Doctor Who's David Tennant to voice Kinect Sports Rivals - 'Oh, yes!'

The next generation of Kinect Sports will be launching this April for Xbox One owners. The upcoming title, 'Kinect Sports Rivals', dives players into the extremely immersive and exciting world of athleticism and competitive rivalry. As you fight for the gold, your experience will be narrated by none other than the tenth Doctor, David Tennant.

For those of you unfamiliar with the popular BBC series, 'Doctor Who', we will try to forgive you, but it might be best that you put down whatever you are doing and head over to Xbox Video to see what an adventure it is.

Tennant will be narrating the “champion creation process” at the beginning of the game. Before every gamer starts their adventure in the world of Kinect Sports Rivals, an avatar is digitally scanned from you and thrown into the virtual world.

David explained that this is his first time working in the video game industry compared to film and television: “I’ve never done a video game before. This is a first for me.”

The new title introduces a collection of sports including climbing, wake racing, and target shooting; classic favorites such as soccer, tennis, and bowling will also be included. Tennant’s personal favorite? Rock climbing, in which he states that he enjoys “...the slightly unsportsmanlike element where you can grab a rival’s foot and chuck him off the cliff”.

Kinect Sports Rivals launches for Xbox One on April 8 in North America, Australia and New Zealand. Our wonderful European readers (and Rich), will have to wait until April 11 for the right to battle others as the Kinect Sports champion.

You can head over to the Xbox Marketplace now, to get in your preorder for $59.99.

Have you played any of the previous Kinect Sports – are you excited for the upcoming addition to the series?

Source: Microsoft

Michael Archambault