Cloud computing is becoming an essential technology for businesses looking to internally and externally connect, manage, and secure their data information systems. As such, there's a growing need for qualified IT cloud architects. This career can land you six-figure career, but there's multiple exams and qualifications you'll need to pass first.

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There are seven exams you'll need to pass to become a fully certified expert in cloud computing for a Fortunately, you don't need to head back to school to learn everything you need to pass them. All you need is this great deal on this complete IT cloud architect training bundle from Windows Central Digital Offers, which will help you gain the skills and knowledge you require.

There's over 88 hours of content included here, which you'll have access to 24/7 via web and mobile streaming options. Normally, you'd pay $1,638 for education of this quality, but you can get it all for just $69.

Everything is broken up into 43 easy-to-follow sections and modules, which will walk you through everything from locking down networks and providing top physical security, to monitoring and auditing security systems. You'll learn about networking standards, networking cabling and transmission and much more. By the end of it, you'll be ready to take all the necessary certification exams and be well on your way to a brand new career.

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If you feel it's time for a career change, consider becoming an IT cloud architect. At only $69 for this entire bundle, there's no better time to get started. But don't sleep on it; this deal won't last forever.