DOJ Approves Verizon-Alltel Deal

Well, Alltel customers, get ready to join the ranks of Verizon customers. As we've heard, VZW has been pushing hard to get the deal through before the end of the year (and the next president, whomever it might be). Their efforts have paid off, the Department of Justice has approved the deal as non-monopolistic -- that is as long as the companies divest themselves (read: pull the heck out) of 100 markets in 22 states.

That would basically mean giving up both Dakotas, a bunch of western dates, and other smaller markets around the country. Assuming Verizon and Alltel play ball (hint, they will), the only other real step happens tomorrow: when the FCC votes on whether or not to allow the deal to go through. Right now, it's looking pretty likely.

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WC Staff