Destiny 2 'The Lie' quest to be fixed tomorrow, awards powerful Felwinter's Lie shotgun

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (Image credit: Bungie)

What you need to know

  • Destiny 2 is a popular first-person shooter from Bungie.
  • The game will be upgraded for Xbox Series X.
  • The broken The Lie quest will be fixed on Thursday.
  • You can purchase Destiny 2: Shadowkeep for $35 on the Microsoft Store.

If you've been playing Destiny 2 for the past few days, you may have noticed that there's a quest in there called The Lie. The community had met the requirements for the next step, which involves getting 1,000 shotgun kills. However, this is something you have to do. I would recommended spawing on Mars and farming the Lost Sector close to where Ana Bray stands. It'll offer the fastest progress if you use Astral Horizon, Mindbender's Ambition, and Tractor Cannon. I managed to complete it in a couple of hours, by repeating the Lost Sector a dozen or so times.

However, that's all you can do at the moment. The next step of The Lie involves talking to Rasputin on the Moon and then entering the Seraph Bunker to possibly clear it out and face off against a challenging opponent. This doesn't work and you keep on being spawned in Erin Morn's Sanctuary.

Bungie is aware of the problem and promised a small patch to fix it on May 21. The patch will probably be around 100 MB so you don't have to worry about an extensive download.

The reward for completing The Lie is the insanely powerful Felwinter's Lie shotgun. You may remember it from the original Destiny 2 because it's just perfect for the Crucible.

Asher Madan

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