'Destiny' gets a free demo with character progression to full game

Not ready to invest $60 in Destiny yet? You'll be glad to know that Bungie is offering a free demo version that allows you to try out the game. If you decide to pick up the game later, you can carry over the progress made in the trial version to the full game.

Destiny is an online multiplayer first-person shooter where you get to play as one of three Guardian classes: Titan, Hunter and Warlock. The trial edition is available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The hard drive requirements of the game are at 6GB for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and 20GB for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Considering the demo is free, you should check it out even if you're not keen on buying the game.

Who's interested?

Source: Bungie; Via: Engadget

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • The "trail" edition eh..... ;)
  • I knew I should've just stuck with demo. Fixed it now. Thanks!
  • Free demo still sounds like an oxymoron when it comes to games, but I guess given how rare demoes have become it's to be expected.
  • Right, it's ridiculous how they have completely disappeared almost.
  • How is it an oxymoron?  Did you mean it sounds redundant?
  • Yeah, sorry, wrong word, I did mean it sounds redundant.
  • I'll give it a look.
  • Bungie looking for fresh blood
  • Played the beta.... Not for me. Good for those that haven't tried and may like it.
  • How does Destiny compare to the Borderlands series? Is it a worthwhile play as single player?
  • I played Destiny and Borderlands 2. Borderlands felt like it had WAY more content. It took me a lot longer to complete the main story and quests. Also, Borderlands had a great, coherent, worthwhile story. Destiny's story is a horrible, convoluted mess. I like the overall "feel" of the weapons and world in Destiny though. However, o feel like Borderlands had a lot more diversity with weapons and how the stats affect your character. Also, finding loot it borderlands was more gratifying to me.
  • Thanks. I just recently played and finished Borderlands 2 myself and enjoyed it much more than expected. I never played the original. I need a good story and characters in a game.
  • Don't do it. Its $30 worth of game in a $60 price tag. Oh and you can get the rest of the game by buying dlc that's $30 worth of content for $50-$100 more!!!!
  • Good job you can get it used from Amazon for $30. I picked it up at $30 and have enjoyed it, yeah it has a bunch of holes but there's something about it that I like.
  • I bought the game thinking the story would develop more after the beta. Bungie failed me until I hear that the DLC adds something to change that.
  • I'm playing this game and I like it a lot :)
  • Unless you got gold. Dont waste your time with that overhyped garbage. If you do got gold. Same deal just dont bother.
  • Yeah.....considering the upcoming expansion was already in the game at launch and they are charging for it...don't waste your money.
  • Has anyone managed to find the demo? I looked on SmartGlass and xbox.com in hopes of setting it going before getting home but can't see it.
  • I can't find it
  • You will find with the full game
  • I like Bungi's older games more, and I just got a deal on 3 of them remastered for the Xbox One for only $60 plus they threw in a free game by 343 and more multiplayer maps than I'll ever play
  • Consideirng the lack of launch content, and the high price tag for the upcoming DLC, I'm not buying Destiny until there's a Game/DLC bundle with a significantly reduced price.
  • Either way its still a terrible game, anyone want to get a 360 copy cheap?
  • How Cheap we talking? 
  • Nothing to lose, I'll be checking it out. =)
  • It has its problems but the tight, Bungie-fied game play keeps me coming back (and the upgrade treadmill, too-- I find it hard to resist that Skinner box).
    I agree that the story needs more development and the game is light on content overall (surprising considering how long it was in development and how familiar its gameplay is-- what did they spend their time on?)
    Anyway I feel I got my $60 out of it and I'm still playing off and on so I can't say it was a "bad purchase" overall.
  • +1520.3
  • Awesome. I have the game, but I'd love to see more demo offers on games these days! Especially with progression transfers if you buy it!
  • I haven't played Destiny but I play Warframe with my real life friends and it is free, full and amazing as well. I'll give this demo a shot.
  • Played Beta, played it all. :)
  • Anyone know how long the demo will be active for?  Not sure if I'll have time to play inthe next week or two, but would like to try the demo out before purchasing.
  • The demo sucks because no matchmaking, do all the same missions again and again the only good thing is max lvl and unlock every thing yo want....... I rather go
    play Halo 4 ⭕
  • I found the Demo online at Xbox.com for X360, but there is not one up there for XBONE.