The Division 2 updates delayed to February, devs talk about the future

The Division 2 Feb 2022 Updates
The Division 2 Feb 2022 Updates (Image credit: Ubisoft)

What you need to know

  • Ubisoft shared an update on the state of The Division 2 and what the next few months look like.
  • The next big update is being delayed to February 2022.
  • Part of this update is a completely new game mode, as well as several tweaks to the endgame content.

Ubisoft shared details on the state of The Division 2 on Tuesday, with a blog post detailing the current plans heading into 2022. As part of these plans, Ubisoft is working on the next big update for the game, which is being moved to Feb. 2022. This extra time is meant to help make sure the update is as polished as possible when it arrives.

This update will include a completely new game mode, as well as some changes to the endgame. The proper reveal for the new game mode currently being developed is set for Jan. 2022, which will be accompanied by a test period on PC to garner feedback. Fans won't be waiting until then to hear from Ubisoft about the game however, as the developers are planning to share monthly updates moving forward, bringing back the Intelligence Annex initiative.

The first of these monthly updates is coming soon and will involve game designer Trick Dempsey discussing the Specialization Revamp, which is another part of the next big update.

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