Developers can now preorder Windows Mixed Reality dev kits from Acer, HP

Announced on stage during the Thursday keynote at Build 2017, pre-orders are now available in the U.S. and Canada for Windows Mixed Reality developer kits from Acer and HP. Included in the developer kit is the mixed reality headset; the new motion controllers also announced today will not be included.

The price for the Acer and HP kits is set at $299 and $329 respectively. Developers can expect their kits to be shipped later this summer.

The forthcoming motion controllers for Windows Mixed Reality will feature six degrees of freedom just like the headsets, and external sensors are not required thanks to the sensor array actually built into the front of the headset.

For more information on the new motion controllers, have a look at VRHeads Managing Editor Russell Holly's in-depth analysis.

Here's how the new Windows Mixed Reality controllers work

A $399 Acer bundle, including new motion controllers, is coming closer to the Holiday season; compared to the Rift and Vive, it's going to be accessible to a much broader audience. For more information, check out exactly why the price is a big deal.

Acer's $399 Mixed Reality bundle is a really big deal

Developers! Grab your Windows Mixed Reality dev kit now from Microsoft.

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