Using the internet can sometimes feel like you're under a microscope. That's why tools like VPNs, aka Virtual Private Networks, are so valuable; they allow users like you to browse the web without the limitations other people online have without prying eyes watching their every click and keystroke.

While most people use VPNs for not-so-hardcore things like streaming Netflix or other video services from different countries, others may use them as tools to get around strict government censorship or blocks on certain sites at work from their boss. But with so many VPN options to pick from online, it can be challenging to find a reliable service at a great price. Through iMore Offers, you can get a lifetime subscription to Hotspot Shield Elite Plus VPN right now for only $70 rather than $199.95 – that's 65% off (crazy, right?!)

Hotspot Shield Elite Plus VPN offers ad-free browsing, protection on up to 10(!!!!) different devices including other iPhones, iPads, or MacBooks, and unlimited bandwidth along with location switches, so you're always able to access and use Hotspot Shield Elite Plus VPN on the go. We here at iMore have a great offer for all our loyal readers.

By encrypting your internet connect, VPNs work to keep your information protected from people potentially peering as you browse online and allow you as a user to explore and see the web with a much wider lens. Essentially, VPNs cut the cord on the pen at the bank-teller desk: now you have a fancy new pen without any strings attached!

So when you come home at night, do you bolt the door real tight? And sure, the people on the phone you can avoid, but can the people on the TV see you? Or are you just paranoid? (Okay, I'm done with the Rockwell stuff… For now…)

If you always feel like somebody's watching you (or if you just want more variety with your Netflix account), then check out Hotspot Shield Elite Plus VPN's lifetime subscription in the Windows Central store for just $70.

I mean, why not add that little extra layer of privacy to your online routine (especially when you save nearly $120 in doing so)?

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