Do you prefer downloading apps from the Microsoft Store or the old-fashioned way?

Built into Windows 10 is an app store called the "Microsoft Store" that houses all kinds of content, including games, movies, TV shows, books, devices, and indeed apps. Apps are easily the most prominent part of the Microsoft Store on Windows 10, and rightly so. Microsoft has been working hard on getting popular and important apps into its store, including desktop apps old and new.

It's been a few years since Windows 10 first launched now, so I'm curious as to whether anyone has shifted from going to the web to download their apps, to going to the Store and doing it instead. I have, because downloading apps from the Microsoft Store is just so much easier (AND safer) than grabbing an installer from the web. Not everyone seems to prefer the Microsoft Store, however.

It's worth noting that we're talking strictly apps, not games. Games are a different type of content aimed at a different user base, and right now most gamers prefer downloading their games from Steam. I personally prefer the Microsoft Store, but that's a poll for another time. Today, we're just focused on apps.

There are still lots of people out there who do not like the Microsoft Store, and much prefer being able to install programs via an installer that can be customized. Of course, there are benefits to each method, but the Microsoft Store route is easier and safer. Plus, apps that come from the Microsoft Store remain up to date via the Microsoft Store, so you don't have you open the app and check for updates manually every time.

At the same time, you trade being able to go in and manually edit program files, something power users might want to tinker around with depending on the app. Some people don't use the Microsoft Store because they don't want to support the "closed wall garden" mantra that it entails, or because they don't have a Microsoft Account or use one with their Windows 10 install. I think using a Microsoft Account is worth it for the ability to install apps from the Microsoft Store alone.

I think a lot of users upgrading from Windows 7 still prefer downloading apps from the web, because it's what they're used to. If you're just used to it, I highly suggest trying to break that habit and instead download your apps from the Store, if they're available that it. One-click download and install is so easy, and since the apps remain up to date in the background, you don't have to worry about keeping them up to date!

Microsoft is putting a lot of emphasis on the Microsoft Store as of late, with things like Windows 10 S really pushing Microsoft's vision for a version of Windows that is completely secure. The Microsoft Store isn't going away, so if you're not using it, it might be worth giving it a try sooner rather than later, you'll probably really like it.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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