The Crew 2 'Gator Rush' expansion smashes onto Xbox One and PC

The Crew 2 is an open-world racing game which takes players all over the United States. Gamers can drive cars, sail boats, and even take to the skies in small planes to become the greatest racer alive. Today, Ubisoft released the free "Gator Rush" update for the game. As the name suggests, Gator Rush takes you down south.

Areas like Lake Michigan and Glacier Park have also been redesigned. There's also a new "Ace Mode" included in the download. This is an even more challenging difficulty setting which rewards legendary loot. It's great to see that Ubisoft is supporting The Crew 2 this aggressively since launch. Hopefully the title will get even better in the coming months.

The all-new hovercraft discipline in the off-road family will have players doing things no other vehicles can do in The Crew 2. With three hovercraft vehicles completely new to the line-up, racers can slide on all kinds of terrain, bump their opponents on a tight corner, and land on their competitors after jumping a ramp.

If you own a PC, there's a free weekend going on right now through UPlay.

The Crew 2 may not be on the level of Forza Horizon 4 when it comes to handling, but it features a much larger open world. You can go anywhere across the United States. There's a fast-travel system, but if you want, you can also spend hours driving to your destination.

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Asher Madan

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