Data miners discover an entire chapter cut from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Warning: Spoilers)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out in the wild, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. However, it's increasingly looking like MGSV was supposed be even greater.

Following revelations about a hugely important story segment being cut, data miners on the PC version have discovered further content that failed to make it into the final product. Warning: Links contain spoilers.

Users in the Facepunch forum discovered not only a texture of The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3, but they discovered an entire missing chapter.

MGSV: TPP contains two chapters, the latter of which is a wreck of unfinished plot points and re-used content. Facepunch found a title card that references a third chapter, tentatively titled "Peace".

The missing chapter likely comprises content referenced on the Collector's Edition Blu-ray. These elements would've served to explain plot points that directly bridge MGSV and MGS1. Sadly, they were cut from the game, reduced to concept art and unfinished scenes.

Regarding the texture, it's unlikely that The Boss herself was due to appear in MGSV, perhaps appearing as part of a flashback cut-scene instead.

The fact that an entire chapter is missing from MGSV comes as no surprise, as I discovered during my play-through. The content to story ratio of MGSV: TPP falls apart very abruptly towards the end of the game. I'll outline the problems in more detail for my full review, which should arrive shortly.

Cut content from video games is nothing revelatory. Deadlines and budgetary concerns will always shape a game's content, leading to planned features being dropped. MGSV is a special case, however, as you can almost pin-point the moment Kojima Productions began haphazardly rushing development to completion.

If the reports about Kojima Productions being disbanded turn out to be true, I suspect it'll be sooner rather than later we'll find out what truly happened to MGSV.

Source: Facepunch via GamingBolt

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  • This game is really good. Like, really good. Too bad this got cut, the more content the better.
  • They probably thought to release it late as a paid Dlc :D
  • That's what I was thinking when I firat saw the headline.
  • "Warning: Possible spoilers"? if there is any... would people really still complain about it on 2015? wow... Anyway if Konami ​is focusing on dumb mobile gaming like it was reported, I am sure there was no reason to try to complete this game. it's popular so even uncomplete would sell by millions, and maybe they just didn't want to waste money and time and effort on a game that was not important for Konami, just like they showed by cancelling Silent Hills.
  • Yes, overwhelmingly so. Head to any gaming forum and/or reddit and see how folks take to spoilers without a warning.
  • You're a wizard Harry.
  • Yea, spoiler warning people are still a problem in 2015.
  • Konami... Doing a Destiny,cutting content and then selling it to you later as DLC... Remember kids.. This is the future of gaming.
  • If Konami was retaining Kojima and this had happened, you could bet on it. Now, though? I'm not so sure. I think this was simply cut, and you're never going to see it even if Konami attempts to limp on doing MGS without him. They've got to know that it would be an exercise in diminishing returns if they carried on with MGS just because they own the license, but they'd start with fresh material at least. Without Kojima Productions, I don't think there's any scope to complete or repeat whatever KP was trying to do here.
  • " that the boss herself " sounds ominous
  • The Boss is an female character on Metal Gear Solid 3. In fact, she was the master of Big Boss, the main character on MGS V:TPP
  • Boss-sempaaaai!!
    I crei evry tiem T.T
  • I read people started a petition for the unreleased extra end mission, they might as well add this to it.
  • My hypothesis is that, not only will they take this and other content to package together as sort of a ".5" game release (like Ground Zeros was for Phantom Pain), but that they would release this ".5" game as a lead in for a big MGS HD remaster. They don't need Kojima to patch together cut content or to redo a 16 year old game.
  • I'd buy it lol
  • It's NOT MGS if Kojima isn't on board. Remake, copy-pasta, nothing will work. Because Konami will f***ing be Konami. F**konami! And thank God for Jim Sterling!
  • they could have just broken the game into two parts you know..
  • They already did do that. Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain.
  • Ohmigod, like that lost content that was cut from the end of "The Blair witch project", kept me wondering for years: what did I just watch, and why?
  • This made my day.
  • Or studios can continue to fully develop a product and then release it when it is ready. These deadlines are what hamper a game's potential success. We have all seen what rushed titles turn out to be like. So much ambition but then it goes to waste because someone got impatient. If the studio isn't in danger of going under, there is no reason not to push the release date to the right to make sure.
  • It's not fair to call this one rushed. At some point, you have to release a game rather than continuing to flush away millions on it. Kojima should've scaled back the "gameplan" to a reasonable level in order to tell a fully coherent story.
  • I agree but the story is already told. This game just fills in the blanks so that we know what happened to Big Boss to make him the villain in the first MG game years ago. To me the story is coherent enough since we know what happens next and how it all ends in the grand finale which was Part 4
  • Um. No. The story absolutely isn't "already told". There is no closure. There are no elements which believably bridge together the events of Peace Walker and Metal Gear. The way this game portrays Ahab in general runs in complete opposition of Big Boss' ideology from Metal Gear. In fact, this is so much the case that I cannot possibly fathom how Ahab suddenly decides to turn nuclear weaponry against the world if he -- to his knowledge anyway -- had spent his entire career doing the exact opposite of that. We don't know what made him change his mind. We have absolutely no clue. This game fills no blanks, it adds MORE blanks to fill, here, let me count them for you: What happens to Quiet and why isn't she involved with the remaining games? The game seems to imply she runs off to deal with her infection but the truth is that she already was infected with the vocal chord parasite before. Even Skull Face says this: "A few words here and there aren't going to make a difference." Quiet's ending hardly is any more than "a few words". To make matters worse, Code Talker is quite vocal -- no pun intended -- about how these infected people live for well over a century even under the stress of battle. The End alone (the basis for the parasite to begin with) lived 106 years in constant battle. Quiet isn't fucking going anywhere, anytime soon. So where is she? Where does Code Talker go? What is he doing in Mother Base? What happens to him? DD was introduced in a grand total of four cutscenes. What happens to him? Who truly led FOXHOUND? What, precisely, is the breaking point between Ocelot and Ahab? He talks a lot of shit about self-hypnotizing himself into believing Ahab is Boss, but the Truth episode's tape rewards reveal that he remained in contact with Big Boss at least on four different occasions after the establishment of Diamond Dogs.  When does Kaz break off from Ahab? What about him training soldiers for FOXHOUND? What about him being a survival instructor? Hardly able to be a drill sargeant without a leg and an arm. What about the daughter he has later on? What did Eli do with Sahelanthropus? It doesn't matter that the DVD shows you that there was supposed to be an episode there, the fact of the matter is that the game shipped like this and, personally, having bought a regular copy of the game, I DIDN'T GET the DVD, so clearly I'm not supposed to know that. Why can Tretij be like twenty times more powerful than when he's an adult? How come Quiet didn't just leave Mother Base if it's a well known fact that it isn't speaking which contaminates other people, but droplet transmission? How come Code Talker didn't prepare Wolbachia for the english-tuned parasite? How does Huey even SURVIVE on a regular dingy boat from Mother Base to mainland without food, drinkable water or the ability to move from the waist down? And it's canon that he does, because otherwise Emma wouldn't have been born, so good luck explaining that. Why is Sahelanthropus' design so closely matching REX's? Hal mentions *explicitly* that he designed REX after mecha he'd seen in anime. At worst, we can consider this a retcon. At best, we can consider that Hal was a fucking idiot who forgot that as a child he was forced into a gigantic robot in attempt to pilot it. Where the hell is Solidus? He was born in the same year as the other two children, albeit later. Eli was never meant to go to Africa but apparently Kojima really wanted to slap him in there. Well, George *WAS* in Africa. He was in Africa for years, and it coincides with the events of TPP. Where is he? Boss meets Frank in the mid 80s in Rhodesia. We can assume Rhodesia is a known and possibly connected place to Mother Base because the logo of Diamond Dogs is a Rhodesian ridgeback hound. In fact, there's concept art with Ahab next to one such dog. Was it Ahab who meets Frank, or was it Boss? Speaking of who meets who, what about Sniper Wolf? She meets Boss shorly after Mother Base is reestablished. He trains her personally. Where is she? Who meets her? Who is her "Saladin"? Ahab or Big Boss? Because considering MGSV's retcons on who Boss actually is during Metal Gear, then at best, we have to accept "Saladin" was Ahab, who gets killed in Metal Gear. But sadly, Ahab looks nothing like David and Eli do, so her recognizing David by saying he looks like him on her deathbed has to be retconned. At worst, we have to accept that "Saladin" was John -- Boss -- so her entire origin story has to be retconned. The fact that a vocal number of people are being apologetic about the sheer amount of bullshit in this game's narrative is just downright sad. There's nothing wrong with having enjoyed this game. I enjoyed it immensely too.  But make no mistake. This game bridges absolutely nothing.
  • PREACH!!!! i loved this game! But you are right this is not the ending we deserved! what the hell happened at konami!? I WANT ANSWERS!
  • Since you brought up Ocelot keeping in contact with Big Boss, it also makes me wonder if/when they met again. There's a lot of time between TPP and MG2 when Boss "dies". There's no way that Ocelot could've stayed on Mother Base after Venom and Kaz found out about their plans. We don't specifically know when they found out because it's not on the timeline at the end of the game, but we can assume it was sometime before MG1. Given Ocelot's loyalty to Big Boss, did he go assist him? Why wasn't he there to prevent him from being attacked by Solid Snake? He would have to be retconned into the story of MG2 in some way because his absence feels unbelievable at this point. I have no idea what else he would've been doing during that time. If remakes of MG1 and 2 were ever made, you know that he would be involved now, except the likelihood of that happening seems nill. edit: Actually, now that I think about it even more, I'm not so sure we can assume that they found out about the plan before MG1. Honestly, the whole question of when anything from that scene at the end takes place feels skeptical. Worse: Why did Big Boss give him that tape that he listens to at the end? Was that just figurative? It had to be. Otherwise I don't know why he would've personally let him in on any of it. He had no reason to reveal their plans. D.D. bothers me the most, though. I wanna know what happened to my dog.
  • Pretty much this.
  • You have no idea how expensive it is to make a game and what can go wrong with budgets and wish lists, do you? The real problem is promising too much to begin with. If studios did a better job at setting realistic goals and timelines, this would be less of an issue. I'm not just pulling stuff our of my ash. I worked for three game publishers in the MMO space and watched it happen before my very eyes year after very expensive year. This is how people get laid off, this is how content is half assed, this is how projects remain unfinished or unpolished. All sorts of things led to these issues but the most common Ia simply promising too much or not being honest about what "it" will take. And when then when a studio does succeed, no one wants to pay full value, decry the F2P or DLC model, etc often requires to help the product reach a critical mass so that the game can be PROFITABLE. Surprise world, the gaming business is a FOR PROFIT driven one no matter what the development studios intentions are... They answer to people that want to make money.
  • Like I said in the article, I know content gets cut for good reasons.
  • He was talking to Jackie.
  • My bad, was zoomed in 175% haha, didn't see the threading.
  • I can't believe they would do that with such a hit title. I would love to have that extra content
  • How many times to I have to explain it metal gear solid v the phantom pain does not directly tie to metal gear solid 1 it ties to metal gear 1 lol whoever put this article together hasn't got a clue of the story of metal gear it's laughable
  • Uh, Liquid Snake and Psycho Mantis aren't in MG1. MGSV contains an avalanche of things that directly affect MGS1, even MGS2 and 4. I assure you, I know what I'm talking about.
  • But, Venom Snake is in MG1 and not MGS1 and Liquid's brother is in MG1
  • Psycho Mantis is laughing at the comments and making your phones vibrate XD
  • Hopefully the film will be able to have a more complete narrative regarding Big Boss' story. I love the game but the story sort of left me feeling empty