Destiny 2 underperforming says Activision

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter which takes you all over the solar system. Players have to repel an assault on The Last City and stop the Red Legion from destroying the Sun. The title features artwork-like visuals and recently received its largest expansion yet.

According to a report by Game Informer, Destiny 2 isn't performing as well as Activision hoped. An excerpt from the article mentions what the company said during its quarterly fiscal report.

On the earnings call, Activision addressed this by saying that some of its franchises, Destiny, in particular, aren't performing as well as it hoped. The company promised investors new monetization options alongside moving content to market faster to rectify this. How this will affect the game remains to be seen, as it's clear Activision needs to make some changes to please investors.

It's unclear what this means for the future of the franchise, but here's hoping that Activision doesn't introduce even more microtransactions in there. Right now, the Eververse Store is unfair and it's very hard to get the cosmetic items you want. Unfortunately, the base armor is so strange-looking that you have to find sets that you like from random loot drops called "Engrams."

We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more. Hopefully Destiny 3 will take all the feedback Bungie has learned from Destiny 2 and implement it from the start. A lot of gamers left due to the unfair grind and haven't looked back.

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  • Really too bad. Sci-Fi shooters can't compete against Fortnite anymore.
  • They don't need to though. That's something the industry seems to always forget in their chase (at shareholders' behest) for continually increasing profits.
  • Not all players care if fortnite exists what so ever. As for Sci fi shooters i dont need destiny for that when i have Warframe.
  • they shouldn't make destiny 3 in this situation.
  • They shouldn't have made a **** game then... "Hopefully Destiny 3 will take all the feedback Bungie has learned from Destiny 2 and implement it from the start"
    Not likely, they barely learned anything from Destiny 1, and actually made Destiny 2 worse in a lot of ways.
  • I don't know why I spent $60 on this damn game.
  • The problem is that shareholders (a publisher's actual customers) will never be satisfied because they want ever increasing profits. This is what has led to the increasing aggressiveness of monetisation schemes in games (particularly loot boxes), crunch periods in development and studio closures/layoffs.
  • I think alot of the players including myself have Destiny fatigue. I played Forsaken a few days and regretted ever buying it, there just wasn't enough content to justify 40 bucks.
  • Warframe is better anyways. Activision Destroyed Bungie's ideals because a company that only cares about money doesn't care about the game or the company making it. Sure everyone wants to make money, but good games that make money are good because they care about the story and the idea and success is the byproduct. All of my friends on WF will leave during the next Destiny iteraion and 30 days later no more destiny and back to WF
  • Wait hear me out or get rid of Activision because they're microtransactions **** up alot
  • I would buy Destiny 2 if it supported Xbox Play Anywhere.
  • It's free on right now if you want to grab it for PC.
  • "new monetization options." Because that's exactly what will fix the problem. Activision clueless, Bungie just made a boring game that's the same as the first one.
  • It's the same rinse and repeat constantly for missions. It gets super boring super fast.
  • "new monetisation options" eh? That little statement right there sums up everything that's wrong with the big publishers these days. They do nothing but treat gamers as cash cows. Have they not learned anything from the backlash against EA and microtransactions in general? The Activisions, EAs and Ubisoft of this world are a complete cancer of the gaming industry, snapping up talented developers and companies then bleeding them dry and discarding them. What this world needs is more Paradoxes and CD Projekt Reds, companies that put the gaming experience first instead of shareholders.
  • IDK Ubisoft is pretty good at supporting its games for a long time at least
  • Still doesn't excuse the other BS they pull with their games.
  • I would have added MS to the mix, even though it got to be said they improved a bit recently...
  • Releasing a game and then seemingly endless DLC to complete the story is not a good business model. I'm probably one of many that are waiting for an all in one bundle like they did with Destiny 1. Destiny 2 was a PlayStation Plus free game recently, so they lost out on money from me and others. However, since I didn't pay for the game (and I think 1 expansion) I might consider getting other DLC. Not sure if that's a winning strategy either. Destiny 1 and 2 seem to have annoyed the player base. If the game continues to lose money, I doubt there will be a third.
  • Destiny 1 was a pitfall so was #2
  • Couldn't happen to a worse company. Scammy schemes and recycled content.
  • "as it's clear Activision needs to make some changes to please investors."
    Yes because investors are their real priority not gamers and gaming... :)
    Priority is not longer "make a good games for your audience" but "new monetization options alongside moving content to market faster" **** activision!!!
  • If you actually ran a publicly owned corporation, you wouldn't be so clueless. Investors are the priority, because money is the goal of running a corporation and investors want a return on their investment - i.e. profits. Otherwise, how are they going to pay great developers and great leadership to run the company? They could probably get SOE's developers and leadership on a discount, but you probably wouldn't like that, would you?! What "gamers" want tends to run counter to that, because people tend to want as much free stuff as they can manage to squeeze out of anyone or anything. Corporations do not exist to serve users, they exist to generate and increase profits. Serving users is only a means to that end, and how that is accomplished is highly nuanced - otherwise the users would put the corporations out of business in record time with their demands. They are not slaves to your whims.
  • Wait till you put on their shoes. Like n8ter#AC said... clueless, and naive. note: I'm not disagreeing with you and I'm not agreeing with Activision.
  • The issue is the constant DLC and gating that comes with it. I owned Destiny I. When the DLC came out, the game literally became unplayable unless I purchased it. I still have the disc in my drawer, and it's 100% useless because of this. I did buy Destiny 2, on PS4. I played through the campaign and then uninstalled it from my console. It isn't worth keeping this franchise (or investing any time or money into it) unless you're willing to shell out cash in perpetuity for the DLC. I think they have improved some of this in Destiny 2 (I've heard), but that is not a game I am willing to play with my time and money. I won't buy Destiny 3 *at all*, frankly.
  • Game's pretty **** anyway
    Highly regarded as **** among game communities too
    Great intro level tho