Cortana now launches 20 percent faster on iOS, Microsoft says

Cortana may not enjoy the same level of tight integration on iOS as it does on Windows, but the app still has its users. And if you count yourself among them, you may notice Cortana seems a little speedier the next time you launch the app on your iPhone.

Alongside a general batch of bug fixes and performance improvements, Microsoft claims that the latest update to Cortana on iOS brings a 20 percent speed boost to its launch time.

  • Cortana now launches 20% faster! Enjoy a lightning-fast Cortana experience.
  • Bug and performance fixes for higher levels of productivity.

In absolute terms, that's definitely a hefty speed increase. However, all perceptions are relative, so the improved launch time may go unnoticed if it was already sufficiently speedy on your phone. Still, improving the launch time of an app is nothing to scoff at.

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If you happen to use Cortana on iOS, you can grab the latest update to version 2.6.7 on the App Store now. And if you have yet to try the app, it's worth a look if you're already a heavy Cortana user on your PC.

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