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The Division to get Xbox One X upgrade in April

Yesterday, Ubisoft hosted a livestream to discuss upcoming changes to Tom Clancy's The Division. While a lot of the information provided pertained to upcoming events and cosmetic items, the host also revealed that the Xbox One X patch was coming on April 12, 2018. The upgrade will add 4K rendering, better anisotropic filtering, improved reflections, screen-space shadows, and object detail.

It's unclear how this compares to the PlayStation 4 Pro version because there is a lot of conflicting information about the console's resolution. The latest report by WCCFtech stated that The Division ran at 1660p through temporal injection on Sony's machine and only featured improved shadows and reflections. Until Digital Foundry or the developer confirms the differences, there is no way of knowing.

Despite that, it's great to see Ubisoft taking advantage of the 1.8 teraflops advantage the Xbox One X has over the PlayStation 4 Pro to push out better visuals.

The Division is a third-person shooter which takes place in the United States right after a deadly biological attack. In our review, we said that the game "represents a massive ambition to combine a modern third-person tactical shooter with role-playing mechanics in a huge and connected world. Ubisoft's industry leading open-world design takes center stage, painstakingly reconstructing New York City wrapped in a near-apocalyptic vision of social breakdown."

The Division is currently available for roughly $20 at various retailers like Amazon and the Microsoft Store.

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  • I've been with the game since the technical Alpha release and up till the 1.6 update, then took a break. I hopped back on around new year, and it's definitely worth revisiting or picking up the game for the $20! The Division has matured so much over the 2yrs thanks to bringing onboard a few other studios that could bring their expertise to the game and its development. I'm quietly optimistic of the announcement of Division 2 and what it will bring, roll-on #E32018
  • Yeah, me too. I alpha tested and been playing every since. The game is not perfect but there is plenty to love, especially now. My biggest complaint is the RND for earning classified gear sets. My gawd. Anyway, the XB1X treatment would be fantastic. The atmosphere and setting are some of the best I've seen in any game.
  • I enjoyed The Division ! Waiting for the second iteration ! Hope it will be better :D
  • Day one player here. Never really took more than a couple of days off here and there even through the dark days of 1.3. Can't wait to see the upgrades this patch brings.