Does the color of your Windows Phone say anything about you?

Does your color preference in Windows Phones uncover a personality trait? Whether it is a white Samsung Focus 2 or a cyan Nokia Lumia 900, does your choice of colors reflect more than a fashion statement? There is some school of thought that the choice of color isn't a conscious effort but rather a sub-conscious choice. Color psychologist Angela Wright states,

“Every time you make a color choice, you’re making a statement about what’s going on in your head, even though most you the time you don’t know it. Around 80 percent of our color choices are sub-conscious.”

So how do the color choices break down? Here's what the color psychologist has to say.

Cyan - The Thinker: The cyan blue is a happy color that conveys an intellectual and considered nature. It is a balanced color that is inspiring. The blue helps to focus your thoughts and clear your mind.

White - The Sophisticate: White gives off an impression of a sophisticated smartphone aficionado with high standards.

Fuchsia - The Angry Lady: Fuchsia leans towards the sensitivities of female owners. According to Wright, “It’s a very strong statement on the aggressive side of femininity. So this phone is one for the ladies, the sympathizers and perhaps those who’re a bit scared of feminists and want to integrate themselves.”

Black - The Protector: Black comes across as confident and sophisticated but experts say it is more often used as a security blanket. Black is all colors totally absorbed so it creates protection. It's not a reflection of a dark personality but may represent a safe choice for smartphone users.

So is the expert hitting close to the mark? Do you choose the color of your Windows Phone to suit your tastes or is it a sub-conscious decision that is driven by our personalities and character? I'm partial to black because of its conservative appearance and I guess in many ways, its a safe choice.

Who knows... maybe the color psychologists are right?

Source: Conversations Nokia Via: Windows Team Blog

George Ponder

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