Cortana integration with Microsoft To-Do rolls out to everyone

Microsoft To Do Windows 10
Microsoft To Do Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft To-Do integration with Cortana has been in testing with Windows Insiders for weeks, but now its ready for everyone. Microsoft announced the rollout (opens in new tab) today, adding that tasks will now stay in sync between Cortana, Outlook Tasks, and Microsoft To-Do.

You'll now be able to simply ask Cortana to add a task to your to-do list, and it will appear across Microsoft To-Do and Outlook Tasks as well across all of your devices. If you get granular with specific times, like asking Cortana to remind you of something you need to do at noon, To-Do will send you a notification at the correct time.

Microsoft To-Do Cortana match

For now, Cortana integration with Microsoft To-Do is only available in English in Australia, India, the U.S., and the UK. Those in other regions who want to give it a try, however, can change their region and language settings to do so. Otherwise, just make sure that you're signed into the To-Do app and Outlook with the same personal or enterprise account you have connected to Cortana, and you'll be good to go.

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  • So need to move all my lists from Wunderlist over, then disconnect from Wunderlist and I should be good to go based upon what I have read so far..
  • Now if the Alexa app would allow default List Selction to MS ToDo I will be one step closer to my ideal!
  • We posted a guide on sending stuff to To-Do from Alexa fairly recently. There's a third party skill that can hijack the Alexa list and send items to To-Do instead. It's basic but it works.
  • I gotta look for that guide because I've been trying to accomplish this for a week now with no real success.
  • The skill is called Wonder Do It but from what I can tell it only works for default tasks and shopping list, not custom named lists.
  • That's the one I've tried. It stopped working after a couple days and hasn't worked since.
  • That's great. Can you share a link please?
  • Ugh. Alexa. I think I will puke.
  • Remember to swallow afterward so that you not lose any valuable nutrients.
    Remember also that the Cortana integration is only usable in four English speaking countries while Alexa covers a lot more languages and territories. This is about bringing a good thing to the masses and not hoarding functionality for a few.
    I hope your puke was a tasty on the way down as it was on the way up.
  • This is exciting news! What I'd like to know is if it might be possible to restrict which devices the reminder is done on? For example, I've got a reminder each work day to get up for work at 5:30 AM. I created this on my phone (Lumia 950, Windows 10 Mobile) some years ago. However, I can disable it on my phone, if for example, I'm taking a day off. However, Cortana on my Harman-Karman Invoke still tells whoever's in the room that it's time to get up for work, at 5:30 AM. When you've got a day off, you do NOT want to be waken at 5:30 AM.
  • Why not simply use the Alarm & Clock app on your Lumia? That alarm is on the phone only, that's what I use. You select all the days od the week you want and it will be on automatic every selected days every week.
  • Bc he's trying to get in the habit of using modern tools and methods. Encourage his trek forward. Your solution is only safe for under a year's time
  • Ok sure that's fine, but using an alarm clock to wake up is not unmodern either. It's not like he/she is saying go by an old alarm clock and use that. It's about using what is the most effective tool to reach your goal. A standard alarm clock on your smart phone will work just as effectively or more effectively, depending on the situation.
  • It will keep working as long as his Lumia XXX phone keeps working. My nokia A6 symbian phone alarm still works fine.
  • Suggest it through the feedback portal. But I can tell everyone here that Alexa is far from perfect as I have the HK, Echo Show, the dot, and Sonos One with Alexa and they have issue like when commercials come on That say Alexa, the all engage... Sound familiar; also, there lots of things Alex can't do when asking some basic tasks I get the same response, I get when the HK w/Cortana so what one can't do, I ask the other.
  • I think context-specific or device-specific reminders is great, but I'm not sure why you don't just use a regular alarm clock.
  • So if i create my reminders, lists on my Harmon-Karman Invoke using Cortana it will synchronize to my skype, windows 10 mobile 950XL and outlook ?
  • Suddenly my Invoke got a lot more useful.
  • This works very well until I get my reminder from Cortana, then Outlook then To Do. Three reminders for the same thing. Plus these are repeated for each device.
  • ^This. Completing on one device doesn't seem to complete it on another...
  • Yup it's cloud focus, so should be able to sync that up!
  • Is this only on PC? I can't get it to work on my Android. Not complaining, To-Do is most certainly taking off. It's great.
  • It's working on my S9+ with the Microsoft Launcher. I had to unlink Wunderlist from Cortana before it did.
  • Glad to hear, I have almost the same configuration and will be following your lead.
  • In what way is it great? still hasn't caught up to the 3 year old Wunderlist
  • Is there any way to get this to work with Google home yet?
  • I totally read "available for everyone" as "available for everyone", instead of "English only for US and 3 other countries". My bad.
  • Lol right. The author should change that
  • Technically, it said "rolls out to everyone," and that "roll out" part is language specific to those four countries where it would be well-understood. Outside those countries, the headline was designed to confuse. New Zealanders right now are in fits.
  • The problem is Todo blows. Huge MS fan, but its a grocery list app.
  • You say it like it's a bad thing. Also, To Do is basically Wunderlist, which was a valuable app they bought, and this is developed by the same guys.
  • In way does it blow? It has come a long way since it first started, still missing a few things compared to wunderlist but it's almost there. I've switched over completely from wunderlist a while ago.
  • Me too, switched completely, and To Do is a lot better already.
  • I know that To-Do is still catching up to Wunderlist in terms of features, but they're on their way. It's clear from the trajectory they've taken, and the fact that MS bought Wunderlist in the first place. If you don't like To-Do, you can still use Wunderlist. What's the big deal?
  • This is the most important step ever taken in computer and technology. This is huge. Just wow. The pinnacle of Microsoft vision for our future.
  • Right, people who don't need to-do lists - I think the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calls them "non-work, non-school, non-life" - would have a hearty laugh after reading this article, then dive right back into the dumpster.
  • This is a great step forward for MS PIM integration. It seems to be working flawlessly on my PC. The Cortana interface for To-Do is a little unrefined but it's functional and I'm sure refinements are coming. Good job, MS.
  • I am saddend by this news that there is still no progress in region and language support, after Cortana has existed for over 5 years. It's the same message of select market usecase and the claim that ther is some merrit to changing region settings to try it out. However in real world use outside the mentioned countries the usecase value is poor at best because Cortana simply doesn't understand all language accent nuances and words common in other regions, which means it isn't usable in text or voice input forms. I would like to use it for business, but at this point in time there is little to no business value in real world productivity. My comment is not to bash Cortana, I still think it has a lot of potential, but after seven years, I would have expected microsoft to show progress in the language and regional support. It hasn't and has come to a practical standstill. And this while Microsoft still wants to promote Cortana as a prime feature in their product offerings in the gobal market. Microsoft promised in 2015 to support more languages in time and ramp this up in 2017. I haven't heard much in this department. A wishful sigh remains at best.
  • Nice. Works for me, just had to disconnect Wunderlist...
  • Meanwhile Outlook Mobile still has Wunderlist and not ToDo