What other shooter games can learn from Destiny 2's Gambit mode

Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion brought a wealth of content into the game, ranging from a new campaign to a hidden new world, The Dreaming City. What was arguably the biggest addition, though, was Gambit, a mode in which two teams compete to kill both AI enemies and each other. Gambit brought a new type of gameplay to Destiny 2, and despite some of its issues, the fanbase overall loved the experience that it brought.

Here's what makes Gambit special, and why more shooter titles should incorporate more player versus player versus environment (PvPvE) modes.

A more accessible multiplayer

The biggest advantage that PvPvE modes like Gambit have is that they're accessible to the entirety of a game's fanbase. Some people who play Destiny 2, such as myself, enjoy fighting enemy AI much more than battling against other players. However, the inverse is also true; there are people who foam at the mouth at the opportunity to hop into matchmaking and dominate everyone else. PvPvE modes give both groups of people a place to shine.

In Gambit, you can either focus on killing the computer-controlled foes, or you can "invade" the other team's side of the map and try to kill them in order to slow down their progress killing enemies. Both playstyle options are viable and will have a massive impact on the match, so no matter what you prefer to be shooting at, you'll be a big help to your team. By combining these playstyles effectively, developer Bungie created a mode that two separate communities (player versus enemy [PvE] and player versus player [PvP]) can enjoy together. That's an impressive feat, and I hope that other developers can achieve the same.

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New gameplay tactics

Another fantastic result of combining PvE and PvP into one experience is that it creates opportunities for new strategies and tactics. In Gambit, for example, it's important that everyone on the team plays a role. Will you be the person that invades the other team and tries to kill them? Will you aggressively attack the enemy AI? Or will you hang back and provide sniper fire to cover your aggressive teammate from afar?

Each of these options has positives and negatives, depending on which enemies you're fighting and other factors. Experimenting with new tactics can yield different results as you try and outplay the other team, and that's really cool. Regular PvP and PvE modes don't have this specific type of strategic gameplay, and I think shooter games should start embracing what PvPvE offers.

Your thoughts

What do you think of Destiny 2's Gambit mode and PvPvE play? Let me know.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available on Xbox One for $59.99 as part of the Destiny 2 Legendary Collection, or for $39.99 standalone within the Destiny 2 client.

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