Developer says WP7 Update coming in February [Updated]

Update: WinRumors is reporting from an unnamed source that Microsoft will detail this update in February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. More specifically, there will be two updates: one for copy/paste + CDMA in January and this bigger one sometime thereafter.

Another developer has come forward, this time saying that they expect a significant update to Windows Phone 7 in February. Previous conversations about this update, which is rumored to include copy and paste functionality in addition to CDMA support, had put the timeframe for release in January. Microsoft executives have for the most part stuck with the "early 2011" party line.

The developer also states that the update will also relax some of the restrictions that Microsoft has placed on developers including in-app downloads and local application deployment for corporations. One thing is certain; this update can’t come soon enough for many users. What’s on your wish list? Are you waiting on additional functionality before you make the jump to Windows Phone 7? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Business Insider, WinRumors

Tim Ferrill
  • What I'm waiting for is for WP7 devices to come over to Sprint, as that is the carrier I'm currently using. Once that happens, I'll certainly give WP7 a shot!
  • I'm hoping wp7 comes to sprint as well from samsung with their gorgeous super amoled screens
  • How about the ability to send/upload video clips? Audio clips? Right now I can take video and then there's nothing I can do with it. I remember that the first release of WebOS had this limitation. Hoping it gets added soon.
  • I love WP7. Here are a couple (read several) glaring issues I've noticed.... You can't download Videos from the Zune marketplace in the Music + Video hub (nor on any other hub for that matter). Netflix should not be considered a complete alternative, I really can't believe they left that out. I used to love downloading the latest episodes of TV shows on the go with my iPhone. This is a huge problem but I don't hear others mentioning it. Marketplace crashes often. I can only re open it after a soft reboot. Zune doesn't play the next song instantly, even if it is NOT streaming. This is really noticeable on albums where songs transition into other songs, you wouldn't think it would be a big deal, but it sucks. Lock screen turning off applications. I'm CONSTANTLY hitting the back/home/search buttons on the samsung focus by accident. In all honesty, this nearly made the phone DOA for people like me who bought it for entertainment. There are no great games yet. There are a few good games, no great ones. Where is our Infinity Blade? OK OK WP7 just came out... but XNA and C# have been around for awhile, couldn't they have prepared some more impressive titles? The customization options are bad. 98% of the Apps are junk, this is understandable, but still a problem, whether or not other marketplaces deal with it as well. Album covers in Zune don't load for me anymore when I have the song playing. Makes the phone look horrible, it just shows a gray box when I am in video+music looking at whatever is currently playing.
  • These are a lot of points I havent even noticed yet... wow. Bravo. Hopefully MS addresses all these
  • I agree with some of your issues...
    I however do not have this issue with playing back music - maybe I am missing something? I see album art just fine - don't know why you are not - they can be streaming or on the phone... every ONCE IN A WHILE the album art does not show. I cannot skip through tracks which is irritating... Games? I would say Harvest is a good game - 9/10... there are a few which are pretty fun. I expect more to come but I hope to see more creative games outside the recycled ones that are done on iPhone.
    I expect we'll see Halo of some type and other Xbox franchises coming to the platform. Customization? Well - I'm sure more colors will come but tinkering just isn't in the cards.... it's a closed platform.
  • you can skip through track by holding down or pressing the forward or rewind button. my Omnia 7 plays next sonGs instantly. Marketplace crashes regularly
  • The Marketplace does freeze up or crash often, leaving you at a "Loading..." screen with the 5 "indeterminate progress" dots going by indefinitely and nobody is talking about it. Soft-reboot is the only fix I've been able to find too. I, also, would like more ways to move media onto and off of the phone without the use of a PC.
    I've occasionally had issues with Zune not showing the correct artist/album art. When you advance the song, sometimes it will show the album art of the previous song and sometimes it will show the grey box. I attributed that to having a mix of Zune Pass and CD-ripped songs on my phone, with the Zune Pass obviously providing album art and the ripped songs possibly not having the images integrated in the files. Ideally, I wish the phone would just look up the album art online if you happen to play something that it doesn't have album art stored for already.
  • I definitely had paragraphs! Not sure where they went...
  • I am very satisfied with the os. Anything extra is a bonus.
  • I hope this is a Microsoft pushed update and not a carrier. cause carriers will take forever to release it and with tweak the hell out of it
  • They already said they are responsible for updates not the carrier... Carriers however have an option to block but it runs out... You can also connect to Zune.
  • God bless. I remember waiting what seemed like decades to get updates to my Samsung BlackJack!!!!! I agree, please let it come from MS.
  • Task Sync, task sync, task sync. And I wouldn't mind if you could do something neat like create tasks or appointments from emails or texts.
  • I admit there are a few things I would love to see that are mentioned but the gaming on wp7 is awesome to me with ilomilo, flowerz, assasins creed, beanstalk tale is great too but I must say if this is version 1 omg the future is bright for wp7!
  • I do hope this is the way that Microsoft pushes out these updates (the Cut/Copy/Paste update in January, then a larger update in February). I like this idea because of something we've heard before, especially from Paul Thurrott, about the carrier requirements on updates. Apparently phone carriers are allowed to not push out an update to their phones, but they can only be 1 update behind. As such, AT&T won't have to push out the cut/copy/paste update in January when it comes out, but by also having an update in February, Microsoft will be forcing AT&T (and others, obviously) to push out the cut/copy/paste update by February. This is supposed to help with the fragmentation that Android sees and ensure that carries update the phones as expected. I hope this is what happens, and that it's a calculated effort by Microsoft to make this happen. If they're smart, they'll always push out updates in back-to-back months, simply to make sure that at least 1 of the updates is going out.
  • It sounds like we're talking about a 2nd update here. Winrumors says that MS will talk about and maybe show a bit of this 2nd update at MWC in Feb but probably not release it then though we'll have to wait and see. This 2nd update will be bigger, but we still have that first minor one for January it seems, with C&P and CDMA support plus whatever little changes they make.
  • Sync through cable pretty please.
    I don't want to put my personal stuff into the cloud...
  • Waiting on Big Red....Or CDMA, which ever way you look at it....
  • I wondered why I couldn't upload video or attach music files to an email. So I created an 9MB PowerPoint file and attached it to an email message. With my 2-3bar AT&T 3G signal, email sync failed twice. Finally turned on Wi-Fi and got the message to transfer. Point is, this was a negative user experience, and for a novice user, that would be a knock on WP7, although we all know who's problem it really is. I still agree there needs to be a way to upload/download larger files. But it will probably require that Wi-Fi is activated so I can understand why it was not included in the first draft. Once it can be presented in a way new users will understand I bet it will get added in an update.
  • 1. Must: Support for my Corporate exchange policy which requires an alphanumeric password (per the MS Exchange built in policy). 2. Wish: The ability to control media playback through voice commands (i.e. Play "U2") 3. Wish: Text message notation via voice commands (i.e. Text "ContactName", "Your Message Here", Send)