For months Bungie didn't want to confirm if the game would even get patched for the Xbox One X. When the developer did, it didn't reveal if the title ran at native 4K or checkerboarded 4K. The only statement issued to the press was that Destiny 2 ran at "4K on Xbox One X and adaptive 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro." However, it turns out that the differences are greater than expected.

In a new analysis by Digital Foundry, it was revealed that the Xbox One X version runs at native 4K without checkerboarding or a dynamic scaler. This means that the Xbox One X doesn't lower the resolution of the game in order to maintain 30 FPS. The PlayStation 4 Pro version on the other hand utilizes checkboarded 4K which results in a softer image when compared to the Xbox One X. Apart from that, the PlayStation 4 Pro version lowers its resolution from time to time to preserve frame rate. This causes the image quality to further decrease and become slightly blurry.

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It's great to see that Bungie utilized the 1.8 teraflops advantage the Xbox One X has over the PlayStation 4 Pro to push higher resolutions without the need for checkerboarding. There were some concerns that due to their marketing agreement with Sony this might not be the case.

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