It looks like the Microsoft Cortana team is tweaking responses to some Halo-themed questions. Starting today, users began to notice that when asking Cortana about the famous first-person space adventure, she now responds with an image of the object in question in addition to her usual canned-audio response.

To initiate the results, users just have to ask Cortana 'What is Halo?' or 'Where is Master Chief'. Even asking about the Flood brings up an image of the baddie.

Although a nice touch for Halo fans, this addition of photos and images to search inquiries may signify something bigger. Right now, the images appear with only Halo questions, but presumably, this may expand to other canned response and traditional searches.

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Regardless, it is a rather cool expansion of an already funny capability of Cortana. Can you find any more images? Let us know below!

Update: Many users in comments are pointing other, non-Halo examples e.g. 'Do you like me?' and 'I am sick'. Read in the comments for others!

Via: Reddit