern of US only features never making anywhere else plus Cortana simply not being available means Microsoft is a junior player. The future maybe that Cortana just disappears and Alexa becomes the AI assistant for Microsoft in the new world of partnerships. If Microsoft sees AI as the future a diminished and less functional Cortana doesn't match the plan. Some users, including me, will be affected by music ID not working. However Google, Amazon and Apple (with Shazam) will step up. Cortana, having started well, has been reduced in status by Microsoft's mobile retrenchment and consumer abandonment strategy. It is not just about whether an individual service makes a profit but how the ecosystem itself works as a consistent whole. At the moment it doesn't and therefore Microsoft damages itself by these decisions. Maybe in two years redstone 8 will replace Cortana with Alexa because it simply makes no sense to have an assistant that can't do much.
  • Cortana is the next thing to be killed off by that moron CEO. By the end of this year say bye bye to Cortana and other things because why not, what's the need of another virtual Microshit always says.
  • Actually Cortana (as part of the AI initiative) is a spearhead for 2018. 
  • Not.
  • I was really referring to the consumer side. AI in the cloud powering Office 365 is a whole different thing.
  • Could MS work together with Amazon on this one? Or Spotify?
  • What is the joy in using Microsoft products and services or still remain in this ecosystem. I better start strategizing my exit!!
  • :)))) PATHETIC!
  • This is why I avoid these online features built into Windows. Furthermore, anything uwp. I configure my Windows 10 machine configured like Windows 7. No cloud, cortana, no ms account, no apps, no store.
  • I used this feature multiple times daily to identify bumper music on podcasts that I'm subscribed to.  I also used to use the QR code reader before MS buried it in camera lenses and then completely got rid of that.  What's next on the chopping block I wonder. There's not much left to axe.
  • Me, too.  I loved having the built in barcode scanner.  It's just stupid to me that I have to use separate apps for every single thing I want to do.
  • Cortana had so much promise... but MS killed her... RIP Cortana.
  • Do we know if Cortana can still find and play my local music collection using Groove? 
  • Yes, it can.
  • Yes it can.  Groove can still play your local and cloud stored music.
  • Dint see why they can't keep it and link it to Amazon music store as part of the Alexa collaboration
  • Or something similar.
  • " Dint see why they can't keep it and link it to Amazon music store " It's called money.  
  • When I had Windows Mobile, this was one of the features I used quite alot. I feel your pain if you are still using WM and used this feature alot.
  • Whilst we are on the subject of Groove, OneDrive music syncing no longer works for me on mobile. I thought about Spotify but they don't have all the artists I like on there.
  • MIght be regional, because it's working fine for me.
  • If Microsoft continues this journey to a cloud company, then I think we'll see another os rising in consumer market. Maybe Fuchsia OS from Google will be the next big thing for consumers... Who knows...
  • Just one more thing Microsoft is doing to disgust their users.  They simply don't care.
  • I think I will come out with a song titled "Song Unrecognized" on my album titled "This Service is Retired".  And my band will be named "Music Continues"  My Album artwork will simply be a grey square with white headphones in the center.
  • LOL!
  • Honestly, I don't even know what Cortana can do anymore.
  • Let's Play a game. How many things can windows get rid of and still keep any customer base? Nedalla needs to understand that losing consumers is the best way to get rid of enterprise customers as well. Consumers driver every market. If i am using other products i.e. phones tablets etc. on another platform - it won't take long until I start using them at work as well. These guys need to get a clue.
  • Shazam still works fine under W10M though. - ditto SoundHound. So it's not as if you can't still recognise music....
  • But you can't download it from the store. We need the package to install manually.
  • Great start  to 2018 for Microsoft the new IBM.
  • RIP Microsoft. They are making themselves less competitive in smart assistaint (and consumer) market by their own choice.
  • Why does there appear to be this joined industry effort to cause Windows Mobile devices, and any type of MS technology to fail by not supporting it?  I get the point where a company says they wont build an app for the Windows OS because there is a lack of consumers to use it, but at the same time consumers have a lack of interest because the companies are not building apps for the OS.  The consumer choice is being limited when that happens.  Not to turn this into a political thing, but it's similar to the last election where you had Trump (Android), and Clinton (Apple) as the choices given to the public, while there was still interest from potential voters for Sanders (Windows) who was being downplayed / stymied by the media (tech journalist), and the democratic party (companies building apps).  This is just my perception of how things appear to be playing out in the industry.  There's more to it of course, but just wanted to say that.
  • Huh? I get what you're saying but this is Microsoft failing to support their own product (Spotify doesn't have Song ID built-in, AFAIK.)
  • BREAKING NEWS: Microsoft kills Microsoft. 
  • Day by day, W10 will be back to square one. Just a Windows 7 with a face lift.
  • Ugh. It's stuff like this that makes being a Microsoft fan frustrating at times. Microsoft is really good at creating partnerships and relying on them, but this is a case of relying on your partners too much. Great to partner with Spotify, but if they don't offer Song ID, then license a music database from Gracenote or something? How did this solution not get implemented in whatever Cortana product dev meetings happened? Even worse: how was the framework allowed to remain while the feature itself was deprecated, resulting in what nearly amounts to failed queries that expose code? This embarrassingly poor product management. Song ID is a pretty basic AI assistant feature, which means Cortana will now be subpar right out of the gate vs. Alexa and Google Assistant. It's kinda like having a car without a sunroof. You may not use or miss the feature every day, but you'll profoundly feel its absence the moment you wanna use it and realize it's not there. C'mon Microsoft, I thought we were past basic missteps like this after Ballmer left. This is a Ballmer/Gates-era oversight.
  • T____________________________________T . Saw this happening miles away.
  • MS doesnt want my business anymore -- and hasnt for some time.  Now my 950 cant even detect music anymore, even if I have to buy it from Spotify?  Like I'm going to fumble for a 3rd party app when a song is playing for a few seconds?  This is insane.  As another poster just mentioned, why not just kill off Maps too!  And Weather.  Why not, just chuck it all.  Does anyone else make a 21MP camera phone?  I'm ready to bail on this mess -- and when I do, F-U MS I wont be using your damned Cortana or BS launcher etc.  If Google or Apple wants my business on their services, they at least have cared enough to earn it!  They dont screw over their consumer customers like MS has.
  • Shazam is still here.
  • But you can't download it 'currently unavailable' Does anyone have the separate package we can install manually?
  • That sucks. I was trying to identify a song yesterday. It kept saying unknown now I know why.
  • Shazam should create a PWA (Progressive Web App). It won’t be a native app but it’s better than nothing. I think PWAs have the ability to access the microphone.
  • I’m right here with everyone; it pains me when Microsoft pulls the plug on features that worked well in the interest of keeping lean. I'm not sure that is the case here. While the PR portion was handled in poor fashion, from a technical standpoint, the song identification algorithm they were using was most likely leveraging the servers and API that were also responsible for providing Groove to customers. To keep it online, they would have needed to either redesign it or keep portions of the server farm online to keep it afloat. Thus, cutting it is strictly business, why spend money on something that makes you nothing. I’d find it hard to believe that they’d cut something that worked well just because they felt like it. A lot of these random features and their code go on for decades, just look through the windows directory or the registry on a PC; there’s stuff in there that hasn’t been a ‘feature’ or ‘useful’ in decades, but they leave it just in case there is a small pocket of users and because it isn’t hurting anything.  
  • In MS they know exactly how to pull their customers' legs.
    Don't worry Satya, we're not going to buy anything from MS, as you command.
  • Thanks nutella, good job
  • sad news... hope they connect cortana to spotify Database