Cortana will be fluent in Canadian in time for Windows Phone 8.1

Canadians will be happy to hear that Cortana will be ready for The Great White North in time for the rollout of Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana was shown working live at a Canadian telecom conference, and 8.1 is due sometime this summer, so expect to get your hands on the feature soon.

Cortana is a voice-based assistant that helps users with all sorts of daily tasks, such as booking meetings in the device calendar, conducting on-the-fly web searches, initiating calls, get GPS directions, and plenty more.

There are, of course, workarounds to the U.S.-only localization of Cortana, and many will likely still have to resort to them in the immediate future, but the Canadian release bodes well for further global expansion of the signature Windows Phone feature.

Americans, how often do you guys use Cortana? Are you happy with the performance?

Source: MobileSyrup

Simon Sage