CTIA 2011: a missed marketing opportunity for Windows Phone?

It seems as though Microsoft isn't taking the platform's position in terms of marketshare seriously as they've missed a prime opportunity to promote Windows Phone at CTIA, according to Jessica Dolcourt, Senior associate editor at CNET. Dolcourt explains in-depth how the software giant could have used CTIA to capitalise on Google and Samsung's delayed announcements for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus. Heck, we were expecting Samsung to show off the Focus S, finally, at the big event but alas, it was no where to be seen as confirmed by our own folks who were there.

While a lot is banking on what's to be unveiled at Nokia World later this month, the team should use more resources for advertising and promotion at events and stores across the world. Relying solely on manufacturers and carriers is going to prove tough with the iPhone and Android locked in battle for the front display and this report is an interesting read to say the least.

Head on over to CNET to read up on Dolcourt's review of Microsoft's marketing efforts.

Source: CNET (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I'm worried about Microsoft's commitment to the platform. I love Windows Phone, I really do and I will support and enjoy my handset for the rest of my days but its hard to keep making excuses for them when they put almost zero effort into marketing Windows Phone.Lack of devices across carriers makes it harder for someone to want to consider Windows Phone and the salesmen being biased as all get out doesn't make it any better.Microsoft needs to advertise, advertise and advertise some more on TV and whatever other mediums exist out there. They keep missing the boat and its a shame
  • I actually think they are playing it smart this time. Nokia world is at a perfect time. I think they will launch the nokia phones with the new xbox live interface in mid November, and market the heck out of using them together which is perfect on all fronts for the holidays.Right now neither the phones are available or the Xbox update so it would be anti-climatic and no one would care.
  • I agree. As a fan on these sites almost every day, its definitely hard to wait, and I ask myself why they aren't doing it faster. But then I step back and realize they are planning this thing right. Nokia is their big partner. Nokia world will be where they start their push with Mango devices. The iPhone 4S just got announced, and the media covers it like glue for a few weeks with little room for anything else, so there isn't much point in doing anything just yet anyways.
  • Definitely hard to wait... Every day first thing I do in the morning is check to see if there is a new phone announced lol! I am very ready for a Nokia Windows Phone, please let one come to TMobile!! Please
  • I too agree with you. Although the wait is killing me, it is the right move right now. For one, because of the iPhone 4S. But also as incendy said; if they announce cool stuff like new phones and integration with the new Xbox dashboard but then make people wait too long then they'll forget about it and buy other stuff. However if they announce this cool stuff and make it available relatively soon and just before the holidays then I believe they'll get the most benefit that way.
  • Definately. Not one US carrier has a release date for anything while the rest of the world has all the new devices. Looks very bad from where I sit. I am a MS superfan and don't even have a Windows Phone yet because of how the OS is being handled in the US. I want one now and cannot get one. Pathetic.
  • Do we really need a Cnet article to tell us MS has been failing at marketing WP7? However, supposedly tonight it starts to change so lets see what happens.
  • Please don't use CNET as reference for anything related to Microsoft and Apple. For microsoft they will highlight all the bad things and raise question about good things. And for Apple, they will present even system crashes as best thing happen to an User.. so unreliable from both side.
  • That may be, but marketing for Windows Phone still needs vast improvement.
  • I love WP, I really do, but the lack of any adverts is really starting to piss me off, big time.I was watching TV last month I saw an advert for an iPhone 4, can you believe that, an eighteen month old device.
  • I think they're just steering clear of the iPhone 4S.Spending marketing budget when it would be lost in a sea of iPhone news would be money down the drain. Better to wait a few weeks and then come out swinging.
  • Agree.
  • What use is it if Samsung and HTC are not prepared to market the WP7 because they are making a lot off Android. Microsoft is betting big on Nokia and is setting aside 20million solely for marketing. That's going to make a big impression and am sure Sam/HTC will think twice. Mind you WP7 is 1 year old compared to 4+ years for the Android and iOS