Cortana integration with Microsoft To-Do rolls out to everyone

Microsoft To-Do integration with Cortana has been in testing with Windows Insiders for weeks, but now its ready for everyone. Microsoft announced the rollout today, adding that tasks will now stay in sync between Cortana, Outlook Tasks, and Microsoft To-Do.

You'll now be able to simply ask Cortana to add a task to your to-do list, and it will appear across Microsoft To-Do and Outlook Tasks as well across all of your devices. If you get granular with specific times, like asking Cortana to remind you of something you need to do at noon, To-Do will send you a notification at the correct time.

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Microsoft To-Do Cortana match

For now, Cortana integration with Microsoft To-Do is only available in English in Australia, India, the U.S., and the UK. Those in other regions who want to give it a try, however, can change their region and language settings to do so. Otherwise, just make sure that you're signed into the To-Do app and Outlook with the same personal or enterprise account you have connected to Cortana, and you'll be good to go.

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