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Cortana no longer works with Wunderlist

Now that Cortana can sync lists with Microsoft To-Do, Microsoft is dropping the digital assistant's integration with Wunderlist. In March, Microsoft quietly revealed that the integration would end on April 15, and users are now starting to receive messages alerting them that Cortana will no longer sync with Wunderlist.

"I can no longer sync your lists with Wunderlist," the Cortana notification reads. "You can now sync your lists with Microsoft To-Do!"

Importantly, any data that you've previously synced between Wunderlist and Cortana will continue to be available on both services. You'll just no longer be able to sync new lists between either service, with Microsoft pushing users to To-Do instead.

The move from Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do is a path Microsoft has been on for some time. After acquiring Wunderlist in 2015, Microsoft launched To-Do in 2017. At launch, Microsoft said its goal was to eventually retire Wunderlist after it "incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do." The process has been a slow one, but the company has made a significant push to bolster To-Do's features.

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  • Pity. MS keeps pushing Microsoft To-Do but it still isn't exactly as good as Wunderlist and the design is just generic as all get out versus the nice, vivid backgrounds you can have on Wunderlist.
  • There was a time when Cortana was the most advanced assistant on a phone... Short lived..
  • Buy a company, gut them, then throw them to the curb, gotta love Big Business.
  • Ummm its the same team that built Wunderlist, founder included, that's building MS To-Do. So idk who or what is being thrown away in this situation besides an app that is already being rebuilt on a better tech platform.
  • My mistake then.
  • Didn't Wunderlist's founder already jump ship?
  • Made the switch today. It was pretty seamless. Even my wife found the switch to be easy.
  • My biggest qualm with To-Do is the inability to assign tasks to people, and then as part of that getting notifications when someone completes a task. You can have "sharred" lists but it doesn't tell me when someone adds a task or completes one. What a bummer.
  • That feature is being worked on now. Search the Microsoft To-do UserVoice and look.
  • You're welcome, Dan :-)
  • Does Cortana do anything anymore?
  • Never really did , was may more hype that what final product turned out to be. I havent used cortana nclose to 2 years, becasue, it just isnt all that functional.