Cyber Dust pulls Windows 10 Mobile support for its messaging app

The Cyber Dust app for Windows Phone, a security-focused messaging platform with features similar to Snapchat and WhatsApp, will no longer work with Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Cyber Dust first launched for Windows Phone in December 2014 and offered users self-destructing messages, like Snapchat, combined will full encryption like WhatsApp. Among its investors is Mark Cuban of Shark Tank, and famed developer Rudy Huyn helped to make the Windows Phone version.

While the app itself is still in the Windows Store and apparently still works on Windows Phone, we have received emails from tipsters who have told us that it no longer works on their Windows 10 Mobile phone. Those folks contacted the company and they received the same response:

Hello, Thank you for reaching out, as of this week Cyber Dust may not be compatible with your Windows device any longer. Your account will remain intact if you wish to use Cyber Dust on another compatible device or operating system. Please let us know if you have any questions. Regards, The Cyber Dust Team"

Thanks to Sam and dmakuta for the tips!

Download Cyber Dust from the Windows Store

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John Callaham