Cyberlink Power Media Player MR puts YouTube 360-degree video on Mixed Reality, for a price

We're still very early in the life of Windows Mixed Reality but there's already a steady flow of apps and games making their debut in the Windows Store. One of the latest to join the party is Power Media Player MR by Cyberlink.

What this is, is a single app for you to consume all of your immersive media content. Be that photos or videos, or, remarkably, 360-degree content straight from YouTube. The only lingering doubt about the app initially is its rather hefty price tag.

Power Media Player MR

Power Media Player MR supports both 360-degree video and 3D 360-degree video (fully immersive). It's not the only app that supports 360-degree content, of course, with Microsoft's own Movies & TV app already having been updated for this.

You're also not (yet, at least) that likely to have a ton of 360-degree content of your own. But one place that has a heap is YouTube. And that's where Power Media Player MR really comes into its own.

YouTube and Windows have a funny relationship, and since Mixed Reality relies on UWP apps entirely, you're not left with many options. Right now, even Microsoft Edge won't allow you to fully immerse yourself in VR video.

Power Media Player MR allows you to interact fully with this content on YouTube, to the point you can even view channel subscriptions. The video is pulled directly from YouTube and delivered with Cyberlink's own video player which should be pretty good given the company's history.

The drawback is the price. This isn't a cheap app and in the early stages, it looks like you may be paying a premium to get 360-degree content from YouTube. That itself isn't a bad thing, but $40 might be right now. But there is at least a free trial.

We're going to take a closer look at this app in the coming days, but if you're interested hit the Microsoft Store link below.

Download Power Media Player MR from the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Richard Devine
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  • Spending 40$ for an "APP" is tooo much! 20$ would have been a fair price.
  • $20 is still crazy for an app Microsoft should have made.
  • Microsoft did make the app. Edge has WebVR. Problem is, despite all Google's talk about how they're all about supporting WebVR they have not managed to get it actually working on Youtube yet.
  • You know, it does take resources and work to develop and maintain apps/programs/whatever you want to call them. What's the justification of $40 being too much vs $20? It seems as abritrary as when people similarly argue that $5 apps are too expensive and they should all be $0.99.
  • As far a video player app prices go though, this one knocks the ball out of the park. Way outside market rates and then some. It won't even play BluRay discs. I'll pass.
  • If I could watch 3D Blu-Ray movies in my headset on a giant virtual screen, then it would be worth $40. For now, I'll pass.