Good old Shazam is back with a solid update for those on Windows 10 desktop. The popular music ID app is now on version is now live in the Store and going out as an update for those with it already installed. The big change is the app is now Windows 10 based.

Indeed, looking through the app there are a few changes including the telltale back arrow key in the top left corner. Windows 8.1 apps run with the hamburger button for legacy controls, whereas Windows 10 apps get the back button for navigation. Additionally, the Shazam logo is modernized to match their app on other platforms.

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Reader of the site Marcelo informs us of some other changes:

"…Furthermore, it is MUCH more organized and easier to use. Now I can easily see functions I did not even know they existed in the PC version. There is even an integration to buy songs directly from Microsoft Store."

The app has crashed on us a few times, so all is not perfect, but it could be just some early glitches.

Unfortunately, the Windows 10 Mobile is still the same one, which is the same build for Windows Phone 8.1 meaning that is not yet a Windows 10 app. Hopefully, Shazam will push out that update once Windows 10 Mobile becomes a thing officially later in November / December.

Download Shazam for Windows 10

Thanks, Marcelo, and Tales, for the tips!

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