Could this Nokia Atlas be the Lumia 820 variant for Verizon?

Late last week we wrote in length about the unwarranted uproar caused by the AT&T exclusive Nokia announcements. At the centre of the controversy was the notion that there would not be a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device coming to Verizon. [Actually, it was about them not getting the Lumia 920 -Ed.]

We could be seeing the first signs of life from the coming Nokia refresh for Verizon as The Verge reports, via @evkleaks, on this Atlas device.

Very much in line with what we predicted, the Atlas will sport a 4.3” display and takes on a nicely curved design. It’s likely this is either the Arrow device we saw earlier or based closely on it, either way it’s looking pretty handsome. Now we have seen the T Mobile Lumia 810, it's becoming much clearer how these “exclusives” are going to play out with Nokia's marketing switch to provide carriers with differentiation in hardware. 

The Verge reports that according to their sources, the Atlas should be arriving in November alongside the HTC Windows Phone 8X. They also add that Verizon should be announcing this in the coming days, which is likely of great relief to those who are struggling with their original Windows Phone devices.

Nokia has already stated that they were going to work with the carriers to produce specialised devices. Here in Europe our carriers don’t usually go in for these exclusives, but in the US the main carriers seem to do business this way. It can be a good way to generate a little more excitement and to make sure if you are marketing a product, those dollars aren’t helping to boost a competitor.

The Atlas, if based on the Lumia 820 spec will be a fine replacement choice for those reaching their contract term on Verizon. What we still don’t know but are highly sceptical about is if there will be a Lumia 920 device made available too. Many would certainly like to see this but as yet we haven’t seen any indication that Verizon are going to get one. That could be due to a stricter AT&T exclusive or simply the case that with the Atlas and the HTC 8X Verizon don’t see the need to stock such a handset.

Based on this new information, are our Verizon readers happy with Windows Phone upgrade choices? Would you leave your network just to secure a desired handset?

Source: @evleaks (Twitter) via The Verge; thanks, everyone, who tipped us!

Robert Brand
  • Makes me a bit happier would like some specs to release on it I wonder did they add gorilla glass to this one? If there's no 922 in the works I'll definitely be getting this device. Can't wait
  • If there's no OIS camera, no higher res / nicer display, no bigger battery, I won't be buying any new hardware this round.  I'll wait it out.  I could do with the lower memory, given that it has a micro SD slot, but I want the camera and the display, and want the battery to drive it.  Oh - and while I don't know if I'll get the wireless charging (depends on what they cost) I want the option if they are not going to be outrageous.
  • My contract is up in January.
    I certainly won't buy a phone with this res. If there's no 920 variant, and I am as skeptical as the author, I likely won't be upgrading at that time. If there's no hint of a more impressive Nokia for Verizon by then I will consider other options fairly seriously.
    A higher resolution and better camera are the two must-haves for me. Truthfully I'm not wholly sold on the 920s size, so I'd love to see an 820 with a better resolution and significantly better camera. Oh, well, can't get everything (for some reason.)
  • I GET that the Nokia's are great phones,,,but is why is everybody so fast to shoot down the 8X as an option? Its a great phone in its own rights with a nice screen and higher res. SAME snapdragon processor running at 1.5GH dedicated imaging chip for nice lowlight pictures, Beats audio with TWO dedicated amps for lineout and rear speaker.
    Seems like a pretty good choice to me.
  • My 1st choice without seeing the 8x and whatever Nokia lets Verizon have IS the 8x.  It's design is much better looking in my opinion and it will fit in my pocket nicely.  I'm also liking what I hear about the camea and I'm very interested in the Beats Audio.  The 16 gig storage is not a big deal to me since that's what I have in my Andoid phone and I have a lot of pics and music that doesn't seem to take up much space.  With LTE acess to my Skydrive, I really don't need more.  I think Nokia needs to step it up. 
  • 8X vs. 822. I'm shooting for the 8X, if the specs are the same as the 800. Really wanted pureview.....sigh.
  • Nokia Atlast!! Lol soo funny
  • Doesn't really hold a candle to the design of the 920 or 820. And I think people were much more upset about the exclusivity of the 920. I hope there will be a variant on other carriers.
  • yup, I thought a VZ 820 variant was a given (hasn't this been rumored for ages?).. but while the 8X is nice too, that won't cut it for me. I like my Trophy but don't think I'll get a non-Nokia WP anytime soon; their offerings are just so much better than the rest (hardware design + software support), and the 920 just looks so damn nice. if there isn't a variant I'll just hop-over to AT&T; either way with an upgrade to a 4G phone I'm losing my unlimited data plan, so there's really no reason to stick it out with big red..
  • +1 Exactly the same for me.
  • Ding...Ding..Ding! We have a winner! You explained exactly what I am thinking in your post. Bravo.
  • You said all I wanted to say. I will no longer play Verizon game, so I do want a Nokia phone a the 920 is what I want and nothing less and if Verizon is not having it or similar then AT&T is what is going to take, well, here we go AT&T.
  • For the first time I'm considering the same thing...
  • You could buy off contract and keep your unlimited. In fact, if you at are getting anything more than the minimum data plan you actually come out ahead.
  • I did the math recently and couldn't believe how much more a share plan would be for me.  I just need to figure out how to afford buying a phone outright.  In the long run it is a big savings but coming up with the money in the short term is a bit difficult.
    I am actually considering keeping my Trophy for a while if it gets a 7.8 update soon. 
  • This...thanks for saving me the time from writing all of this. Not looking forward to leaving VZW but I'll do what I need to do.
  • I don't think a 920 variation will be available. It wouldn't make any sense from a marketing point of view to spent that much money and effort in promoting the 920 for the last month and weeks to come and then change the name to something else. The 820 never received such a treatment and in fact the presentation of the 820 was kind of a sidenote. The 920 will be the flagship, there is no room for a 922 or 930 or something like that. Additionally people would tend to think the 922 might be better or newer then the 920. this kind of confusion is tolerable for your budget devices but not your flagship.
  • +1
  • The number 910 is still free. However the rounded thing in the picture looks more like a 720 to me.
  • ok then they can have 918 or 920a that will only confuse people if they dont want to make think 9xx is better than 920 ;p
  • LOL!
  • Yeah, but still. Imagine you develop something, a product and then you go and advertise product X. You tell everybody how great it is and what it can do and when the time comes and everybody knows about your product X you start selling it under prduct Y. Think of a car manufacturer like Ford or whatever advertsing their new Focus and then actually calling it Balance. People would go in the store to buy a Focus and the Salesman would tell them that he has no Focus. He has a Balance which for all intent and purpose is the same car. More or less. Just looks a little different. 
  • That would actually work though. Good sales basics says that you offer the closest option you have if the customer knows specifically what they want.
  • Excited to see how this compares to the 810. This whole carrier exclusivity reminds me of what Samsung did with their first galaxy s phone.
  • am I the only one to realize a tile for VMs? hmmmm visual VM maybe?
  • Mango had VVM...
  • Looks like a 710 on steroids.
  • I like the look of this phone and the 820 over the squared look of the 920. Most likely the 8X for me though. Will have to wait and see and feel them for myself. As for Verizon, I think they are doing better with WP8. And no I wouldn't switch to get a certain phone, AT&T sucks in Nebraska! GBR! :P
  • "As for Verizon, I think they are doing better with WP8."
    I suppose having two phones instead of one (like with WP7) is better.
  • Still might get the Samsung but doubt it. And at least they are at least decent phones.
  • I also live in Nebraska and completely agree with you druger81. If you don't live in Omaha or Lincoln, AT&T is pointless.
  • If you don't live in Omaha or Lincoln why live in Nebraska?
  • Country living... I am from just outside Lincoln. I loved it and would love to move back if I did not have to take a 66% paycut.
  • It's unbelievable that coverage from all carriers doesn't yet blanket the country. That is lame.
  • But then the commercials would have you believe otherwise.
  • Uh..there aren't any mountains in Nebraska..
  • I really want the camera of the 920 on Verizon whether it's on this device or a variant of the 920.
  • Agreed... I want the camera and the ability to use gloves. Winter is coming. I have been waiting for my sprint contract to expire to move over to Verizon, for signal reasons. So, the sooner Verizon delivers a phone I want after my contract expires, the sooner they'll have me. Until then, my Arrive is working OK, despite how many times I've fumbled it in grand fashion recently.
  • You can wear gloves and use the 820, err 822 whatever
  • I didn't think so...but if anyone could clarify this it would really make the 8xx significantly better in most people's eyes.
  • it is stated on Nokia website.. i guess they blew it again
  • The Lumia 820 100% has the Super Sensitive Touch display.
  • i really just want wireless charging and, unless nokia is making changable backplates in many different shapes and sizes, it looks like we're not going to get the option with this phone.
  • This is just ridiculous what Nokia is doing! 810, 820, 822 what the hell is this crap!!!! I'm sure Nokia & Microsoft could have worked something out to get the 820 & 920 on Verizon, T Mobile, and At&t at the same time. All these different variations of the same phone is crazy. Slightly different here and there is just crazy! Two phones on the three carriers is the way to go. Keep things simple!!!!
  • What do you care?
  • Hmmmm... Why does he care that Nokia provides the high end, Hero device and the lesser but still excellent next option to all carriers so that everyone who wants gets all choices?
    No idea. It's a mystery to me. How completely unreasonable.
  • It doesn't hurt anything, dude.
  • It actually hurts me in one area, accessories.  The ranges of accessories will again be limited for all of these where if they had at least one case design then accessories might actually be availabile.  Sucks to never have a choice for cases and the like.
    I'm still rocking my Titan II with no case at all because I could not find one anywhere that worked for me.  No good belt clip either.  My S3 on the other hand, has accessories out the wazoo, though still nothing compared to the iPhone lol.
  • Well, it raises costs and profitability margins for Nokia, with additional design, engineering and manufacturing requirements. Don't think they can pass these exclusive costs down to the carriers. But it's not unusual. WalMart and Club stores have been doing this for decades. Differentiating, and increasing the cost of your products.
  • US carriers want unique devices to peddle as exclusives, not the same devices shared on all carriers.  It is not the same in other countries.  The US mobile carrier scenario sucks.
  • Nokia is really showing just how out of touch with the US they are with this phone release. You're absolutely correct - Nokia's moronic attempt to fragment the market with multiple devices for no ****ing good reason is Nokia doing it's best to keep it's stock low. Why can't these companies understand that the reason Apple gets so much love is because they keep their products simple. It should have been 920 and 820 on every carrier. Instead what we have are tons of varients with minor differences and the major phone everyone wants on the carrier everyone in the US hates. I love the Lumia 900, but I'm seriously questioning the logic of Nokia not releasing the same model for every carrier.
  • I don't like it at all ...but that is me
  • That looks like the 510 which was floating around last week.
  • That looks too big for a 5xx.
  • Yeah does look bigger. But also it looks to rounded to be like the 820 or 810. The bottom if the phone looks like the 610.
  • My guess was a 720, but 620 is also plausible if it's a low-spec one.
  • If i could get the pureview camera and hd+ screen om the 810 , ill be satisfied.
  • Looks like a Samsung focus.
  • looks really good atleast better than 810
  • This looks like the damn Jitter Bug....what are you thinking Verizon?
  • People here are never satisfied . Daing -.-
  • Amen
  • Some of us want a high end device with WXVGA (720/768) and the Pureview camera, doesn't look like an 8xx model will cut it.
  • Yup.
    We have to choose between either our current carrier and a so-so device or a different carrier and a fantastic device.
    Not sure why we're expected to be happy with that. Daiiiing. Or something.
  • Understand, Verizon is Americas head honcho when it comes to cellular. For us to get a crippled version of an already second tier phone is a smack in the face.
  • The verizon logo is so ugly
  • And too big for the space it was crammed in. It ruins an otherwise good design.
  • If there is no variant of 920, then there is still a warrented uproar by the audience. This variant means nothing to me, and is typical Verizon. During WP7, Verizon got only the Trophy and wondered why there were no sales...
  •  Precisely. 
    Look at all of the polls on this site.  Everyone is excited for the 920.  At the Nokia event last month even Nokia didn’t seem very excited for the 820.  So of course, let’s give everyone access to a phone that no one (generally speaking) is excited about, the 810/820/822, but make the phone with all the bells and whistles that everyone’s drooling over exclusive to AT&T.  Sorry, but that’s a load of Barbra Streisand.
    I’m not grabbing my pitchfork and torches just yet since nothing is official.  But I am certainly not happy right now.
  • +1 P.S. Great user name.
  • Thank you. =D
  • +1. I would give you a +2, but that might make your head swell.
    Verizon needs the Flagship. It should have insisted on it. I still believe a 920 is coming, but after an exclusive period, which I believe AT&T deserves after their WP 7 support. But Verizon customers deserve the top end choice.
  • Agree. I wouldn't be surprised if a 920 variant shows up for Verizon around Spring.
  • Lol @ unwarranted uproar. I don't think people were upset about the possibility of no Nokia on Verizon. They were upset the 920 is an exclusive, temporary or otherwise.
  • Thanks but no thanks if that is the only Nokia device Verizon is getting. And im still planning on avoiding HTC  so unless there is a surprise, I am either switching to ATT or back to the waiting game.
  • Hopefully, the ATIV is coming as well, though Samsung needs to prove it's support of WP. I am sure it will be a great option, but with Android and Tizen on their plate, will WP8 just be leftovers?
  • It's funny how carriers (especially Verizon) say that windows phone doesn't sell very well. Uhh, yeah, no s***. That's what happens when you handicap these launches by NOT getting the best phone!! Where is the 920?!?
  • On the other hand the iPhone sells in millions despite of being exclusive to at&t
  • Historically, yes. But those days are long gone. The success of the iPhone can't be duplicated. Nokia needs it's Flagship, or a Flagship, on every carrier.
  • It was the only one of its kind back then. Ipods made the iPhone super popular, phone plus iTunes all in one!
  • Looks like a cheap plasticy mid range android, what a bite for Verizon users, I would have liked a high end 920
  • I bet it's the same plastic as in the Lumia 710, which doesn't look or feal cheap.
  • Guess I'll have to get my hands on one, which may not be easy because the Verizon stores around here don't stock WP and ridicule anyone that asks about em
  • Salespeople that ridicule customers should find another line of work.
  • boo
  • This phone looks like it would be called the Lumia 720 lol
  • I completely agree.. :-/
  • Well to be fair Nokia did say that there would be a unique device on every carrier.  Too bad that device happens to be a mid range device instead of tha high end one. I personnally am looking forward to seeing a side by side of the the 810, 820, and 822.
  • This is not nearly as sexy as the 820 or 920....wanted a top of the line Lumia, but might take the 8x or switch to AT&T. Verizon is the largest wireless company and gets the worst phones. So sick of this...:-(
  • Verizon doesn't want to spend the money to carry a flagship cause other windows phones didn't sell well, but they never sold any windows phones cause they didn't carry them and didn't train staff that they were a good option.
    I have a contract coming up in a few months on Sprint, and my coverage in northern michigan has gotten worse and worse, but Verizon is good up here and there are some areas of 4G already. ATT is okay, but I really, really don't want to go to them, and their coverage is not as good.
    I have time to wait, but I hope it is a limited exclusive and VZ gets the 920 in the spring. I'm not buying a mid-grade device this time around.
  • If I was in your situation, I'd also wait until Spring to see if something else will come out for Verizon.
  • Not to sound like a jerk but we Trophy users have been waiting long enough. I am not waiting anymore. If Verizon doesn't announce a 9xx model before the end of the year, I am dropping them. They have had plenty of time and plenty of chances. I am sick of everyone I know having real options on their phones and being able to select high end devices.
  • I know what you mean, but at least you know Verizon will have two WP8s. Can you imagine those that are on Sprint? Yikes!
    If you switch to AT&T, how much of a change (monthly costs, signal coverage) will that be?
  • We Trophy users have about 3 months to wait. That's when our 2 year contracts are up for renewal. At least mine, according to Verizon, and I ordered mine the day it was made available so I'd wager that's true for most of us.
  • This looks like the damn Jitter Bug....what are you thinking Verizon?
  • As I stated in the forums, it is ugly, but the more important aspect is what's inside. So if it has the screen and camera of the 920, then this will be my phone. If not, then, I'll wait a bit longer for the fabled 922 or the 8x.
  • Not digging the design, but it's not awful.  But if this comes without those bells and whistles from the 920, ie PureMotionHD+, Pureview, etc, VZW customers (myself included) will still be disappointed.  However, having choices is never a bad thing.
  • Out of everything beautiful Nokia has and will make, we get this?!? This phone reminds me of 2010.
  • I dont want a mid grade phone. I would be happy with a 920 unless this is a 920 with a different name and round corners I dont want it. Verizon is the only thing that works up here in the sticks of maine though so looks like I am stuck. So stupid.
  • Nokia Lumia 808. *BOOM BOOM-BOOM BOOM*
  • if my options are only going to be this or the htc 8x then my decision just got a lot easier -- 8x please and thank you.  with this design, i obviously wouldn't be able to get the changable backplates with optional wireless charging (i.e. the best part about the 820) unless they're making them separately for verizon, t-mobile, etc. oh well, at least verizon customers now have the illusion of choice.....
  • T-Mobile's 810 will have the option for a wireless charging backplate so perhaps the Verizon version will do as well.
  • aside from resolution the lumia 810/20/22 is not a bad phone. im on atnt so i lucked out for the 920 but if i was on verizon (which i will never be regardless of how good the service is) the 822 doesnt look bad, not to mention the 8x and the ATIV S will be on their service. you still have options. Whats all the humbug about nokia screwing people, sure their decision to be exclusive to atnt was a bad way to go but thats assuming verizon wanted to carry it. for all we know they (verizon/tmo) opted for the lower end phone, possibly to avoid killing sales of their android hardware.
  • +1, although I wonder why you say you'll never be on Verizon regardless of how good their service is. What don't you like about Verizon?
  • I should rather say never again when I was on Verizon there was always something extra to pay for it felt like there was always hidden fees
  • Thanks for the explanation. I was thinking about bailing out of AT&T for Verizon, mainly due to a "grass is greener" mentality that I have. The 920 is only on AT&T (for now), so I guess I'll stay put.
  • thats okay no problem i live in Boston and for me anyway atnt has better service where i live. idk where you live but the 920 would be a reason to stay i guess. where are you from?
  • Without PureView, an 822 is sloppy seconds.  I may end up with it, but it will be after I've worked really hard to see how cheaply I can move to AT&T leaving my family behind on Verizon.
  • That Verizon logo across the bottom is the suck btw.  Yuck!  I think that it makes it look much worse overall.  At least be smaller?
  • Agreed. Super FUGLY logo. Makes it look like one of those LG almost-smartphones. Does the 8X only have it on the back? If so, good on HTC.
  • One more reason to validate my leaving Verizon behind in June, crap customer service and if you don't want either an iphone or android phone it seems that they don't want you either.  When my pre plus started to act up after a Verizon tower update they did everything they could to try to get me to switch to either a iphone or android variant, I told them that I wanted a windows phone and that their choice was not up to par so I would be leaving, they couldn't understand why I wouldn't want to use my upgrade on a 2 year old mid tiered phone. So now I use an att pre pay until I can get my hands on a 920. (I've been jealous of my girlfriends 900 for months, in a few weeks the tables will turn ;) ) 
    /end rant 
  • Oh, the tables will turn indeed ;-)
  • This story is dumb.  Hate to say told you so?  Nope, you're wrong.  People weren't upset about the possibility of Verizon not getting a Nokia phone, they (I) were upset about not getting the 920.  I think WinFan1 is right... Verizon will not get a Flagship high-end Windows phone because they do not want to pull sales away from the high-end Android devices.
  • Well the story is not dumb but Verizon's decision (so far) is. I agree that Verizon has a lot invested in Android (especially Motorola phones) and the iPhone.
  • @Khensu  Saw your post and disagree. We were 100% accurate in stating that Verizon would get their own variant of the Lumia.  You're confusing our being right on a story with your sour grapes over not getting the Lumia 920, evidently, on Verizon. Big difference and that disappointment is not on us to take.
  • I'm saying the premise of the entire story is wrong.  "At the centre of the controversy was the notion that there would not be a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device coming to Verizon."  I don't think anyone was thinking this and from looking at the comments I think I'm right.  The "we hate to say told you so.. but", again, I don't think anyone who follows this site doubted that Verizon was getting a Nokia WP8 device.  The controversy was about Verizon not getting the best, most wanted windows phone.  I read this story and think the writer doesn't actually understand what the controversy was actually about, and then comes off as condescening to the readers with the whole "told you so" crap.  Sorry for the wall of text but for some reason it won't let me paragraph with the enter button!  =P
  • Daniel, he's exactly right here.  The comments have been consistent in this regard. 
    Not trying to throw you guys under the bus, but it's important to have you finger on the pulse of what your readership is trying to communicate.  You guys are/will be in a much better position to get our message to the right people when that is the case.
  • i would have to be inclined to agree with khensu. Verizon heavily pushes its droid line, even more so than the iphone. Thats what makes me feel that Big Red decided against the lumia 920. Would be sweet if me and the guys (consumers) at big red could come together in rejoice over the 920, but sadly as fate would have it that is not the case, and i actually feel for those on verizon. Why? Well because if anyone has waited long enough for a wp like the 920 its the loyal trophy users and i feel they deserve a bone tossed to them. I cannot directly influence this decision, nor would i reccomend leaving a carrier only for a phone, but i do think that its pretty trashy of verizon to do this.
  • This thread is spot on. There has been "solid" evidence of a Nokia Windows Phone 8 but as has been stated, we are cheesed off that we apparently will not have a "920" at the 30-day launch window. Please, try not to become so disgruntled with the readers when we express opinions or try to communicate our clarification. I read this site 10 times a day and I don't respect backlash comments on the community that are not warranted. There are always going to be ignorant people making inane comments, but I trust the site's moderators to have more dignity than to snap at the fan I wrong?
  • I keep looking at it and I cant stop thinking that it looks almost identical to my outdated Trophy...why change the design of the acceptable 820 and the very classy 810 to a device that looks 3 years old? =/
  • Why was our uproar unwarranted?  This phone is sloppy seconds compared to the 920.
  • Verizon should make their tag line "The coverage you need the phones no one wants"
  • Hahaha!
    "Late last week we wrote in length about the unwarranted uproar caused by the AT&T exclusive Nokia announcements. At the centre of the controversy was the notion that there would not be a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device coming to Verizon."
    False, at the centre of the controversy was the notion that there would be no flagship 920 with OIS, PureView, etc. coming to Verizon.
    Why you guys are defending Nokia while they obviously blow it in the U.S. is beyond me.
  • Nokia can't force Verizon to carry their phones if they don't want them for all we know Verizon is the one not playing ball.  Look at the options or should I say option that they had for WP7 from the talks that I had with multiple customer service reps (all the way to tier 4 due to issues with my Verizon service) they had little if any interest in the WP platform.  Until we have all the information lets not blame one side or the other.
  • bollocks.  they obviously took the fast cash from att and went to work creating these sloppy seconds for the other carriers...
  • @schrags08 I think it's irresponsible to speculate about OEM-Carrier deals with such bravado. You, like all of us here, have no idea what transpired between the carriers and Nokia. Say it, admit, be okay with it. For instance, how do you not know that Verizon simply did not want a "high end" phone from Nokia? I understand the urge of being on the internet and just making things up, but please steer from speculation to what we know.
  •   I have no idea what transpired between the carriers and Nokia.   That being said, I think it's hard to not draw similar conclusions.  We're told they did it this way because of what they learned in Europe with the 800.  This isn't Europe.  Verizon rules the roost in the U.S.  Failing to get their flagship device on the #1 carrier is a huge blown save for both Nokia and the WP platform from a marketing perspective alone.  Any and all parties involved in this decision should feel shame.
  • I think just about everyone in tech world agrees that having the 920 "everywhere" would be in Nokia's interests. That's not an issue though as we all agree on that.  The question is why Verizon may/may not have a 920 equivalent. It's Verizon's choice, a lot of times, what phones they carry. Nokia just fills orders and I'm sure they'd be more than willing to please Verizon--I highly doubt they've turned down an offer from Verizon on such a phone though. More has to be at play here but we don't know and likely never will. Still, until Verizon makes an announcement for this phone (with specs) and potentially any others, I think we should still reserve judgment.
  • Does Nokia not have a sales team?  How did they get on China Mobile?  If that was priority #1, how was this not priority #2? Hard to believe they just sit and wait for offers to roll in from carriers...
    Sure, we'll wait for the specs, and they might be great, but bottom line, it's not a 920.  People want the 920 and won't be able to get it.
  • Honestly I can't blame them if they did go exclusive with AT&T for even a limited period of time since Verizon showed nearly no interest in supporting WP7 devices while AT&T had a full line up of phones (even though to say they promoted them poorly would be an understatement) I was an Alltel customer for 8 years and then was stuck with Verizon for 2 years after they bought them out, and unless you want an Android or Iphone Verizon doesn't really care. That is of course only mho.
  • @rwcrossman, Exactly.  Have we all forgotten that Verizon was Apple's carrier of choice for the original iPhone, but Verizon didn't want to play ball.  The rest is, of course, history.  Apparently, history may be repeating itself.
  • Nokia has said that they wanted to create unique phones for the different carriers. Who's to say they didn't offer Verizon a 920 variant but maybe Verizon instead wanted a more low end version. Look at Tmobile. They are getting an 820 that has some features better than the 820 itself. To me that shows Nokia is willing to play ball. It just comes down to what the carriers want and order.
  • Any chance Apple is flexing it's muscles with the carriers and paying/threatening/incentivizing them to not carry the Windows Phone flagship device that blows away their flagship device? There might yet be a shooter on that grassy knoll. I was with Big Red on an HTC TP2 before heading to Sprint solely for the Arrive (which still rocks everything for us "verbose" business folks). I was looking with great interest if Verizon got the 920. I would have paid the contract term fee with Sprint to get to Verizon's superior network on a device that would make the iSheep drool. Also, the larger screen makes "verbose" typing possible sans physical keyboard. On the variants Nokia seems set on releasing, only one comment: It hurts the brand and the platform. Apple excels through marketing simplicity, consistency, and beauty. They don't try to make a device for every income level, as they see lower income folks with an iPhone in one hand and a Starbucks (yep, another "Kleenex"-strong brand) in the other. Apple commercials are case-in-point. Simple, consistent, beautiful. They never use big "tech terms" and instead show people using the technology in everyday "slice of life" situations. Are there better (and cheaper) phones than iPhone? Yep, several. Are there better (and cheaper) gourmet coffees? Yep, several. Are there better (and cheaper) Kleenex (ahem, "facial tissue") than Kleenex? Yep, several. Do the better and cheaper things win ultimately and by doing so are able to create more better and cheaper things? Not often. There are exceptions, but not the norm in our market where TV advertising and branded "status symbols" make our emotional buying decisions for the majority. See, the aforementioned "Strong Brands" are so because they market simplicity, consistency, and they are adept at "putting their sugar along the trail of ants". Microsoft and Nokia have to get this straight before thinking that anything that they innovate will ultimately succeed. It's a popularity contest based on image. Sad but true.
  • "Any chance Apple is flexing it's muscles with the carriers and paying/threatening/incentivizing them to not carry the Windows Phone flagship device that blows away their flagship device? There might yet be a shooter on that grassy knoll."
    I think you are reaching, here. Tim Cook (and Steve Jobs before him) have always stated that Apple's focus is to make the best devices out there. After that, their superior marketing takes over. Windows Phone is not a threat to Apple. For Apple to do what you are suggesting is, honestly, pretty ridiculous.
  • Well, it was just a thought. An interesting one at that. I agree with you that it is very unlikely but I do believe that speculation is what leads to truth. How could we innovate without thinking outside the box? I personally believe that this situation is quite akin.
  • How soon we forget:
    I think you're being sarcastic, but as soon as a company thinks they are too big to fail someone comes along and eats their lunch.
  • I have to agree with the sentiments of many in this comment section. No one was upset because verizon wasn't getting a Nokia phone, we were and still are upset at the possibility of verizon not getting the 920 or some variant of it. To call the 810/820/822 "sloppy seconds" in comparison to the 920 is a compliment in the most extreme sense of the word. My family left verizon cause we were gonna lose a discounted upgrade due to their constantly delaying the release of the HTC Trophy, so we switched to Sprint for the Arrive. Now with Sprint's refusal to support WP, we have to move again. While we would love to go back to verizon because they have better coverage, the lack of a high-end Nokia option almost makes that impossible to do now. If verizon doesn't impress at Mobile World Congress, we'll be taking or business to AT&T.
  • The design is boring. Looks like my current trophy
  • Also, I guess I need to add a disclaimer to suffix my previous post before someone "skims for content" and calls me an Apple FanBoy. I have never owned an iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other Apple device except an Apple IIc back in the day during Jr. high. Having said that, myself and the other folks in our IT company touch ALL of them and more importantly are able to get direct feedback from actual users. Though the "enthusiast" minority touts the cool features of their phones (and I'm one of them)-- the fact remains that they will ultimately choose simplicity, beauty, and consistency over all that tech. They all assume I have Android and when I show them my Arrive instead, they consistently comment on how neat it is and how beautiful the tiles are. The "hook" is there, but why can't Nokia and Microsoft show that through a consistent TV marketing campaign alah Apple? Show your device front and center, show it's beauty, show how tiles group similar applications in one place automatically AND show how the celebrity you've hired uses it in everyday life. It's a pretty simple yet very well-proven advertising formula. The Microsoft Surface ad on YouTube is oh so close to what you're looking for. That's the sleek, sexy, cool, simple, beautiful and you are SO close. Put THAT on TV, just like the awesome IE9 commercial I see constantly (which should have run years ago and is now a bit late as we have IE10 coming out). Yes, I'm my father owns an advertising company. No, it's not that hard to figure out what works in advertising, because it's what has ALWAYS worked and Apple seems to get it while Microsoft does not. I'll reserve judgment until I see the marketing coming in late October... But that marketing should have been bombarding my emotional buying power months ago and particularly ahead of the latest iPhone launch. C'mon people! It's really NOT rocket science (and I know because Aerospace Engineering is one of my degrees!) ;-)
  • +100
    I guess it's safe to say that the WP8 marketing hasn't started but, if history is any indication, unless Microsoft has learned their lessons, Microsoft will suck again. Do you remember the WP7 "Really?" commercials? Didn't sell many phones.
    Maybe Microsoft will stay out of it and let the OEMs market the phones themselves while people figure out the OS. There are people out there that still cringe at the name "Windows", thanks largely to those "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" commercials that Microsoft never defended themselves from. Or perhaps Microsoft sees a lot of potential with Surface and they will use that marketing to tie it with WP8.
    I'm looking forward to see what the marketing will be like, no matter what.
  • Great, so the phone we have known about for a month being on Verizon is going to be on Verizon... It still isn't the 920 or a variant of the 920. This sucks. We should be able to buy the best phone on the best carrier. End of story.
  • "Late last week we wrote in length about the unwarranted uproar caused by the AT&T exclusive Nokia announcements."
    "Unwarranted" for everyone on AT&T getting the 920.
  • +1
  • 820/822 not interested in it...
  • I'm not really pleased with this.  I think the 8x is a fine phone and will get most of the Verizon WP sales, but it would have been good for WP & Nokia to have the 920 on Verizon as well. 
    It looks as thoguht they're targeting low-end buyers with this.  
  • "It looks as thoguht they're targeting low-end buyers with this."
    I disagree that the Lumia 800 series is low-end. It's not a flagship, but hardly low-end. Low-end would be the HTC 8S (although it's gorgeous for low-end) and maybe the Lumia 610 and below.
  • Uglier than the 810/820 and containing none of the specs I want. Once again, Verizon forces their customers to settle.
  • No, I am not happy with the choices.  My contract doesn't expire for another year, but I was going to pay full price for the 920.  HTC devices are ok, but I dont want second best.
  • i personally hope Big Red gets a 920 variant cause i cant do another HTC phone, my last to phones htc pro and currently the trophy. htc makes good phones but i will not purchase another one mainly because everytime something is wrong with their phone hard reset is required and its really annoying. in order for my screen to rotate i either have to watch somethng on youtube or hard reset my phone which is ridiculous. i have to lose all my information just so my phone can rotate? all the levels reached in my games if its not thru xbox, i just simply cant do another htc phone. i want a 920 variant from Verizon
  • Agreed. Can't believe Nokia/Verizon won't sell the 920. Its not just the phone that's awesome but all of the accessories that are available for it. Why not sell the 920 and help Nokia out and at the same time sell some more phones? So annoying.
  • There is no phone that would make me change carriers at this point but, I still can be very disappointed in Nokia being stupid and making an exclusive deal when they are struggling! Stupid Nokia!
  • Nobody but the companies involved know the details of the exclusive deal or why it was made. Stop blaming Nokia without all the facts. Maybe the other carriers didnt want the phone. Maybe the other carriers don't have faith in windows phone so they didnt want to stock a phone that they believe wouldn't sell. I'm not saying that is what happened, in just saying to put blame on Nokia without facts is pointless.
  • No.  I don't like it and I won't be considering it at all.  Never wanted an 820 and this is a less attractive version of one.  I'll just keep my Trophy for the time being...
    As disappointed as I am with Verizon about missing out on the 920 (922 ...), I'm also willing to be just as disappointed with Nokia.  The Pureview camera was a game changer to me and now I've just really soured on all of this.  Seriously, does anybody actually win in all of this?  That Pocketnow editorial keeps ringing so true ...
  • At&t customers win. But no one else.
  • Does Verizon realize, first of all, that they are the number one seller of high end phones. So what makes them think that a mid range phone will sell at all. Second, people such as myself, are vein when it comes to our phones, so we like a clean looking phone. That means we don't want the ugly Verizon logo at the front right on the screen. That alone will keep me from purchasing a phone. All I want is the Lumia 920, nothing else. If they don't get it then I will probably wait for the next Nexus device. That's my 2 cents.
  • But a Nexus won't have the WP8 OS. To me that is the most important aspect of a smartphone. Going with a Nexus phone because Verizon doesn't carry the L920 doesn't support the WP8 OS at all. 8x is still a good phone but more importantly it runs WP8 OS.
  • I've been rocking my Samsung Omnia (original) for like 4 years now so I am not going to wait for a 920 varient to come to Verizon and I won't settle for the midrange 822. The whole reason I waited so long was beacause I didn't want the Trophy and the 822 isn't much better than the Trophy! I guess it's the 8X for me.
    There was only one thing I was concerned about with the 920 and that was the size. It's just bulky and doesn't look like it would slid into my pocket comfortably. The 8X on the other hand looks a lot more managable.
  • Uggggggglyyyyyyyyy :/
  • 8X bandwagoners will regret not waiting just another month when the 920 exclusivity dies out from AT&T. 
  • If you have inside information, why not go about sharing some details? One month means at&t would lose exclusivity prior to Xmas, I highly doubt that's going to happen, and that the exclusive marketing campaign would be that short. From a business perspective, what advantage would at&t be getting out of such a short lived exclusivity deal?
  • seems to me like the want the windows phone to mimic the droid line up the have with rounded corners
  • I don't pretend to understand all of the politics surrounding which carrier gets which phone, and the truth is I don't think I need to. As a consumer, I only want to be able to go in to a store and buy the heavily hyped phone I've been hearing about for months. That's my role as the consumer, and its the role of the manufacturer and carriers to make their customers satisfied as best they can. On that point, I think all parties have failed. Unless you're with at&t, you have reason to be disappointed with your carrier for not getting the Lumia 920, or at least for not explaining why they aren't carrying that phone (sometimes an honest explanation can go a long way and buy a lot of good will). We also have a right for being disappointed with Nokia for creating this mess in the first place (lets not forget Elop stating that Nokia wanted to pursue this exclusive business model with these phones). Finally, I think what is annoying me most is that this Nokia mess has become a distraction from the release of WP. Honestly, it has taken quite a bit of the wind out of my sails when it comes to being excited about this round of new phones and has honestly soured my experience, which I was thoroughly enjoying up until this stunt with the Lumia 920 and the also-rans being released on the other carriers. I've got a bit of ill will towards Nokia now, whereas just one month ago I was singing their praises (and I know that I am not alone in feeling that way) - never a good thing for struggling companies trying to claw their way back in to the hearts of tech fiends like us.
  • +1 about stealing the wind from my sails concerning WP8...
  • I definitely won't complain as a TMobile customer anymore about the 810.  Though I wish we were getting a 920 variant I can live with the 810.  But this version going to Verizon... hmm, Thank goodness it's going to Verizon and not TMobile. 
  • I want the 920! Nokia will not do anything if they keep this up.
  • They will sell a lot of phones on the AT&T network and a lot of phones in China.
  • Yea just like how they sold a lot of L900s on AT&T. Oh wait....
  • Well, they sold enough to be in the top 3 selling phones for a few months, a feat not even HTC/Samsung WP devices have achieved.
    The Lumia 920 is going to sell alot of devices, and save for price undercuting by Samsung/HTC WP devices, the Lumia 920 will probably join it's little sister, the Lumia 900, as the top selling WP device on AT&T.
  • Time to face the inevitable. At&t will be the only carrier of the Lumia 920. Shame...
  • Yep. When iPhone clients see my Arrive and the real keyboard, then I show them the beautiful WP 7 OS, they ask "what would I do to get one of those on Verizon". Imagine if I could show them a 922 with WP8! The majority of the iSheep are really not sheep at all. Rather, they are voting with their wallets based on a track record of simplicity and beauty leading to a "trust relationship" with the platform borne out of consistent branding. There is only ONE iPhone released at one time, not 3, not 4, not 5. That's why the most common thing I overhear these days is "Is that the new iPhone?". The owner then flourishes it with pride and immediately the psychological satisfaction of the buying decision is reinforced. That's branding/marketing done correctly. Same thing that drives them to pre-order and camp out in line "sight-unseen" for it so that they can have it first. So strong that others market your sugar for you! One can only hope that Microsoft can "brand" as simply and consistently. I wanted to see "xPhone", "xTab", etc. Would have leveraged the well-known XBox and fit right in. We'll see about "Surface". A little long for uniform branding across an entire family of devices.
  • It looks a bit like the Lumia 610, only more plain. The Verizon logo reminds me of a chin wart.
  • I dont care for a pureview camera or a flagship 920. I wish they make the design like the 800. Round corners are so common and with Nokia they do different things.
  • Also you know what would be a serious wtf: sprint announcing the Lumia 920. That would be hilarious. But I know it would piss alot of people off.
  • We still don't know Verizon's WP8 line up.. Everyone chill the frack out.
  • I prefer the T-mobile variant of this phone. But I would like it more if the phone had other colors to choose from. But if these phones are the only ones they are putting out I don't think Nokia will be doing good. Verizon has better service and T-mobile I think now has the data unlimited plan so between those two AT&T having the better looking exclusive is not the best idea. HTC was smarter since I believe they are going to put the same phone out on all carriers(I believe) so that let's them saturate the market better.
  • Congratulations on having your prediction confirmed by an internet rumor with a mock up (translate fake) photo on a site looking for traffic.  I guess that Siberian Mammoth captured on video crossing a stream some months ago confirmed the amazing theories of the crytozoologists.  1) This is just a rumor; and 2) VZW has yet to announce a SINGLE WP8 device and lauch is only a few weeks away. They certainly have no hesitation, however, announcing every conceivable android device. Finally, once again, rather than continuing to say that the HTC 8X is headed to VZW in November, how about just taking a look at HTC's US page.  The 8X carrier is clearly identified as being AT&T.  
  • Looks like Nokia found some old surplus phone cases in a long forgotten warehouse, dusted them off, slapped on a WP8 sticker and said "here you go guys!" lol
  • I believe Nokia is making a HUGE mistake (and Microsoft along with them).  The iPhone and Samsung SG3 have shown how to market a phone.  The only reason T-Mo does not have an iPhone is the "Apple Tax" (Verizon pays a bigger subsidy for the iPhone than the ETF - do the math).  The iPhone and SG3 are the fastest selling, most successfull phone launches in HISTORY and they are identical for EVERYONE.  Are you telling me that Microsoft and Nokia couldn't conclude a negotiation with Verizon, Sprint and T-Mo to get the 920 on the other three carriers.  This is just one of many marketing mistakes being made with Windows phone and 1 year from now the laments on this site will be the same ones that everyone has repeated for 2+ years since Windows phone was released (not enough marketing, I can't get "fill in the blank" device on my carrier, etc).  Nokia can't even get the same 820 on all four carriers - it's a mid range device - it can't be that hard.  And for those of you that love Nokia hardware - they need to start making money soon and making variations of devices increases manufacturing costs, increases the cost and availability of accessories (cases, chargers, wireless charging, different color back plates).   Why do you think there are so many accessories for iPhone and the availability of accessories for the SG3 is quite good also (I have taken advantage of sales on other carriers accessories for my Palm devices - a technically great OS that failed - still has some features that I wish ANYBODY (Just Type is just one example) would pick up.  While I believe MS will do well is Windows 8 (although I don't think RT will do all that well with full Windows 8 tablets starting at $499 (Acer)).   JMHO and YMMMV.